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How many kilometers of maintenance of Apulia srmax250 (how many kilometers of maintenance of Apulia srmax250)

Many motorcycle friends don't like winter, the north is dry and cold, and the south is wet and cold. For motorcycle friends, physical and psychological tests are inevitable. For some motorcycle friends, prepare to collect their cars in winter and let them hibernate; Some motorcycle friends insist on cycling every day, no matter how cold the weather is, snow or shine.

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In the cold winter, whether it is "car-blocking" or frequent riding, it is very necessary to maintain the motorcycle in winter. Correct maintenance can effectively prolong the life of the car, and it can also avoid the embarrassment of going on strike in the cold winter! Today, I will give you the last issue of motorcycle winter maintenance pure dry goods.

Secret of motorcycle maintenance in winter

1. External parts

I have been riding my car for a year. In winter, it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning, careful inspection and cleaning of every external part, because moisture and acidic substances in the air will unconsciously corrode the paint surface, destroy or reduce the surface brightness of the paint surface. If we persist in doing this every winter, motorcycles will be "youthful forever" and will be brand-new in the coming year.

2. Engine

The engine is the core of the whole car. If you want to keep your car in the best condition continuously, you need to check the engine oil regularly. Where the oil quantity is lower than the standard, it shall be replenished in time, and all parts shall be clear and free of impurities. When motorcycle is parked for a long time, the internal parts of the engine will not be fully lubricated, and the oil film on the surface of the original parts will flow to the bottom of the engine under the action of gravity, so that the parts lacking oil film will directly contact with the air to produce oxidation, which will eventually lead to the lack of lubrication between the cylinder and the piston to form friction and accelerate the wear of the parts.

And the long-term accumulated condensate will also produce carbon deposits in the engine, which will affect the service life of the motorcycle! Therefore, it is best to start the hot car once a week in winter, and slowly coax the oil several times after 3-5 minutes each time. If the weather conditions are good, it is best to ride a small circle.

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3. Air filtration

For a good car, air filter is the lungs of athletes. Therefore, it is necessary to use a clean air filter. The air filter of imported cars is more expensive, a few hundred dollars. Although it is expensive, it must be replaced, because once the air filter is damaged, dust and sand will all enter the cylinder through the carburetor, wearing the ring and valve. If it is blocked, it will cause insufficient power and increase fuel consumption. The increase in fuel consumption will inevitably lead to high-speed black smoke from the exhaust. After a long period of carbon deposition in the valve, the durability and power of the car will be discounted.

4. Tires

Motorcycles don't ride for a long time. According to the weight of the vehicle and some parts that are easy to oxidize, our tires will be deformed. Too low tire pressure will lead to safety risks on the road. For example, there will be inflexible steering, which will even affect your cornering, increase fuel consumption, and the most serious danger will be a flat tire.

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5. Fuel tank

There are many impurities in gasoline in China. If you have time, remove the fuel tank once a year, remove the oil switch, pour out the water and rust at the bottom, then dry the fuel tank and reinstall it.

6. Clutch

Even a 250-displacement four-cylinder car can meet the daily speed. If you dare to pull it, as long as it is not red in gear and the engine oil is good, the basic car is still in normal use. But if you have the bad habit of half-locking clutch, then the wear and tear of the car will be great. Debris of clutch plate has great wear on bearing bush, so attention should be paid to this bad habit.

7. Shock absorption

The front damping is basically to change the damping oil once a year. If the rear damping leaks oil, the oil seal can be replaced when the core is not spent, but once the core is spent, the assembly can only be replaced.

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8. Valve

How to maintain the valve? The answer is yes, we can add fuel additives. A bottle of a general 250 model can be used for 20 times. Before adding fuel, the airway is brown. After using it, the carburetor is disassembled, and the whole airway is silvery white and bright as new.

9, antifreeze

For water-cooled motorcycles, it is suggested that the cooling water must be replaced when the severe winter comes, and the original cooling water should be replaced by a 1:1 mixture of genuine antifreeze and distilled water. Before the freezing season, don't forget to replace it, and don't be reluctant to replace it. If something happens, it will be a big loss.

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10. Battery

You should check and maintain your car's battery more in winter. As we all know, the engine will continue to charge the battery of a running motorcycle. When the car is turned off, the battery will start to discharge, and the average capacity will drop by 1% in 24 hours. If it is not treated, it will not only fail to catch fire when you are ready to ride again, but also the sulfide produced on the surface of the battery plate will affect the charging effect, and it will not reach the ideal full blood resurrection at all. That is really sad, so in order to improve the service life of the battery, it is best to charge it once every two weeks to maintain the battery vitality.

11. Chains and brakes

Many motorcycle riders don't care much about the motorcycle chain and the transmission line from the engine to the wheel. In fact, the oiling and cleaning of the chain are very simple, but it is recommended not to put on the gear to clean the chain, which is easy to get your hand stuck in the back tooth plate, which is more dangerous. In terms of safety, the front and rear brake oil tanks should also be inspected regularly, and the brake system should be inspected at any time. If there is any change, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

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12, rust prevention treatment

Chain, various bolt parts, exhaust pipe and cylinder all need rust prevention. Both engine oil and butter can be used. Make sure that all parts need to be coated. Just click the chain and various bolts with engine oil or butter a few times. However, it is best to unload the exhaust pipe, pour a small amount of engine oil from the front hole, start it after installation, bang the throttle a few times to disperse the oil on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe, pour a small amount of gasoline into the cylinder from the spark plug, and start the motorcycle to disperse the gasoline on the inner wall of the cylinder.

13. Motorcycles should use winter engine oil.

Usually, the viscosity grade of engine oil used for motorcycles is 10W-30 or 10W-40, which is suitable for use at ambient temperature above -20℃. If the temperature may be lower than -20℃ in winter in cold areas such as Northeast China, winter engine oil with viscosity grade of 5W-30 should be used before winter comes, which is suitable for use at ambient temperature above -30℃ and has better low temperature resistance than 10W-30 or 10W-40.

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14. Motorcycles should be stored in a heated room as much as possible.

As the temperature drops, the capacity of the battery will naturally decrease, and the number of normal electric starting times of the motorcycle will decrease accordingly, which is prone to the failure of the battery and the difficulty in starting the motorcycle. The motorcycle can be stored in a heated room, which can alleviate the decline of battery capacity and effectively avoid the failure of electric starting. In addition, rubber and plastic parts will become hard and brittle when stored in cold environment for a long time, which will affect normal use or shorten service life. 

15. Clean up the carbon deposit in time.

In cold weather, the riding speed is generally low and the mileage is short. When driving at a low speed for a long time, the mixture can't be completely burned, and carbon deposits are easy to be produced at the spark plug, valve and piston, which will affect riding and even cause the vehicle to fail to start. Therefore, the carbon deposits in the above parts should be cleaned up in time during use and maintenance.

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16. After the cold machine is started, fully preheat it at idle speed.

When the cold engine is started, the engine temperature is very low, the oil viscosity is high, the fluidity is poor, and it can't reach the surface of each friction pair for a short time, which will aggravate the wear between parts. When the throttle is blown up, the gasoline is not easy to vaporize because of the low engine temperature, and more liquid gasoline enters the cylinder, which will dilute the lubricating oil film on the cylinder wall and aggravate the wear.

17, appropriate concentration of mixed gas

The ambient temperature is low, gasoline is not easy to vaporize, and the air density is also increased, which is easy to cause the mixture to be lean, resulting in difficulties in starting, easy flameout after starting and poor acceleration performance. In order to avoid the above failures, professional maintenance personnel should be asked to properly thicken the mixture by adjusting the position of the carburetor mixing ratio screw and the main oil needle.

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18, timely high-speed long-distance driving, avoid oil emulsification.

Part of the water vapor generated by the combustion of the combustible mixture in the engine will run into the crankcase, and under normal circumstances, these water vapor will be discharged through the crankcase ventilation hose. However, in winter, the ambient temperature is low, the engine heats up slowly, and the engine oil in the crankcase heats up more slowly. Water vapor condenses into water and enters the engine oil at low temperature, and too much water enters the engine oil, which causes the engine oil to emulsify after stirring.

Therefore, fully preheating before driving and timely high-speed long-distance driving (driving at a speed of 50 ~ 60 km/h for more than 20 minutes) will not cause oil emulsification. Even if there is emulsification, the water in the oil will evaporate and be discharged from the crankcase through the ventilation hose, thus eliminating emulsification. In addition, always check the color of the oil, and replace it immediately if it turns white.

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Matters needing attention in winter storage of motorcycles

1. Clean and wipe the motorcycle, and dry it in ventilation or sunlight.

2. If conditions permit, simple waxing can be performed on painted parts such as car body shell, oil tank and fender, and special rubber protectant can be applied to rubber and plastic parts such as handlebar and oil pipe.

3. Drain the gasoline to prevent it from drying up and blocking relevant parts.

4. Choose antifreeze oil suitable for winter use.

5. Inject a certain amount of engine oil into the exhaust pipe, keep the rear of the exhaust pipe high and the front low, so that the engine oil can flow into the front end of the exhaust pipe, and then start the car to discharge the remaining oil. This can make the engine oil evenly coated on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

6. Fill the engine with a certain amount of engine oil from the spark plug, install the spark plug, and step on the starting lever 5-6 to make the engine oil evenly coated on the inner wall of the cylinder.

7. Wash and oil the transmission chain to prevent rust.

8. For motorcycles parked for a long time, the tire pressure of the front and rear tires should be slightly more than usual.

9. Park the car in a dry and ventilated warehouse. If the environment is cold and wet or parked in the open air, it will accelerate the aging of motorcycle appearance and rust of parts.

10, big bracket, let the front and rear wheels suspended, or mat board, to avoid tire contact with the ground at a fixed point caused by rubber deformation.

11. Cover the locomotive with dust-proof and breathable special clothing and lock it.

12. Start the engine every half month, let the engine turn around and charge the battery by the way.

13. If it is not started for a long time, please remove the battery from the car and wipe it clean. After it is fully charged, put it in a dry place out of the reach of children, and ensure that it is charged every two months.

14. Replace the engine oil and filter when starting to use the locomotive in the second year, and make a comprehensive inspection and maintenance in the store.

Matters needing attention for motorcycle driving in winter

1. After the cold car starts in winter, the engine must be warmed up for 5 minutes before driving, otherwise abnormal wear will occur due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, and the failure rate of the vehicle will increase after a long time. The more winter, the more attention should be paid to warm the car before starting, and let the car idle for 20 seconds when collecting it. For example, warm-up exercise and contraction exercise before and after strenuous exercise are both necessary for motorcycles, especially in winter.

2, winter driving should try to reduce the number of car washes, so as to avoid the accelerator cable, brake cable and other places due to skin damage and water freezing, causing accidents.

3, driving in winter, the speed should not be too fast. Especially on the frozen road surface when it snows, in order to increase the friction between the tire and the road surface, it is suggested that the air pressure of the tire be slightly reduced at this time, and the speed must be reduced at the same time.

4, driving in winter, to wear a fully enclosed helmet. Especially for long-distance driving, gloves and knee pads should be worn. The choice of gloves should be flexible and warm, so as to avoid freezing hands and feet and out of control, causing danger.

5, driving in winter, ice and snow road, reduce the tire pressure. The road surface is frozen or covered with snow, and the motorcycle is easy to slip out of control. If you drive under such road conditions, you can properly deflate the tires, reduce the tire pressure, increase the tire's grip area, and reduce slippage.

6, driving in winter, master the braking essentials. After the snowy day, there will be ice on the road surface. The braking device should not be adjusted too tightly. Don't step too hard when braking, but step a little, and pay attention to reducing the speed when cornering.

7, driving in winter, pay attention to the slope start. In snowy days, you can't start riding uphill in a hurry, but slowly. Release the clutch slowly and give oil slowly when releasing the clutch.

8, driving in winter, pay attention to the road conditions. We should be careful of snow, icy roads and potholes when cycling in snowy days.

For motorcycle riders who like to ride motorcycles, motorcycles are not only a means of transportation, but also a way of life and their best "friends" on the road. So it is necessary to understand these dry goods and take the most suitable maintenance measures according to different models. It can not only take care of our car, but also make our journey rain or shine and ride safely.

Ok, that's all for this topic. If you have any tips for motorcycle maintenance in winter, remember to leave a message in the comment area to share your valuable experience ~

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