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Suteng refit electric seat (Suteng refit electric seat)

Hello, everyone! The old driver of the car inspector met with you again. I'm Dongzi, the used car inspector. I used to be a car mechanic, and I worked in the car repair industry for 7 or 8 years. After many tempering, I am now a professional used car inspector. Today, I will share with you a car tested some time ago. The case is quite special, because the car dealer is also one of the victims! What kind of car will make car dealers stumble? Let's take a look with Dong Zi.

This is the protagonist of today, the 2017 Volkswagen Sagitar. The location of the car inspection is in a 4S shop. As for why the car inspection is in a 4S shop, let's talk about it later. Let's take a look at the basic information of the car first.

Vehicle model year: 2017 Volkswagen sagitar 180TSI automatic enjoyment version

Date of manufacture: July 2017

Apparent mileage: 13,000 kilometers

Guide price of new car: 153,800 yuan

Transaction price: over 100,000 yuan

Yes, this Volkswagen sagitar has been bought by customers, and the price is quite high, which is 10 thousand yuan more expensive than the market price. During the May Day holiday, there was something wrong with the car, and the 4S shop didn't even give the warranty when there was an extended warranty! Why?

This should also start with the bad May Day of the customer: that day, the customer happily drove the car to go out to play, and as a result, the computer board suddenly burned down, and the car could hit, but the car could not go with any gear. When buying a car, the car dealer bought him an extended warranty from his own pocket and asked him to go directly to the 4S shop for repair. As a result, something went wrong in the 4S shop. When reading the computer, it was found that the car had a meter, and the manufacturer did not guarantee it. Moreover, many of them were found when the 4S shop checked. Finally, the customer found us to help check the car and make a report to return it. In that case, let's start working at once.

First, check that the paint thickness of the front cover is normal, which is the original car paint; There are no paint marks on the left front fender.

However, there is sheet metal on the left front door and the left back door, and it will be almost off the charts if it is higher, but fortunately, the A and B columns are all right, which should be caused by rubbing.

However, when I came to the rear of the vehicle for inspection, I found that there was too much mud and the rear bumper was plastic. It was not easy to judge whether it was painted with the naked eye! However, the customer asked me to test it not to see the painting, but the appearance test is just a necessary process for our test. I haven't found any big problems now, so let's skip it. The overall appearance of sheet metal painting is still relatively small, in fact, it is not bad. Let's take a look at the engine compartment.

When I opened the cover, I checked the two headlights first. They were original and had not been replaced, and there were no traces of disassembly.

Later, it was found that the production date of the water tank was also before the date when the vehicle was assembled and delivered. The electronic fan is also normal, and the accident at the front can be basically ruled out.

Then check the engine part, you can see that there is no trace of disassembly of the engine foot screw; The foot screws of the gearbox have not been moved. If they are hoisted for maintenance, these screws must be removed, indicating that the engine gearbox has not been maintained.

Next, the highlight is coming. You can see the interior if you have not soaked in water.

First of all, we can see that the fixing screw of the seat has traces of disassembly, and this Volkswagen sagitar has neither paved the all-inclusive foot pad nor modified the electric seat, so it is unreasonable to disassemble the seat; And the wire at the bottom of the seat has a little rust.

Look at the steering column again, it has been seriously corroded, which is very abnormal for a car that was licensed in 2017; There is also rust inside the cigarette lighter, and the cigarette lighter is obviously unused, so there are signs of yellowish rust. Seeing this, we can basically confirm that there are blisters in this car. Let's look for more evidence.

Next, Dong Zi, I pulled out the ashtray, and I could see that there was still mud left on the back.

Then I pulled open the carpet and found that there was still uncleaned sediment in the internal wiring harness; When you open the storage box, you can see that there is still sediment residue in the corner. This is also the biggest hazard of the soaking car. After soaking the wiring harness of the car in water, it is like a "time bomb". I don't know when the wiring harness will have problems, and the computer version will be burned lightly. It is also common to turn on the high-speed wiring harness in summer, which leads to the spontaneous combustion of the vehicle or the failure of the steering wheel, so there is a saying in the used car circle: it is better to buy an accident car than a soaking car! Let's keep watching.

When the side cover plate is pulled open, there is also sediment; Sediment remained in the gap inside the instrument platform, and the instrument skeleton was seriously corroded; Lifting the rear seat, you can see that the exposed part of the internal iron skeleton is also corroded; The rear backrest is also corroded from the gap inspection. There are traces of rust and sediment everywhere in this interior, 100% soaking car.

And in Dong Zi, I used the driving computer to read the kilometers of the gearbox, and found that it was 48,000 kilometers, which was inconsistent with the kilometers of 13,000 kilometers shown by the watch. It was indeed a meter adjustment. But is it necessary to adjust the four-year-old car to 10 thousand kilometers? Because the customer wants to return the car, today's inspection may be a little faster. Let's check the chassis.

To tell the truth, at the moment when the chassis rises, you can see that it is not 10 thousand kilometers. It seems that everyone still lacks a little understanding of vehicles.

First of all, the chassis part checks that the whole engine gearbox has no traces of decomposition and maintenance, but how can it be justified to drive like this for 10 thousand kilometers? How dare you adjust your watch.

Because the left front door is sheet metal, we should check the front side rail from the lower part and find that it is very regular, which can rule out the suspicion of a major accident at the front.

And the screws of the rear anti-collision beam have not been removed, indicating that there is no big collision before and after, and the engine is fine. The only two problems are soaking water and adjusting the meter. Then I told the customer about the detected situation, and the customer asked me to make the test report as soon as possible so that he could find a car dealer to return the car. So I quickly used my hands and feet and gave the test report to the customer as quickly as possible.

The good news is that the customer sent me a message the next day, saying that the car dealer had arranged to return the car in full, and the car had been towed away, which was relatively smooth. In fact, I prefer to buy a second-hand car for pre-sale inspection and mine clearance. After buying it, I found that there was a problem, so it was really hard to find a seller to protect my rights. Today, I met an accommodating seller. If I met an unreasonable seller, I would have to deduct thousands of depreciation fees from you. The customer also said that the next time you buy a used car, you will definitely find someone to test it before buying it, which is much better than the time-consuming and laborious after-sales wrangling.

Interestingly, Dong Zi, I actually got a video of the seller who sold this Volkswagen sagitar online. This car dealer is also a victim! He took this sagitar on a platform. At that time, it was said that the auction was transparent, and the report was so true that he took it without reading it. As a result, it is now found that it is a bubble car+a meter car, so the car dealer went to the platform after returning the car to the customer, but the platform did not want to return it. The car dealer found another car dealer with more fans on the Internet to help defend his rights.

See, this is still the rights protection between car dealers. The car has only been driving for a few days. A person in charge of the platform actually said that he should find evidence to prove that the car was soaked before it was sold, not after it was taken back. This is all about wrangling, not to mention if ordinary people stand on such a thing. What time and energy did you spend arguing with the seller? In the end, most of them admitted that they had lost a little and returned the car below the purchase price. Subsequent Dong Zi hasn't seen it yet, and I don't know if the car dealer can defend his rights smoothly, so I rushed him to arrange a full refund for the customer immediately. I have to give him a compliment in Dong Zi.

However, many netizens on the Internet also said: As a car dealer, you don't check the car for the first time, and you are not sure about the good condition of the car before making a payment. There is a saying that you should stand at attention when you are beaten and learn from it. What do you think of this?

Ok, today's test sharing is over here, thank you for reading!

If you like it, praise it, if you don't like it, spray it. In Dong Zi, I study less and repair more cars. If I don't write well, please excuse me. If Dong Zi's sharing can help everyone, even a little, I will be satisfied with Dong Zi! I'll see you next time.

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