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Benagli Xiaoxunlong Mini Car Black (Evaluation of Benagli Xiaoxunlong)

Girls want to ride motorcycles? You should be cool and handsome, and let's take a look at the recommended locomotives.
Today, octopus is recommended to everyone.

Several entry streetcars suitable for girls to ride.

Hurry up and praise the collection and pay attention.

The first paragraph: Spring Breeze Baboon ST, priced at 8980.

Mini-car personality car with fashionable modeling. Advantages: light weight and cheap price; Disadvantages: there is no ABS, and the headlights are halogen lamps.

The second paragraph: Benagli Little Tyrannosaurus Rex, priced at 9480.

A compact car with a sharp shape. Advantages: the car is still light and cheap; Disadvantages: no ABS, no file display.

Paragraph 3: Wuyang Honda CB190R, priced at 15,980.

A streetcar with good quality and high rate of preservation. Advantages: equipped with front wheel ABS, stable quality; Disadvantages: Headlights are halogen lamps.

Paragraph 4: Benagli Xiaoxunlong, priced at 11980.

A streetcar with high fun. Advantages: good control; Disadvantages: only with CBS, no ABS, and no 95 oil.

Paragraph 5: Qidian 150U, with a price of 13,800.

A street car with high cost performance and high configuration. Advantages: equipped with front and rear wheel ABS, excellent water cooling power; Disadvantages: to drink 95 # gasoline, the front face design is too hard.

The above is the introductory streetcar recommended by octopus to novice female riders. Pay attention to octopus, and we will recommend the introductory imitation race in the next issue.

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