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What brand is the mini-barrel maker (what brand of car is the mini-barrel maker)

Compared with Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce with a long history, mini cars are much more "green", not only because of the product positioning of young personality, but even in the history of British cars, the word mini can only be traced back to 1959. However, after the production crisis in 1970s, the rebirth of Rover Group in 1980s, and the merger of German BMW Motor Works in 1990s, modern mini-cars still have a strong British color.

Let's look at its three products, mini, countryman and club members. We can label them with three labels: mini, countryman and club members only represent personal guesses.

So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome today's rock star. It is not the familiar Queen, coldplay and the rebellious Manchester rock band oasis.

Even JCW, don't treat it as a performance car.

Playboy is different from mini-car models. First of all, the increase of wheelbase and car length makes it infinitely close to Volkswagen Golf. But it is different from the conventional hatchback, and the special structure of the club member D-pillar can also be combined with the station wagon.

In addition, the trunk door-to-door design has been extended to this day. Isn't it more elegant to imagine the way of closing the door without raising your arm to expose your armpit?

In addition to elegance, you can also find interesting "British retro" souls, such as some chrome-plated door handles and decorative strips that shouldn't have appeared in performance cars, "cheap" halogen warning lights, and highly recognizable tail lights. These designs are wonderful! Of course, except for the little regret that the car paint didn't choose red with green, everything is in line with my aesthetic standards.

Let's talk about JCW. In 1963, when Audi didn't have RS, BMW didn't have M, and Mercedes-Benz didn't have AMG, John Cooper, the founder of MINI, built a high-performance version of MINI-—MINI Cooper S, and won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1963, 1965 and 1967. In the 1980s, MINI began to mass-produce power boost kits; In 2001, the modified kit combination was officially launched; In 2008, JCW brand was established, and JCW version was provided on every production car. The flower pulling from the front to the rear is the iconic feature of JCW, and the JCW logo on the middle net, fender and tailgate is also unique in the car system.

In addition to these simple decorations, there are many ways to distinguish a Cooper S from JCW. For example, in order to improve the heat dissipation and cooling effect, JCW replaced the fog lights with ventilation holes and cooling water tanks in the front enclosure; The size of the front lip and side skirt is larger, which is more conducive to aerodynamics; It's just that the 225/40 R18 tire doesn't meet the performance car standard, but it makes the tire slip in corners, which is very interesting.

Good-looking skins are the same, and interesting souls are one in a million.

Good-looking skins are the same, and interesting souls are one in a million. First of all, in front of us is a narrow windshield with a vertical angle. The steering wheel has a large size but a thin feel. A series of levers are very ceremonial, but these are not as complicated as rally racing. At best, they are actions such as starting the engine, changing driving modes and opening the skylight.

However, the combination of comprehensive elements will make me feel that I am in a Formula One car in the 1950s, which is very interesting. Not only that, but the strong British flavor will also pervade the blue diamond-shaped seats and racing flag decorations. You know, in front of the constantly boasted Alcantara fabric, such a set of leather is very precious.

I have to say that the MINI has changed a lot now, and the materials used for work are gradually in line with BMW's standards, but don't compare it with the 330Li at the same price, because the basic car system, seat heating, automatic air conditioning, seat electric adjustment and Harman Kardon speakers are already very kind to it. However, considering young people's car demands, this "top-matching" MINI CLUBMAN has intimately prepared automatic parking, wireless charging of mobile phones, colorful atmosphere lights with breathing effects, etc. It must be said that mini engineers really understand them.

JCW's fun is not just about speeding up performance.

I think both BMW and MINI engineers have a performance car that looks down on acceleration performance, so even MINI CLUBMAN retains many cornering skills. Tight suspension, clear sense of the road, it can transmit to the driver every beach of fine sand that the tire passes, and the feedback information is really much clearer than that of the previous generation AMG A45 and Audi S3. Especially in sports mode, the shock absorber is adjusted to the most sports state, accompanied by the heavy steering wheel feel and the more cracked exhaust sound, which is very primitive. But to be honest, this CLUBMAN is more comfortable than JCW MINI.

In addition, although the MINI JCW CLUBMAN's size has increased again and again, it has not affected the integrity of the car body when cornering. More interestingly, near the pusher, the four-wheel drive system will transfer excess power to the rear wheel. Sometimes I feel that the rear wheel rotates at a higher speed and the rear of the car is more willing to slide outward, which is much more fun than the predecessor MINI JCW.

In terms of power, the MINI JCW CLUBMAN is equipped with a 2.0T four-cylinder engine, which can squeeze out the excess power of 272 HP and 450 Nm. What is more interesting is that it is slightly different from the adjustment method of the 231 HP JCW MINI. It can be perceived that the engine is more grumpy at high speed after the MINI JCW CLUBMAN deeply steps on the accelerator, while the JCW MINI will create a strong sense of acceleration in the middle section. Therefore, MINI JCW CLUBMAN is more like a sports car equipped with a large turbine. The power of the high-speed interval is suddenly terrible and requires certain control skills. The JCW MINI has left us with a longer adaptation time, and it will not be surprised or unhappy over time.

By the way, it is worth remembering the performance of the 8-speed automatic manual transmission. To be honest, it doesn't pay attention to comfort. Every time you shift gears and step on the accelerator for a long span, you don't feel very comfortable. This is very similar to a skilled manual racing driver. The heel toe formed by shifting gears and replenishing oil can be transmitted to the driver's nerves through "frustration" and backfire. Yes, it's so simple and rude. You can't say how smart it is, but it's direct and effective.

Xiaobian has something to say: If the users of ordinary MINI CLUBMAN understand life and have fun, then spending 409,800 yuan on a JCW must have given more rebellious elements on this basis, just like the career behind a gentleman is a metal musician.

We can also understand that at a performance party, when the owners of Audi S3 and Golf R are chasing after each other on the mountain road, the owners of MINI JCW CLUBMAN will choose the top of the mountain to listen to English rock and enjoy the sunshine, and will not be shaken by their noise at all. This may mean "different roads, no common goal".

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