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What level of people drive sagitar (what level of people drive sagitar)

As an A+-class compact car, Volkswagen Sagitar is slightly higher than A-class car and lower than B-class car. Since its listing in 2006, FAW-Volkswagen sagitar has won the favor of more than 3.5 million car owners in China for 16 years, and has become a well-deserved sales "king" in the domestic A+ market segment.

The popularity and sales performance of this car in China are very good, and the products after its replacement are becoming younger and younger. For family cars, sagitar has a relatively balanced adjustment in appearance, interior, space, power and fuel consumption, and the leather is durable, the space is also excellent, and the younger design meets the current consumer demand for family cars. This is why sagitar sells well.

Today's automobile industry can be said that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and all kinds of good cars emerge one after another. Now there are more and more good cars on the market, and only those models that truly understand the requirements of consumers can stand firm.

Not only refers to the advantages on the one hand, but also to achieve balance in all aspects. Sagitar has also made many changes in size in order to meet the needs of domestic consumers' rights and interests. The lengthening of the car body means more space, and drivers and passengers have a better sense of space.

And sagitar, the owner of this car, is playing on the basis of home, emphasizing youthfulness and sports. The natural appearance design adopts more contemporary fashion elements, and the handling performance cannot be poor. Whether it is a 1.2T engine, a 1.4T engine, or even a 1.5T engine that will be produced soon, it has both fuel economy and efficient power output. Since it is not enough to emphasize the handling "photodynamic force", it is necessary to have excellent training performance in suspension in order to make sagitar's performance even better. In order to highlight the difference with the A-class compact car.

So who are the people who drive the Volkswagen sagitar? Are people who drive Volkswagen sagitar at a high level?

Volkswagen sagitar is positioned as a sub-high-end compact car, and it is generally difficult to accurately summarize the class of sagitar drivers. However, people who drive Volkswagen sagitar are generally mainly working-class and have a stable income. The quality of a car does not determine the level of a person. It is not knowledge and ability, but quality and accomplishment that determine a person's level. However, it can be proved that ordinary A-class cars can't meet the needs of people who buy sagitar cars, and they require a better driving experience on the basis of family cars.

Then, let's take a look at the Volkswagen Sagitar 2023, what surprises will it bring us?

The 2023 brand-new sagitar has been renewed and upgraded in all aspects, such as appearance, interior and power, and once again refreshed the benchmark of A+ class sedan market, providing a total of five models.

[Appearance and Interior] As a mid-term modified model of sagitar, the new sagitar has greatly upgraded its appearance and interior. The front face of the new sagitar continues to adopt the iconic hexagonal air intake grille, and the interior is composed of chrome-plated elements. The dotted line design, and many raised line arcs on the aircraft cover highlight a certain sense of muscle.

Chrome-plated decorative strips are added inside the front grille, which enhances the exquisiteness of the front grille and makes the front face more recognizable. The internal layout of headlights and taillights and fog lamps have been redesigned, and the full LED technology of lQ Light technology has been adopted. The penetrating air intake has stretched the visual width and improved the layering of the front. The new car has also added chrome decoration for bilateral exhaust, and the shape of the front and rear enclosures has also changed. The safety configuration of the rear is the same as before, with a four-point reversing radar and a camera head, which is more conducive to the safety when parking.

In terms of interior, this interior has changed greatly. Volkswagen's brand-new family-style design has been adopted in the interior. The new car has been equipped with a brand-new three-position steering wheel, and the 9.2-inch embedded screen on the old model has been upgraded to increase the display of navigation and driver assistance systems. The size of the suspended large screen reaches 12 inches, and the seat style is changed into a mesh texture design, which looks more fashionable and textured. In addition, sagitar's high-profile models continue to be equipped with touch-sensitive air-conditioning panels and full LCD dashboards.

In power; The new sagitar will be equipped with a brand-new 1.5T engine, with a maximum power of 118kW, a top speed of 200km/h and a maximum horsepower of 160 horsepower, matching a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a peak torque of 250Nm.

1.2T and 1.4T engines are used, in which the 1.2T model is matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox, and the 1.4T model is matched with a 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new sagitar are 4791/1801/1465 mm and the wheelbase is 2731 mm respectively. Compared with the current models, after the body size is lengthened, the whole vehicle looks more slender, the body proportion is more coordinated and it looks more beautiful.

Now FAW-Volkswagen, the new sagitar and the new Bora are both coming, and they will be listed on the 28th! The product's "dislocation competition" advantage has once again pushed the quality of the mainstream A-class sedan to a new height. Bora is more affordable and the price is more close to the people than Sagitar, while Sagitar products are stronger than Bora, which is a boon for consumers of different degrees who like the public.

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