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Speaking of becoming attached to Sylphy, I opened my friend's 06 2.0 old Sylphy in 2010, which was also called "BLUEBIRD" at that time. Comfortable ride, steady control, and on-call power are simply a "small" nature. For the congested city of Shenzhen, "small" is sometimes more advantageous, and it is more convenient to add a plug to occupy a parking space. So I fell in love with this car in an instant. I used a modern Elantra stick car that I bought less than a year ago. To be honest, I feel that it is incomparable with Sylphy in terms of comfort and handling. So I silently decided that I must choose him when I change the next car-Xuanyi.

Once "Little Teana"

Time passed quickly. In the second half of 2014, due to the expansion of the company, the factory rooted in Shenzhen for many years was moved to the beautiful Songshan Lake in Dongguan. Songshan Lake is very beautiful and likes this place very much. After work, I will go to the lake for a walk and leisure. It's a pity that it didn't catch up with the good times. Everyone should know that Dongguan suffered a massive sweep-yellow operation in the first half of 2014, and the welfare was gone when it arrived in the second half of 2014.

Continuing to talk about cars, by the middle of 2015, the factory had moved to Dongguan for half a year, and the production operation was on the right track. I'm thinking about changing cars. Elantra has been in use for five years. It's time to change cars. At first, my wife objected to my idea of changing Sylphy: five years ago, I bought a car of more than 100,000 yuan, but now I have to change it to a car of more than 20W. I reassured my wife that I had a crush on Xuanyi as if I had fallen in love with you at first sight, and I won't have any other thoughts until now. The wife is angry and promises. It's as simple as coaxing your wife. Just use good methods.

When the husband and wife agree, changing cars will be put on the agenda. First of all, the Elantra stick car must be sold. My wife posted a sale message on the Internet this morning. In the afternoon, others came to see the car and paid for it, and watched Elantra, who had been with her for five years, be driven away by the new owner. My heart is really a little sad, although I have been in love with Sylphy for half a year since I entered the house from Elantra. However, Xiaoyi devoted himself wholeheartedly to serving our family. He never lost his chain when climbing the snowy mountain and crossing the grassland. In the middle of the night, the child had a high fever of 40 degrees, and Xiaoyi was also on call to race against time to get to the hospital. Being unknown and sheltering from the wind and rain also contributed ...

Looking back, I saw that my wife was still staring at the direction of Xiaoyi's departure, and I could feel that her heart was uncomfortable from her red eyes. "Husband, are we going to reduce the price?" The wife continues to be in a daze. In the face of such a vulgar prodigal bitch, I simply don't want to say much. "go! Go home! Go and buy Xuanyi tomorrow! " Throw the next sentence and turn around and leave.

Yi used to be

Early the next morning, my wife drove me to the nearest Nissan 4S shop and went back to school. I finished the next car selection and purchase by myself. As soon as I learned, I knew that 2.0 Sylphy had been discontinued. There were only classic Sylphy and 14 new Sylphy on sale, and all of them were only 1.6. The news of the suspension of production suddenly made me very frustrated and gave up. The sales of Monkey Genie read my mind, and strongly recommended the classic Sylphy, saying that there is little difference between the classic Sylphy and the 06 2.0 old Sylphy, but the 2.0 engine was replaced by a 1.6-displacement engine in response to the national energy-saving and emission reduction policy, and now the classic Sylphy has a very high cost performance and so on. While listening to the sales mouth foaming at the mouth, I looked at the classic sylphy in the exhibition hall carefully. Needless to say, it is somewhat similar to the 06 old Sylphy. The difference is that the taillights and air intake grids are slightly changed, and the wheels and central handrails are reduced. "All right, let's book a classic" is not a sales talk, but mainly because I can't escape my feelings for the 06 old sylphy. It is necessary to specify a beggar version of the manual classic, because it has been heard before that in addition to making money on the car price, 4S will also use the cheap accessories of the deputy factory as the original parts to increase the allocation and let the owner pay the bill. Therefore, I designated beggars, and what needs to be added to the configuration went out slowly. The reason for manual operation is that considering the classic Sylphy 1.6 self-priming displacement, the power itself is not strong. If you buy an automatic gearbox and then lose some energy, you are afraid that the power will not come up. Then I began to talk about the price with the sales staff, because the impression was that 20,000 yuan was elegant and 170,000 yuan.I thought that although the current classic was changed to 1.6, it would cost 100,000 yuan anyway. The salesman calculated the price of 8.9W, but I thought I heard it wrong. Please confirm it again. So much lower than I expected, I was secretly pleased, so I symbolically cut 2,000 yuan to 8.7W to clinch a deal. When I came back to the forum, I realized that I spent thousands more than other riders. Here, I summed up an experience and lesson for riders who bought cars in the future. Before buying a car, I must make preparations to fully understand the basic situation and price range of the car I want to buy, and then go to the car to bargain. Of course, this is another story. Because of the existing car, I paid for the car when the price was negotiated, and then I went home and waited for 4S to apply for a license.

Meet the classic for the first time

About a week, I received a 4S telephone license. Hurry up and call a friend to drive me to 4 S. Who knows that he came on an impulse and came back disappointed, and the following slowly came. On the way back from 4S, the steering wheel was weak in reverse feedback, the first gear went up to the second gear, the whistle of the 50-60 yard gearbox was obvious, and the chassis did not feel a sense of security during driving. This driving quality is not a little worse than the original 2.0 BLUEBIRD. When I came back, my wife asked me how you felt about your "love at first sight". I can't lose face in front of this bitch. I answered her "not bad".

Although it is almost interesting compared with the original 2.0 Bluebird, after a period of running-in, it has gradually accepted and discovered many advantages of the classic Sylphy. The scallop seat is really not worthy of the name, and it is as comfortable as the sofa at home. Even the 3-year-old daughter said that taking her father's car is more comfortable than her mother's. Then there is fuel economy, which is really fuel-efficient. 200 yuan 92 urban area can run 450-500 kilometers. In the process of slowly accepting the classic Sylphy, many decorative small objects have been added to Sylphy. Of course, it's basically from the omnipotent X treasure.

What really makes me depressed and unacceptable is that I just passed the running-in period and just went to the airport to meet my customers that day, thinking that I could make the classic Lala high-speed. It's 60 kilometers from Dongguan to Shenzhen Airport. Starting from Dongguan, I crossed Songshan Lake toll station and entered the expressway. After the speed went up, I felt something was wrong. How did I get on the expressway for 100 yards, I felt that the car was floating badly, especially when a big car passed by, I obviously found that the car was shaking badly. I'm a little uneasy. Think about whether it's a road problem or not, and take a walk before living. It's a bird's eye to drive 60 kilometers to the airport. Compared with a good car, I'm an old driver with more than ten years' driving experience. Just take the Jetta Elantra that I've driven before, and it doesn't feel as floating as the classic Sylphy. After receiving customers at the airport, I returned to Dongguan. Both customers were very heavy. On the way back, I felt that the classics didn't float so badly, which may be the reason for the increase in weight.

I'm a little tired of the high-speed drifting. Maybe it's a character formed by doing physical processing. I don't care too much about the grade of the car, but practical safety must be taken seriously. Running at high speed all the time, high-speed drifting, what a safety hazard it will be if the high speed is out of control. Hurry back to the 4S shop to reflect the high-speed floating situation. The master lifted the car and checked that it was all right. At my insistence, he made a four-wheel alignment and said that it should be all right now. On my way back, I deliberately tried a lap around the expressway, but my old hair didn't improve at all. Seeing that it was only 5 o'clock, I didn't get off work at 4S, so I hurried back to 4S to ask for treatment. The manager arranged for an old master and I to take a high-speed experience. The 100 yards was not obvious, but the direction was obviously unstable around 110, and I felt that the car body was not firmly grasped. When I asked the master how to fix it, I was speechless. "The classic sylphy itself was reduced by the old bluebird" Bluebird ".When the price came down so much, it was simply another class, and there were many car owners who reflected the high-speed drifting. The classic sylphy was like this, so just drive slowly at ordinary times."

The problem of running for 4S has not been solved, but it has made me understand that the classic Sylphy is not the 2.0 Bluebird that I fell in love with at first sight. When Yu Yu came home, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about it. But you can't abandon and sell this classic that you just bought for a month. Losing money at a discount is one of them, and you can't make your wife laugh. Anyway, you have to put up with it for a year or so or find another reason to prevaricate your wife. Anyway, I want my wife to know that my eyes are keen and I can't be wrong about what I fell in love with at first sight.

To say that people are strange animals, some things will come up with a reason to convince themselves when they think too much for a while, so they are too lazy to think about it. If you want to buy everything, just accept the reality, as the 4S master said, just drive slowly at ordinary times. Some days when my mood calmed down, I changed a set of 15-inch aluminum wheels when I had time during the November holiday in 2015. I simply thought that the original iron ring and plastic cover were too low.

In the blink of an eye, it's 2016, because the factory is not as busy as before after moving to Dongguan to operate on the right track. In my spare time, I occasionally read the car forum posts, but when I dive, I seldom speak. When I read the job postings of several classic Sylphy owners changing 16-inch wheels and 205 wide tires in a car forum, the words "changing wide tires can improve the classic high-speed stability" in the post touched my wound pain again. What are you waiting for now that changing the bigger wheels and wide tires can solve the problem of high-speed hair drift? I immediately ordered a 16-inch wheel 205 wide tire online, waited anxiously for two or three days and went straight to the tire shop. The 15-inch aluminum alloy ring that was removed less than 5,000 kilometers in four months and the cabbage price of 185 original tires were given to the tire shop. Three or two times, I put on 16-inch wheels and 205 wide tires. The rim is a little bigger and looks beautiful, but this is not what I value. What I want is how much it is stable at high speed. Not much to say, I quickly turned to the highway to pull the high-speed test. Needless to say, the high-speed 100 yards after changing the 205 tire is really much more stable than before, but it still feels less stable than the Jetta and Elantra that were opened before.

When talking about this situation in the forum and riders, a classic Sylphy owner disdainfully said that he would change his wide tires to make trouble. After a very simple small change, his Jingxuan ran 160 without drifting, that is, adding a French plate to widen the track. The reason is that Sylphy has the narrowest car body and the smallest track in the same class, so whoever you don't float will float. There seems to be some truth. I tried to check it out. Several cars with the same 2700mm wheelbase, such as Tiida Corolla Lei Ling, etc., really classic Sylphy has the smallest track. Even the 14 new sylphy tracks produced by the same production platform are widened from the classic sylphy's 1485mm to 1540 mm. It suddenly dawned on me. No wonder I said that the classic Sylphy and the new Sylphy were communicating in the Sylphy Forum. I always listened to the classic shouting high-speed floating, but I didn't hear the owner of the new Sylphy responding to the floating phenomenon. It turns out that the new Sylphy track is 55mm more than the classic Sylphy! ! ! 55mm! ! ! 55mm! ! ! Say the important things three times.

Immediately, I turned to my omnipotent X Bao for help. I typed the words "automobile flange" in X Bao, which was used by all kinds of models. It seems that the sales volume is quite good. I read the product introduction carefully, and the depressing thing came. Why are they all made of aluminum? Then I searched all the X treasures, all of which were made of aluminum. Not to mention the quality of aluminum for the time being, for a person who has been engaged in precision CNC machining industry for nearly 20 years, I really dare not use aluminum parts with yield strength of only 200Mpa and tensile strength of 245Mpa as a conductive part of power mechanism. Despite the high strength boasted by sellers, the T6 state of 7075 aviation aluminum, etc., whether a few hundred yuan can buy a real aviation aluminum flange plate may only be understood by real insiders. X Bao can't find a suitable flange, which won't bother me. My company has always been mainly engaged in the production of auto parts. At present, even motor car parts are being mass-produced, so it's nothing to make a small flange.

Although the flange is simple, every link of design, material selection, processing and manufacturing must be taken seriously.

One-stage measurement design: it is very important to measure and confirm the matching size of flange pad with car body and wheel hub first. If that size point is wrong or thoughtless, it may be wasted.

Collect wheel hub fit data

Produce 3D simulation diagram

Two-stage material selection: I chose No.45 steel, which has better mechanical properties than A3 material of the original automobile iron ring. As mechanical properties, the yield strength and tensile strength are almost three times that of aluminum. Find a powerful material supplier to avoid buying inferior materials. It is also very important that the material supplier must issue a material report, because with the material report, the supplier will not dare to pretend to be a good material with low-grade steel. If the material problem is not up to standard, the subsequent problems, whether in processing or in putting the product on the market, can be based on the material report, and the material supplier will bear great risk responsibility.

A large-scale material supplier in Dongguan.

45A, "A" grade high quality 45 steel

The third step is to transport the materials back to the factory and start processing.

Using FANUC precision numerical control equipment imported from Japan for processing.

Using FANUC precision numerical control equipment imported from Japan for processing.

Using FANUC precision numerical control equipment imported from Japan for processing.

The last step is surface blackening treatment, which is to soak the steel surface with chemical solution at high temperature, so that the chemical solution reacts with the steel surface to blacken. Play a role in rust prevention.

Next, it is equipped with original screws to prepare for loading.

Good, perfect cooperation.

The appearance of the flange pad is much more atmospheric. But what really surprised me was that I solved the problem of high-speed drifting, and I tried it specially. It was very safe to drive to 160, and I didn't dare to go any faster. It feels safe to drive now. The sharp turn is also much more secure than before. Let's directly appreciate the appearance effect after installation.

Before adding 20 mm blue plate, the original wheel distance is 1485mm, and the wheel distance is very narrow, which has the feeling of being wrapped by the shell and is very uncoordinated.

After adding 20 mm flange pad, the track width is increased to 1525mm, and the tire width is just right. There is neither too much abrupt width nor the feeling that the shell is not wide enough to cover the tire.

The car is not so good, but the flange is good

After installing 20 mm flange pad, the visual effect of all directions and the position of tire width are just right. There is neither too much abrupt width nor the feeling that the shell is not wide enough to cover the tire.

To be honest, at that time, step by step, this set of 45 # steel flange was successfully processed from the design and selection of materials to the final loading test. I once immersed myself in a joyful sense of accomplishment, which was more exciting than the successful development of a large-scale project order by the factory. Once people swell up, they are easy to get confused. They think that the high-speed stability of our Jingxuan with flange plates is not lower than that of the Accord, which is a higher level. At that time, when we got on the high-speed, we had to pursue the excitement of high-speed driving. 1000 yuan didn't wake up like cold water until he was caught speeding 50% with a one-time penalty of 12 points. These days, I am returning to the vehicle management office to study retake subject one. Here is just a negative warning textbook for everyone. Remember to obey the traffic rules when you are on the road, and don't try to make mistakes quickly. Go on the road safely and go home safely.

I think that I have solved the problem of the classic Xuanyi Expressway drifting perfectly, but I have not been able to stand up in front of the defeated daughter-in-law. On the contrary, I was ridiculed: "The Acoustic Transmission System of my mother didn't exceed the speed limit by more than 50%. Your Sylphy is really powerful. Why do you drive a Nissan Sylphy GTR? Wow, tut tut ...". Me: "..."

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