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Beetle convertible used car price (Beetle convertible used car)

Hello, everyone, the old driver of the car inspector meets you again ~ I am loved by everyone, and the accident car meets the car inspector Jianguo, who I have bypassed. This name keeps up with the trend of the times and represents a yearning for building a better life. In this prosperous period, I hope that our used car market will also develop healthily.

Today, I'm going to share the story of car inspection with you. This time, I'm going to tell a case of "Getting Rich" that I saw with my own eyes. I was originally accompanying my customers to do the inspection, but I didn't expect to help others make a wedding dress in the end. To be honest, I didn't know why I couldn't make money all the time, so I didn't open my mind.

This time, I received a commission from a big fan in Changsha. The test model is a Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 Deluxe Edition of model 06. To be honest, this car really needs nothing, and I think only the name and shape are left.

The picture comes from the Internet.

From the 50-year-old aunt to the 15-year-old sister, they all like it. Since the production stopped in 19 years, the Beetle's used car market has gone up a little against the trend, which is really priceless.

Our big fan is naturally a sentimental fan, and besides, this car is really not expensive. The car dealer offered 25 thousand yuan, and he wanted to buy it back as a toy addiction, but for safety reasons, he invited us to come and have a test.

[Vehicle Information]

Car model: Beetle 2006 2.0 Deluxe Edition

Factory date: May 2007

Time of licensing: April 2008

Apparent mileage: 123,225 kilometers

Official guide price: 235,000 yuan

Seller's quotation: 30,000

This car was assembled in 2007 and registered in 2008, which is not uncommon in imported cars. This beetle is a 2.0-powered high-end model. If you go up, you will add money to the convertible version.

Today's buyers are familiar with our testing items, so they only ordered a standard inspection. After all, it is an old car with more than 120,000 kilometers, as long as accidents, blisters and fires can be eliminated and the engine is not disassembled and repaired. Moreover, this car does not have the exquisite feeling of Volkswagen at first glance, and the paint color difference is very obvious. At first glance, it is a car with a story.

[Vehicle inspection]

Take out the ancestral paint film instrument and see if there is any story about the old-fashioned appearance first. It is detected that the left A-pillar is repaired by sheet metal, and it seems that it has been injured here. We'll lift the car and check the structural parts later.

Let's first check the inside of the engine room cover and see if the frame in the engine room is injured. Through inspection, it was found that there were traces of welding on the left headlight frame. Oh, my God, the left fender beam was deformed by welding, and the front anti-collision steel beam was replaced, which led to the deformation of the right front longitudinal beam connecting plate. Needless to say, it is already a major accident vehicle category.

Look back to see if there is any problem with the shock absorber seat. By detecting that there is no obvious deformation and repair of the shock absorber seat, it is also repainted. It seems that the accident is still serious.

Alas, my heart is already cold when I detect it here. Next, take a look at the state of this engine. When you open the oil port, you will see thick sludge, and you can't see what is inside the engine. It seems that the original owner doesn't care much about maintenance.

The engine crankshaft wheel is disassembled, and the air inlet and engine foot are disassembled and replaced. From these conditions, it can be judged that the engine has been repaired, and then it will be put on the shelf to see if it is a local maintenance or a normal decomposition overhaul. Judging from the state of the engine, I always feel that the kilometers shown on the table are not very real.

The interior is mainly to help customers get rid of the bubble car. There is no sediment in the big line under the floor, the carpet has not been cut and replaced, and the sponge and slide rail under the seat are all clean. It seems that the interior has not been soaked.

Because the standard inspection doesn't need to test other interiors except the soaking project, I found that the interior was repaired by painting at a glance, and the seat had been repaired, so I couldn't see the original wear state.

OBD can't read the mileage data of this car either, but the 120,000-kilometer car will be repaired to this extent. It seems that the watch has been adjusted in nine cases out of ten.

Next, drive the car on the shelf and observe the state of the engine and gearbox from the bottom. It is found that there is leakage at the joint of the main water tank of the engine, leakage at the joint of the main water tank, local maintenance of the engine and leakage at the oil pan of the gearbox. These all need to be prepared later. It seems that the engine is still in poor condition.

Observing the structural members from below, it is found that the left longitudinal beam is welded, the right front longitudinal beam connecting plate is deformed, and the front anti-collision steel beam is replaced, indicating that there is a major accident in the left front, and the rear anti-collision steel beam is found to have been removed and replaced at the rear, but the rear tail plate is not cut and the rear shock absorber seat is not deformed. It seems that there has been a rear-end collision at the rear, but the accident is not very serious.


Originally, fans' expectations were already very low. To put it bluntly, they just bought a ticket for their childhood feelings, as long as the car can bounce and run, and the painted interiors are nothing. As a result, they never expected that this was a serious accident car, and the engine condition was still so poor. Eldest brother said that this car is complete rubbish, and he felt distressed that a good beetle was caused like this.

Unexpectedly, just as we were checking the car, there was a man who had been observing it. I thought he was also a car dealer, so I didn't care. I didn't expect him to collect cars, and he specialized in collecting old cars. After asking us about the car briefly, he went to negotiate the price with the car, and finally took the car for only 20 thousand.

I asked him why he still collected this broken car. He told me that they rent cars, such as Beetle, which is an absolute tool for taking pictures. Changsha is also considered as a city in online celebrity. This car is pasted with a film at some popular punch points, even taking pictures with a walking stick, and it costs 300 to 500 yuan a day!

Beetle is a real camera tool.

I made a rough calculation. According to an average of 400 yuan a day, a month is 12 thousand! Of course, what I said is a little ideal. Let alone whether there are so many car rental customers and whether this car can be insured. I didn't ask much. Anyway, it will be regarded as the second employment of the Beetle, otherwise it will not be able to do anything else as a major accident car.

Ok, that's all for today's homework. I'm a second-hand car inspector. If you have a favorite car to be inspected or a second-hand car-related problem, please search Huixin "Car Inspector". Maybe I can solve the problem for you. Car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows cars best!

Official emblem: "Car inspector"

Like it, like it, and spray it if you don't like it. I repair cars more, read less, and write badly, so everyone will bear with me. If you are as optimistic about the future of the used car industry as we are, or you also want to have an housekeeping skill, then you can pay attention to us! You can also learn from the teacher ~

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