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Changan 75csplus price 2022 automatic transmission test drive video (Changan Automobile 75plus automatic transmission price)

April discount 12,022 Changan cs75 plus. Latest landing price and car reference.

User consultation configuration of the second generation 1.5T automatic luxury model, the official guide price of 124,900 is a compact off-road vehicle.

The power system is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an 8-speed automatic manual transmission, with a maximum horsepower of 188 horsepower and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. No.92 gasoline needs to be added, and the comprehensive oil consumption per 100 kilometers is 7.3 liters, and the measured acceleration is 8.6 seconds.

60,000 kilometers of maintenance is about 4,366. This model has five colors for appearance and two wheels for interior, with a 3-year retention rate of 63.41%.

At present, there is a discount of 114,900 yuan for 10,000 naked cars, which is subject to the actual arrival of the store, and there are differences in different regions. Click on Know Car Emperor in the lower left corner to view the latest local discount details.

The purchase tax is 10,168, the compulsory insurance is 950, the travel tax is 420, the license is 500, the insurance is 3,755, and the landing is 130,693. According to the calculation of driving 10,000 kilometers a year, the car cost is about 8,963, with an average of 746 per month.

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