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How much is Benagli 150 ml (how much is Benagli 150)?

What are the recommendations for a 150 ml retro-style motorcycle with a budget of 20,000 yuan?

I am a knight to share. According to the description, this cyclist wants to choose a 150 ml vintage motorcycle and set the car purchase budget within 20,000. So which models will meet the requirements under this demand?

First of all, retro motorcycles are also a big category, and my personal understanding of the so-called retro style is rounded modeling and plump design. As long as it is under this big framework, whether it is postmodern style, British style or simple elements, it can meet the standards. In this way, we can look at the following models that meet the displacement.

The first Jialing CoCo Pony150F is priced at 10,680 yuan.

This car has just been on the market, and there are currently 23 models sold. It belongs to a mini-bike, which adopts the Italian retro style similar to Ducati's freedom. The whole car will still emphasize the rounded shape and plump design, and also incorporate certain personalized fashion elements, so the value of this car is still eye-catching.

In terms of power, CoCo150F will be equipped with a 150 ml single-cylinder air-cooled EFI engine, which will adopt the design of double overhead camshafts and incorporate a balance shaft to improve the running quality of the whole machine. The actual displacement of this engine is 150 ml, the maximum power is 9.5KW, and the maximum torque is 13 n m. The power value belongs to the first echelon in the air cooler.

車身方面,這款150F會比較緊湊,車身長1810mm,軸距1230mm,座椅高度750毫米,油箱容積9L .所以對於騎行身高並無過多要求,即便是小女生也可以輕松駕馭。此外,這款車還融入瞭前後碟剎和能夠獨立關閉的雙通道ABS,所以它起點還是蠻高的,因此就可以實車去感受一下。

第二款 貝納利幼獅150 目前售價13980元




The third paragraph of Qidian 150GK is priced at 15,800 yuan.

This is also a retro streetcar with post-modern style, except that it not only emphasizes the roundness, but also highlights certain sports genes, which will make its perception more impactful, but compared with the pure retro car, it still has the feeling of overexertion and lacks some sense of the times.

In terms of power, this car will be equipped with a 150 ml single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve high-power engine, with an actual displacement of 149.8 ml, a maximum power of 14KW and a maximum torque of 16N·m, and its power value will far exceed that of many models with the same displacement.

In terms of body, this car will also be relatively compact, and it will also pay more attention to handling requirements and multi-purpose attributes, so it has set a wheelbase of 1365 mm, a fuel tank volume of 17L, a minimum ground clearance of 225 mm, and a friendly low seat height of 770 mm.

In addition, the configuration of this car is quite rich. In addition to the dual-channel anti-lock braking devices for front and rear disc brakes, there will also be sliding clutches, tire pressure monitoring, vacuum wheels for car strips, and electronic control units such as bracelet keys and electric fuel tank caps.

The above is a model sharing under the current demand, from which we can see that there are still many models that meet the requirements of the subject, which is mainly a market performance under the trend of small-displacement models, so we can choose according to the specific budget and refer to the performance of the models introduced in the article.

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