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Changan 75csplus price 2022 2.0t (Changan 75csplus2021 price)

Less than three years after listing, Changan CS75PLUS ushered in the first replacement after accumulating 450,000 users. With the guidance price of 124,900-154,900, it once again entered the Red Sea market of 150,000 compact sport utility vehicles. Three years to launch two generations of CS75PLUS, is it worth voting in RMB? This issue of [shopping guide] may give you the answer.

Since the pre-sale started in January, the second-generation CS75PLUS has won 24,000 orders, which is remarkable considering the competition degree of the sports utility vehicle market of about 150,000. To find out why it can capture the "heart" of consumers so quickly, we should start with the improvement of product strength.

First, the replacement model, where is the new one?

★ All departments love letter 8AT, providing 1.5T/2.0T blue whale power.

The second generation CS75PLUS is available in two engine versions: NE1.5T and 2.0T for Blue Whale. Among them, the maximum power of the 1.5T engine is 138kW, the maximum torque is 300nm, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 6.4L/100km;; The 2.0T version has a maximum power of 171kW and a maximum torque of 390nm;.

The most noteworthy thing is that the original 6-speed automatic manual transmission matched with 1.5T was upgraded to Aisin 8AT automatic manual transmission, which is relatively rare in the same class, and the power configuration is basically against the standard luxury brands. The transmission is matched with four driving modes, such as normal/environmental protection/sport/custom, to meet driving conditions in various road conditions. In addition, the shift smoothness and fuel consumption performance are also worth looking forward to.

★ Double appearance design, with details adjusted, makes the appearance younger.

The second generation CS75PLUS offers dual designs. One is the shape of whale tail line, which forms a V-shaped angle, echoing the LOGO of Changan Automobile; The other is the popular crystal matrix, which is full of science and technology. The headlights that are matched with it also adopt the penetrating type that is the favorite on new energy vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that CS75PLUS has also made great efforts in lighting, using all-LED combination headlights. After unlocking, the headlights and through-streamer front position lights flash in pulses; Far and near light consists of 11 high-performance LEDs; The penetrating streamer front position lamp consists of 61 LEDs; The daytime running light is composed of 30+1+27 white LEDs, and the front turn signal is composed of 30 LEDs, which makes the lighting effect more eye-catching.

After the replacement, the overall styling style of the CS75PLUS body is basically unchanged, and the body size is almost unchanged. The wheelbase is still 2710 mm, which is above average in compact SUVs. Provide 18-inch and 19-inch wheels, and the wheel hub style is more sporty. The side of the car body is also decorated with new techniques, colors and materials.

★ The interior layout remains unchanged, the technology is upgraded, and the car machine is smarter.

The interior design is slightly adjusted, equipped with double 12.3-inch double screens, and adopts a brand-new glass cold bending process to realize the integrated curved large screen design. A new generation of IMS intelligent interactive system hidden under the big screen, based on massive facial data support, can realize Face ID face recognition. After the recognition is successful, the car can be started by lightly stepping on the brakes, and the air conditioner and multimedia can be automatically adjusted to the driver's common state. It can also realize the functions of intelligent gesture control, fatigue monitoring and early warning, intelligent child care system and irregular behavior prompt.

In addition, the whole system is equipped with large-size panoramic sunroof, full-scale 540 high-definition panoramic images and full-scale 6 airbags, and a lot of thoughts have been put into technology and safety.

★ Fly in the ointment: there is no four-wheel drive option.

However, although the second-generation model has been upgraded in terms of power, appearance, interior and configuration, it still only provides two-wheel drive in terms of drive form. Compared with other competing products at the same level, the choice space for consumers is relatively narrow. After all, according to the logic of consumers, I can not choose, but you must have it. If the four-wheel drive version can be launched in the future, it is estimated that the sales volume can be raised to a higher level.

Second, how to choose CS75PLUS after vehicle model analysis and replacement?

A total of 6 configurations were introduced for the replacement models, including 3 versions of 1.5T and 3 versions of 2.0T. Among them, the same suffix name means the same configuration. Therefore, in order to facilitate comparison, in the comparison table below, we choose four models: 1.5T luxury model, 1.5T distinguished model, 2.0T pilot model and 2.0T flagship model for comparison. But don't worry, in the text analysis, the configuration and selection of other models will be explained.

Comparison of equipment with different configurations and prices

Comparing several configurations, it is not difficult to find that the entry-level version-1.5t luxury model with a guide price of 124,900 yuan is sincere in configuration: rear airbag, tire pressure display, fatigue driving reminder, 360 panorama, rear parking radar, constant speed cruise, engine start and stop, automatic parking, uphill assist, steep slope descent, keyless start, full LCD instrument, main seat electric adjustment, 12.3 inches.

From this point of view, all the configurations that the entry-level version should have are given, which is basically equivalent to those of many joint venture brands. If you take a fancy to its 8AT, this configuration can be considered.

Of course, this is just an entry-level version. Fortunately, the price ladder between configurations is within 10,000 yuan, so the price difference is not big. What about the configuration?

With a budget of 5,000 yuan, you can buy a 1.5T distinguished model with a guide price of 129,900 yuan. It is equipped with more functions such as active braking, upgrading cruise control to full-speed adaptive cruise, electric memory trunk, remote start, wireless charging of front mobile phones, heating of front seats, one-button lifting of whole car windows, and car purifier. The configuration is good, the price has not increased too much, and the cost performance is good, which can be considered emphatically;

With an additional 6,000 yuan, you can buy a 1.5T pilot model with a guide price of 135,900 yuan. The additional configuration of the latter is mainly reflected in the auxiliary driving, such as parallel lane assistance, lane departure warning, lane keeping, road traffic sign recognition, reversing side warning, and adaptive far and near light. The configuration pays attention to intelligence, which increases the convenience and safety of car use. If the budget is relatively sufficient and the above configuration is used frequently, this can be considered.

All the models mentioned above are 1.5T models, and many friends want to be in one step in power. 2.0T is a good choice. Specifically, the entry-level 2.0T distinguished model has a guide price of 139,900 yuan. Compared with 1.5T, its power is increased to 233 HP, and its torque is increased to 390 Nm. In terms of parameters, it is really exciting. For other configurations, refer to 1.5T distinguished model. The price is 10,000 yuan more expensive than that of the 1.5T distinguished model. Personally, I think that if you are pursuing power and want to give consideration to configuration, this can be considered. Similarly, the budget is increased by 6,000 yuan to buy a 2.0T pilot model with a guide price of 145,900 yuan, and the configuration refers to the corresponding version of 1.5T.

In addition, the 2.0T has also introduced the flagship model, which is a top model with an increase of 7,000 yuan to 154,900 yuan on the basis of the 2.0T pilot model. It is equipped with more front parking radar, automatic parking, keyless entry in the front row, leather seats, gesture control, facial recognition, Sony brand stereo, 64-color interior atmosphere lights, rearview mirror function upgrade, automatic anti-glare and temperature zone control.

Combined with the above analysis, you can choose:

1. Look at the power demand first, and choose between 1.5T and 2.0T;

2. Looking at the configuration requirements, in my personal opinion, if the budget is slightly tight, the 1.5T Deluxe Edition is basically enough, and the configuration is basically in place, focusing on 8AT, with good cost performance; If the budget is sufficient, the distinguished configuration is relatively rich, while the advantage of the pilot type lies in intelligent assisted driving and safe configuration. This depends on the budget and the frequency of configuration. You can choose either one, and the price difference is not too big. In my opinion, we can consider choosing a pilot type to do it in one step without regret.

3. If the budget goes up, the top allocation of 2.0T can be considered, but this ratio is low after all and is for reference only.

Third, the comparison of competing products-who else can I choose at the same price?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the compact sport utility vehicle market of about 150,000 yuan has long been a red sea. In particular, the competition between independent brands is overwhelming. Considering the competitive situation at the same level and the messages from readers in the background, we choose Haval H6 and Geely Xingyue L for comparison. The prices and positioning of the three cars are highly overlapping, and they are also three cars that many friends are easily entangled in the selection process.

Considering the sales volume and product situation, we choose the third-generation Haval H6 2021 with a maximum of 2.0T automatic four-wheel drive with a guide price of 146,900 yuan, Changan CS75PLUS2022 with a guide price of 147,900 yuan with a second-generation 2.0T automatic pilot model and Geely Xingyue L 2021 with a guide price of 155,200 yuan for comparison.

Changan CS75 Plus compares Haval H6 and Geely Xingyue L.

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that there is little difference between the three guide prices. At present, the quotation on the network side does not show too many discounts in terms of terminal discounts. Therefore, the three have strong comparability in terms of price and product.

In terms of size, Xingyue L is ahead of H6 and CS75PLUS with a wheelbase of 2,845 mm. In terms of length and width, Xingyue L also has a size advantage and is bigger.

In terms of power, although all three are equipped with 2.0T engines, from the parameter point of view, the Blue Whale 2.0T engine equipped with CS75PLUS can achieve a power output with a maximum power of 233 HP and a maximum torque of 390 Nm, and it is equipped with Aisin 8AT, which leads the other two models in power and torque, and both of them are equipped with a seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. Therefore, the performance of CS75 PLUS is worth looking forward to, both in terms of power parameters and shift smoothness.

In terms of other configurations, the highlight of Haval H6 is that it is equipped with steering wheel shifting, matrix headlights, head-up display of head-up display and temperature zone control, supports Carplay, and provides off-road driving modes. In addition, under the same budget, H6 bought a four-wheel drive. Therefore, for this price, if only four-wheel drive is considered, H6 can only be selected.

The configuration advantages of CS75 PLUS are: electric memory trunk, active closing air intake grille, head-up display of head-up display, sports style seat, etc.

The configuration advantages of Xingyue L are: front and rear parking radar, electric induction memory trunk, lumbar support provided by main seat, driver's seat electric seat, matrix headlights, memory of exterior rearview mirror and temperature zoning control. It has certain advantages in comfort and convenience of use.

In contrast, the three models have their own strengths in specific configuration, and the overall difference is not big. The differences among them are mainly in power, driving form and space.

Therefore, as far as the three are concerned, it is suggested that you can choose:

1. Focusing on dynamic performance, it is suggested to choose CS75 PLUS, 2.0T+8AT, which is worth looking forward to in terms of power and shift smoothness;

2. Considering the space, Xingyue L has certain advantages in length, width and wheelbase parameters. Of course, the specific ride experience suggests the in-store test ride experience;

3. In addition, if four-wheel drive is considered, it is recommended to choose H6, because CS75PLUS has no four-wheel drive, and Xingyue L only has four-wheel drive on high-profile models, and the price is around 180,000, which is beyond the budget range we discussed.

Fourth, the model recommendation-who should I buy?

Finally, I will briefly summarize for you:

As far as CS75PLUS is concerned, you can choose:

1. Look at the power demand first, and choose between 1.5T and 2.0T;

2. Look at the configuration requirements. If the budget is slightly tight, the 1.5T Deluxe Edition will be enough; If the budget is adequate, both the distinguished type and the pilot type can be used, and the price difference is not too big. Priority can be given to pilot type in one step;

3. If the budget goes up, choose the best match.

For horizontal comparison, it is suggested that you can choose:

Focusing on dynamic performance, it is recommended to choose CS75PLUS to consider the space, and it is recommended that Xingyue L; Consider four-wheel drive and choose H6. As for the specific configuration, the three basically have their own strengths, but there is no obvious shortcoming, so we can combine these factors and consider them comprehensively.

Above, I hope it can help you to choose a car. Of course, in the process of comparative analysis, people naturally have different opinions. I hope you can see more and choose more when buying a car. You are also welcome to leave a message in the background about the models you want to compare. The discussion content may appear in the next issue of the [Shopping Guide] column.

The writer of this article is kicking a car to help john young.

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