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Sekelon ra2 modification (Sekelon ra2 modification renderings)

As a high-end recreational motorcycle brand in China, SEKELON has laid out a huge product line array since its establishment. In just a few years, it has covered several common popular sub-categories, such as leisure travel, retro, cruise, pedal, imitation race and so on, forming a comprehensive flowering trend.

In July, 2022, as the product line gradually improved, it updated its scooter category and cruise category, and launched its first 300 ml displacement luxury pedal RT3S and the belt version of retro cruise RA2. Among them, the exclusive version of RT3S is 27,800 yuan, and the smart version is 29,800 yuan. The main configuration differences between the two versions are thin film transistor instruments, tire pressure monitoring and driving recorder; RA2 belt version 15980 yuan.

Luxury pedal RT3S

As the best-selling pedal model under Seclon, RT3 has sold more than 60,000 vehicles in five years, and during this period, manufacturers have been constantly listening to the voices of consumers and upgraded many times. Now Kelon has brought users a brand-new RT3S, which has increased the engine displacement from 250mL to 300mL on the basis of maintaining the overall size of RT3, and added luxury configurations such as electric windshield, double lens headlights and double airbag rear reduction.

Among them, the most changed power unit is the XQ300 engine newly developed by Dalin, South Korea. Compared with 250, the maximum power is increased by 9% to 18.5kw, and the maximum torque is increased by 18% to 26.5 N m.

This engine adopts the valve train structure of DOHC, a quieter new transmission case, a reinforced crankshaft and bearings, and a five-shoe design on the transmission system, which makes its 0-50km/h acceleration time reach 3 seconds.

In terms of configuration, in addition to electric windshield, double lens headlights, double airbag rear reduction, keyless start, backlight handle, temple flameout, TFT instrument, driving recorder and tire pressure monitoring, 4G OBD, smart watch key and vacuum spoke wheel are optional. In addition, the manufacturer also introduced the original modified parts such as Friedrich Hirth Travel Third Box, 39L Tail Box, Heated Handle, Heated Cushion, etc., which saved the trouble of users' modification.

Other driving configurations include a 17L fuel tank, Bosch dual-channel ABS and 15 front and 14 rear wheels.

Retro Cruise RA2 Belt Edition

In 2019, Sekelon RA2 was released for the first time, and in 2021, its ABS version was launched. This year, after listening to the voice of users, the manufacturer launched the belt version.

Compared with chain drive, belt drive has the advantages of being quieter, smoother and easier to maintain. RA2 adopts imported carbon fiber composite belt, and the manufacturer has also carried out 20,000 km road test and 4,000 km bench impact test for the belt, and the service life has been guaranteed. Of course, due to the cost of the belt, the price is naturally higher than other versions in 1000 yuan, while the original retro version and the urban version are still on sale at a price of 14,980 yuan.

Younger yuppie black and vibrant orange are also added in color matching, which is more suitable for young people.

Powered by a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 249.2mL, the maximum power is 14kw and the maximum torque is 18 N m..

Other configurations include LED instrument, 13L fuel tank, widened retro contrast cushion, rear airbag shock absorption and dual-channel ABS. In addition, the manufacturer also provides users with a wealth of original factory modified parts such as rear handrails, shelves, bumpers, side bags, side bag brackets and aluminum alloy parts.

Judging from the two products released this time, Seclon is deepening its market segmentation, and RT3S caters to users' power and configuration needs. The RA2 belt version further subdivides the personalized market of retro cruise category. We believe that in the future, Seclon will bring more good products to the market.

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