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Weilai et5 price and picture (Weilai et5 price and picture pink)

From the traditional internal combustion engine vehicle to electric vehicle, Weilai ET5 2022 75 kW hour has won the love of many fans. Today, we will take you to know about this new generation of electric luxury car.

Appearance: Weilai ET5 2022 75kW/h adopts streamlined design, which combines modern technology and aesthetic concepts to create a futuristic appearance. The front of the car adopts a unique U-shaped LED headlight with smooth lines and excellent visual effects. The body lines are tough and powerful, and the rear design is simple and bright, showing an elegant curve beauty. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the 75kW-hour vehicle of Weilai ET5 2022 are 4790x1960x1499mm, the wheelbase is 2888mm, the front tyre size is 245/45 R19, and the rear tyre size is 245/45 R19. The front brake type is ventilated disc type, and the rear brake type is ventilated disc type, and the drag coefficient of Weilai ET5 2022 75kW-hour vehicle is 0.22.

Interior: The 75kW-hour interior of Weilai ET5 2022 adopts advanced scientific and technological elements, including large-size instrument panel, central control screen, central control LCD screen and other intelligent configurations, as well as intelligent voice assistant. The seats in the car are made of high-grade leather and Sicily, Italy, which shows the texture and fashion of the products. In addition, the advanced high-efficiency particle blocking device-level air purification system is adopted in the car, which provides better protection for the interior environment.

In terms of power, the total power of the 75kW-hour motor of Weilai ET5 2022 is 360kW, and the total torque of the motor is 700 Nm. The 75kW-hour motor of Weilai ET5 2022 is matched with a set of lithium iron phosphate batteries with a battery capacity of 75kW-hour+ternary lithium batteries. The charging time is 0.6 hours, and the pure battery cruising range announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 560km. The official acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 4s. The 75kW-hour driving mode of Weilai ET5 2022 is dual-motor four-wheel drive, the front suspension is multi-link independent suspension, the rear suspension is multi-link independent suspension, the steering type is electric assist, and the car body structure is load-bearing car body. As for the charging interface, the 75kW-hour fast charging interface of Weilai ET5 2022 is located at the left fuel tank.

At present, the official guide price of Weilai ET5 2022 75kW hour is 328,000 yuan. Friends who are interested in this car, welcome to the physical store to make an appointment for a test drive.

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