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Soybean 3 wheelbase (soybean 3 wheelbase is large)

The original comparison of I have a car;Since the start of delivery this year, the market momentum of domestic Tesla Model 3 has remained high. Although it has been involved in the whirlpool of public opinion due to the price reduction turmoil, Model 3 has still sold over 10,000 vehicles per month in recent months, which is not far from the performance of BBA luxury brand medium-sized cars.

Considering that Model 3 is a medium-sized car with emphasis on driving orientation and its status as a high-tech luxury brand, if we want to list the competing products of Model 3 in the traditional fuel vehicle market, it is undoubtedly the BMW 3 Series, both of which are aimed at the young sports car market, and there is inevitably a game relationship between them.

◆ Model 30% driving machine, BMW 3 Series is more home.

As a pure electric vehicle that emphasizes sports, Model 3 is far superior to the same-priced models in acceleration performance. For example, its standard endurance rear-drive version and long endurance rear-drive version have a maximum power of 275 HP and a maximum torque of 404 Nm when equipped with a single motor, of which the longest endurance version accelerates 5.3 seconds per 100 kilometers and the standard endurance version is 5.6 seconds, which is completely the spike level compared with other luxury medium-sized cars.

The Model 3 high-performance four-wheel drive version is even more crazy. The maximum power of the whole vehicle under the support of dual motors is 462 HP, the maximum torque is 639 Nm, and the fastest acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.4 seconds. Even if it is taken to PK supercar, it is not at a disadvantage.

In terms of practical experience, from the moment you step on the switch of Model 3, its power will gush out, and the acceleration often behaves like nervousness. The over-sensitive switch pedal will not leave the driver with extra waiting time. If you encounter a driver who likes to drive fast again, most passengers are prone to discomfort.

In addition, Model 3 benefits from the low center of gravity design of the battery pack arrangement and the adjustment of the sports style of the front double wishbone and the rear multi-link independent suspension. The vehicle can give enough body support when cornering at high speed, showing a steady cornering posture. In addition, the steering style is also very sharp, and the tight and sensitive steering feel refers to where to play. Under such performance, it is not an exaggeration to call Model 3 a driving machine.

However, it is precisely because of this that the chassis style of Model 3 that pays too much attention to road feedback is also easy to cause discomfort. In addition, the sound insulation ability of the chassis is general, which fails to give the high texture that luxury medium-sized cars should have, and the overall NVH level is disappointing.

Compared with Model 3' s "boy" performance, BMW 3 Series has now turned into a family-friendly man. After the replacement, the car has reduced some pursuit of control, and the steering is relatively slow. At the same time, the front double-joint spring shock absorption strut front axle+rear multi-link independent suspension has also become more vague about road feedback, which in turn presents a sense of high-order isolation, and the whole has more mature charm.

Compared with the style difference of handling, the BMW 3 Series is really difficult to compare with the Model 3 in terms of performance. It is equipped with high/medium/low power versions of 2.0T engine +8AT gearbox, with the maximum power of 258 HP /184 HP /156 HP and the maximum torque of 400 Nm /300 Nm /250 Nm respectively.

In fact, the power level of BMW 3 Series is not weak in the same class. The fastest acceleration of 100 kilometers in 5.9 seconds is enough to illustrate its strength. In addition, the acceleration performance is smoother than that of Model 3 and the exhaust roar that stimulates adrenaline. It should be said that BMW 3 Series has a unique driving charm, which is also a mechanical experience that pure electric vehicles cannot give.


Thanks to the explosion of power performance and a relatively direct sense of control, Model 3 has become a "super-run" of 300,000 yuan, even in the face of such an old sports benchmark as BMW 3 Series. On the contrary, although the BMW 3 Series still presents excellent dynamic performance, the overall driving style has taken more account of the feelings of home users, so different product orientations are particularly important for dividing the audience groups of the two.

◆ Model 3 has more smart gameplay.

For Model 3 and even Tesla, the biggest selling point of its intelligence is undoubtedly the Autopilot assisted driving function, but this function is also divided into the basic version and the fully automatic driving version. The actual function of the former is only to assist steering, acceleration and braking, and the general adaptive cruise+lane keeping function is similar.

As for the fully automatic driving version, it includes automatic parallel/vertical parking, automatic lane change and overtaking on the expressway; Automatically drive into and out of the highway ramp or overpass fork. In addition, through intelligent calling, users can also drive the vehicle to a specific location through mobile phone operation, and the whole degree of intelligence and gameplay are obviously superior to other brands.

Of course, the price of this fully automatic driving version of the system is not cheap, and users need to spend an extra 64,000 yuan to get it. In addition, Tesla will also activate the in-car use function through OTA upgrade. For example, some time ago, the Model 3 standard battery life version opened the rear seat heating function, and the activation cost was 2,400 yuan, so the business model of realizing income generation with software functions once again showed Tesla's intelligent advantages.

Furthermore, Model 3 also integrates all the functions in the car into its 15-inch central control screen, and even cancels the dashboard design of traditional cars, and projects the speed display on the central control screen. However, the practice of relying on the big screen is not without hidden worries. Once the system is down, it will have a very negative impact on the car. There have been precedents before.

On the other hand, BMW 3 Series, as a representative of traditional brands, can't express intelligence without a large screen combination. The car is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, a 10.25-inch central control screen and a HUD head-up display to realize three-screen linkage. As for the central control screen, the seventh-generation BMW iDrive human-computer interaction system is built in. Users can realize multiple functions through voice input, such as "Hello BMW, I am tired", and the system will automatically adjust the ambient light, play dynamic music and increase the volume.

In addition, the BMW 3 Series has also prepared the mainstream L2-level driver assistance system. For example, the "Free Hands to Follow the Car at Low Speed" allows the driver to free his hands from the steering wheel when the road is clearly marked and the speed is lower than 60 km/h. As for its "Active Cruise Belt Speed Limit Recognition and Lane Keeping Assistance System", it can help the vehicle to automatically move in the given lane at the speed of 0~210km/h, but it still requires the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel to take over the vehicle at any time.

In addition, the BMW 3 Series also has the world's first application of "the auxiliary function of reversing the route automatically back to the distance of 50 meters", which can fully realize the reverse cloning operation of the previous 50-meter journey, which is convenient for drivers to take the vehicle out of a dead end, and it is not difficult to see the high intelligence of the BMW 3 Series.


In terms of vehicle intelligence, Model 3 is ahead of most models. Even luxury brands want to surpass it, at least they have to launch a new electronic architecture before they have a chance. However, this does not mean that the intelligent performance of traditional luxury cars is no longer applicable. The L2 intelligent driving assistance of BMW 3 Series and humanized cockpit human-computer interaction can also meet the needs of most people, which has also won valuable time for luxury brands to catch up with Tesla.

◆ BMW 3 Series is more in line with the needs of mainstream people.

Tesla has always been a subversive posture, from the pure electric drive mode to the design level. The minimalism it pursues has been further evolved on Model 3. The car doesn't have too many lines in the front face, unlike most Model S, it deliberately creates a sharp expression, but Model 3 continues the coupe design style on Model S, supplemented by the tail duckling tail shape, which shows the sporty style.

If the simple appearance is hard for you to accept, it will be even harder to get used to sitting in the car. In addition to a through wooden decorative board and a 15-inch floating central control screen, the center console of Model 3 has no physical buttons, and all functions are integrated into the big screen, which is easier for young people to adapt to, but it will undoubtedly increase the learning cost for more traditional users, which also limits the audience range of Model 3.

On the other hand, although the design evolution of BMW 3 Series is not as radical as that of Model 3, the former has attracted enough users, including the blackened grille, the sharp headlight design outlined by folding corners, the L-shaped flat taillights and the exhaust tailpipe with double sides, which always expresses the persistence of BMW 3 Series in sports design.

In addition, the BMW 3 Series features a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, a 10.25-inch central control screen and a three-screen combination of HUD head-up display in the compartment, in which the center console biased towards the driver and the "chicken leg bumper" also run through the movement of the BMW 3 Series in previous dynasties. In addition, the center console also retains physical buttons such as air conditioning settings and volume adjustment, which is more convenient for users to operate blindly, and the crowd application scope is obviously wider than that of Model 3.

In addition, the BMW 3 Series also hopes to meet the needs of more people in the seating space. Its long wheelbase version provides a wheelbase of 2961mm, and a user with a height of 1.75 meters can get leg space of nearly 3 punches when sitting in the back row. As for its measurements of 4,829 x 1,827 x 1,463 mm, it can also give a good performance of trunk space, and it is not a problem to put three suitcases of 28/24/20 inches together, which is highly practical.

In addition, if the requirements for the rear space are not high, you can also choose the BMW 3 Series short-axis version, which provides the measurements of 4719x1827x1459mm and the wheelbase of 2851 mm. The overall data is basically the same as that of Model 3, which can balance the handling and daily practicality.

In fact, at the moment when luxury medium-sized cars emphasize the long-wheelbase play, the 2875mm wheelbase of Model 3 is not prominent, and the user with a height of 1.76 meters only has one punch leg space when sitting in the back row, which does not show the large space performance that an electric car should have. In addition, the angle of the rear seat is relatively straight, which makes it easy to be tired for a long time. In addition, the car is equipped with a large-area panoramic canopy and no sunshade, especially when the sun is direct.

Model 3' s measurements are 4694x1850x1443mm, and three 28/24/20-inch suitcases can also be held in the trunk space and under the platform, which is the same as the BMW 3 Series long-axis version, but there is also a storage space under the front cover that can accommodate a single 20-inch suitcase, which is also the unique advantage of electric vehicles.

From the scope of application, the current pain point of pure electric vehicles lies in the cruising range and charging problem. For example, the NEDC cruising range of the most entry-level version of Model 3 is only 468 kilometers, which is already at a disadvantage compared with many high-end electric vehicles of independent brands. Fortunately, Model 3 has also prepared two long-life versions, with the cruising range of NEDC being 668 kilometers and 600 kilometers respectively, which can alleviate the battery life anxiety of users.

In addition, although Tesla provides a super charging station, which can charge about 250 kilometers of battery life in 15 minutes at the earliest, the problem is that the current super charging station is still not popular enough, and it is not available in many parts of China, so there are still many opportunities for traditional fuel vehicles. Moreover, the real fuel consumption of BMW 3 Series urban road conditions is only about 9 liters, and the fuel-saving skills are still satisfactory.


Model 3 is a subversive. Although the minimalist interior and exterior design can present a strong sense of science and technology, it is not friendly enough for relatively traditional users. In addition, considering that the charging convenience of electric vehicles is still not as good as that of traditional cars, it will inevitably limit the application scope of Model 3.

On the contrary, although the BMW 3 Series is relatively conservative in design, it is easier to get started in line with the mainstream aesthetics and various operating functions. In addition, the long wheelbase version has more spacious space than the Model 3, which really meets the needs of the mainstream people.

◆ You'd better wait if you want to buy edamame 3.

Since the official delivery this year, the domestic Model 3 has been adjusted several times. The latest one is the lithium-ion battery version of iron phosphate, which was launched on October 1, and the starting price after subsidy dropped to 249,900 yuan. In addition, the long-life rear-drive version was also lowered by 34,000 yuan to 309,900 yuan, which is undoubtedly a leek cut for the old users who started earlier, and it also has a serious negative impact on the value preservation rate of used cars.

More importantly, Tesla has always advertised its price transparency, but it is not uncommon to adopt an extremely mysterious price adjustment method. Even the user just picked up the car yesterday and suddenly reduced the price today, regardless of the user's feelings, not to mention the domestic Model 3. The workmanship is quite rough, including large sheet metal joints, abnormal noises in many places, and problems such as downtime of the on-board system and occasional failure of the automatic wiper. No wonder the owners of Model 3 are dubbed as "leeks" that have been cut.

It is worth mentioning that although the starting price of the current Model 3 subsidy is lower than that of other luxury medium-sized cars, with the improvement of localization rate, there is still a lot of room for price reduction in the future. Referring to the previous research report of domestic brokers, the lowest price of Model 3 may be as low as 200,000 yuan, and Tesla's charging facilities in China are not perfect, so it may be more appropriate to "wait" at this stage.

In contrast, the traditional luxury cars such as BMW 3 Series still have advantages, including stable value-keeping rate and working materials. For example, the five-year value-keeping rates of BMW 3 Series used cars are 75.32%, 68.27%, 59.97%, 53.69% and 47.64% respectively, which are relatively stable, and luxury brands have higher quality standards for working materials, which can give users higher protection. Therefore, we should start with it.


The arrival of domestic Model 3 has enabled users who have been waiting for a long time to realize their dreams. Therefore, even if the price reduction turmoil has failed to stop its hot sale this year, it can only be said that Tesla's audience is indeed huge, but rationally speaking, perhaps it is best for users to wait for a while and then start again. In this process, it may be a more reliable decision to look at the BMW 3 Series on the other side.

Summary of "I have a car":Entering the domestic market as a subversive, Model 3 will have a great impact on the market in terms of product experience and pricing strategy. However, in the process, Tesla's immature side is also obvious, and there is no guarantee for product workmanship or user interests.

On the other hand, although BMW 3 Series is not completely pure in driving as in the past, it is more humanized than Model 3 in terms of comfort and human-computer interaction, and it is more secure in terms of price system and workmanship quality. Obviously, BMW 3 Series has enough strength to compete with Model 3, and users can make more considerations."I have a car" has more original new car/price reduction market reports. Come and get the first-hand information about buying and using a car!

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