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What website to buy a second-hand pickup truck (which website to buy a second-hand pickup truck)

My hometown is near Daming Mountain in Hangzhou, and my parents can open a small grocery store in the scenic spot because of some relationships. The whole Daming Mountain has a good passenger flow, pleasant seasons and an outdoor ski resort that only makes snow in winter, so the overall revenue is not bad. It's just that Daming Mountain has a long way to go from telling the story, and it's not very convenient to transport goods. Although my father worked in Shanghai for a while, he learned his driver's license, but after he got home, he started to drive a broken moped. The weather in the mountains is changeable, and sometimes it's really unsafe to go to the expressway to pick up goods in a poncho when it's windy and rainy. Besides, my father is almost 60 and his health is not as strong as before, but they still want to earn more money so that they can give me more wives and books in the future. Of course, I can't ignore the elderly at all. In sum, since they want to continue to do this small business, I might as well buy them a pickup truck to deliver the goods. On the one hand, it is more convenient to have a car at home, on the other hand, it is safer. Demand pushed the action, and I immediately understood it, but it was a bit expensive to see the price of a new car. At this time, my dad consulted other people in the next scenic spot and recommended my melon seed used car platform. They bought it there, and they could pay in installments, and the down payment was very low, which was highly accepted by them. So I'm looking for it here in Shanghai, and I'm going to look for a weekend to go to the melon seeds used car store in YEATION.

I don't know if I don't know, the price of melon seeds used cars is really much cheaper. A Beiqi Warrior pickup truck with an original price of 118,000 only ran for more than 4,000 kilometers and then fell to 79,100. It really feels very cost-effective. So I immediately called the customer service and asked them to help me make an appointment to go to the store. The offline sales of melon seeds used car in YEATION store received us warmly and showed us the car. Because the mileage was short, it felt like a new car. At the same time, melon seeds also gave me a detailed introduction to 259 professional tests. This is actually what I value. The depth of the used car market, accident cars, soaking cars, etc. are not distinguishable by ordinary people, which is why third-party platforms need to exist. From the report, I think it's reasonable to have only a small scratch. Anyway, it's not the accident car I was worried about at first that caused it to run for thousands of kilometers and sell it.

At the same time, I met the owner of the car. It turned out that the owner was about to go abroad, and he was also doing some trade and freight business, so he was so eager to sell the new car. We had a pleasant chat, and at the same time, we saw so many guarantees of melon seeds and the service attitude of the on-site personnel, and immediately decided to buy it at their home. Then the sales of melon seeds used car in YEATION store recommended me a financial plan, and the down payment was basically only 20,000 yuan, which also relieved a lot of pressure for me.

Up to now, I have completed the transfer formalities through the melon seeds used car and delivered the car to my father. This pickup truck has enough power, and it is much better than the original moped when walking on the mountain road. After having a car, my dad said that there can be more categories of goods. For example, more rain boots and hats are sold in winter, and the turnover of the whole store has also improved a lot. Thanks to the company and intermediary of the melon seeds used car, I can solve this problem so quickly. I hope my parents can be safe and happy to run the store!

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