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Seclon re3 Maintenance Fee-(Seclon re3 Maintenance Cycle)

Since the domestic version of Honda CB400X appeared, the domestic motorcycle market has started to make a mess. The official price of Honda CB400F is 37,000 yuan, which really affects many domestic models of the same class. However, with the development of scientific and technological strength, domestic motorcycles are not like those in previous years, and now their comprehensive strength is also greatly improved.

Among the domestic 400-class models, there are also many domestic cars with very good performance. Today, we will talk about the free version of the cafe "Pure British Retro" of Zongshen, a domestic veteran locomotive manufacturer. The official price is 29,800 yuan.

If Honda had put 37,000 yuan CB400F into China a few years ago, it might have got good market feedback. However, with the improvement of domestic scientific and technological strength and the rise of domestic models, the advantages that Honda originally had are not so obvious now. In addition, domestic riders have higher and higher requirements for vehicle styles, and models with unique styles and designs are more attractive. Zongshen Sai Kelon, a racing cafe-style RE3, I think it can just make up the domestic demand in the market.

In terms of appearance, Sekelon RE3 advocates British retro, and incorporates fashion trends. Whether it is headlights, fuel tanks and car seats, it makes this car look very outstanding.

Retro is not a "full" retro. The body configuration of Sekelon RE3 also adopts many modern designs. For example, the front LED headlights use retro round lights, but the internal light group has five LED lights with lenses in addition to LED strips, and they form an "X", which is full of scientific sense after lighting.

The instrument also retains the classic mechanical pointer. In order to enrich the display function, it is equipped with a liquid crystal instrument with good recognition. Not only that, there is a small windshield in the front of the instrument, which is full of decoration, and the official modification of this car is also under development, which is quite intimate.

In the power part, Zongshen Sai Kelon upgraded the 2021 RE3 free version, and the engine power performance was greatly improved. The old RE3 is a 380cc water-cooled 8-valve SOHC asynchronous two-cylinder engine with 27kW power and 35N.m torque. The displacement of the engine of the new RE3 has been upgraded to 401cc, which really reaches the level of 400.

The EFI fuel supply system has also been changed from Delphi to Bosch, and the throttle feedback is more sensitive. At the same time, the maximum power of 31.5kW can be exploded at 9500 rpm, and the maximum torque of 34N.m can be exploded at 8000 rpm. Dynamic training is more inclined to middle-high turn. Not only that, with the addition of FCC sliding clutch, the clutch feels much lighter and there is almost no sense of shifting frustration.

The price of Sekelon RE3 Free Edition is 29,800 yuan, compared with the official price of 37,000 yuan of Honda's 400F, the difference is 7,200 yuan, and the price of RE3 is superior. Moreover, at present, the reputation of Honda CB400F is relatively general, and the power has also been castrated. Many body parts are common with Honda CB190R, and I feel that my sincerity is insufficient. At the same time, there are still some gaps in workmanship standards compared with the original imported Honda.

In terms of configuration, if we compare Honda CB400F with the free version of Seclon RE3, I personally think that Honda's configuration is still lower. In braking, the four-piston calipers with opposite front wheels are equipped with a single brake disc, and the single-piston calipers with rear wheels are equipped with a single disc. At the same time, Bosch ABS system is standard. In addition, Sekelon RE3 also has the third generation intelligent OBD system, which can realize the functions of vehicle anti-theft, location tracking, status monitoring, social sharing and so on, and can view the real-time location and information of vehicles through the mobile APP.

From another perspective, Honda CB400F's style is more retro, and its design style is more traditional. In recent years, it feels that its mind is insufficient. On the contrary, Sekelon's RE3 positioning is pure British retro, relatively more personality, handsome, more room for modification, and more excellent playfulness performance.

As a "veteran" motorcycle manufacturer in China, Zongshen's engine technology is quite good. At the same time, Zongshen's store service network is more common than Honda's, and later maintenance, maintenance and wearing parts replacement will be economical and convenient.

Finally, do you have anything to say about the personalized and Cafe Racer retro RE3 made in China? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss with domestic riders!

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