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How about Seclon ra2 (Top Ten Motorcycles Not Recommended to Start)

Sekelon's RA2 has been riding in my hands for nearly 5,000 kilometers, and bought a used car. No, it's four hands in my hands. At present, the overall car is not bad, and there is no problem. Suitable for short-distance cycling, such as commuting in the city and playing in the surrounding suburbs. Riding for more than 100 kilometers is ok, but it will be very tiring for more than 200 kilometers, especially for the buttocks and hands. The buttocks are hard to cushion, and the shock absorption is also hard, and the hands are very vibrating.

The appearance of the car is ok, short and pithy.

The biggest disadvantage of this car: First, it vibrates greatly. When you touch the rearview mirror, the watch starts to vibrate at 70 yards, and the rearview mirror begins to blur. The more it vibrates, the more you can't stand it at 100 yards, especially at the hands and pedals. Second, the gear shift is crude, and it is difficult to shift gears in neutral. It will be flexible to shift gears when moving, but not flexible. Compared with Qianjiang Flash 300, Honda CM300 and Honda cbf125 that I have ridden, the gap is obvious, even those of Xiangshuai 500 small factory are better than it. I can hardly find a neutral position when I stop, so I can easily find some when I warm up or move. Compared with dim headlights and mud throwing, these two shortcomings basically cannot be improved. Personal opinion.

From the back, it's not bad. little ass, who is sexy and prominent, is well wrapped and has a wide rear wheel.

Looking at the car from the front, it is slightly thin, mainly because the engine is not full enough, and it doesn't look good like a dent. Who is a single-cylinder machine? Some people may say that the front tire is too narrow. The key is that it is not harmonious to match this car with a wide tire. The car is light.

The average fuel consumption is about 2.2. I think many people's fuel consumption is about 2.8. Maybe I ride a Buddhist bike and have no skills. In the picture, it was a few times high, because I was running on a mountain road. On another occasion, I changed the oil and added one liter, which made the engine sound dull, and the fuel consumption increased by about 0.2. When I let some go behind, the fuel consumption dropped, so adding 0.9 liter was recommended.

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