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Test drive friends circle copy (how to send friends circle for test drive)

I like a passage recently. Although many cars haven't been on the door, they have been run with license plates for countless times and have been tested for countless times. There is never a shortage of people who test-drive cars in this era. What is lacking is people who are willing to pay the bill after the real test drive, you know? I'm not talking about the car! Nowadays, the society is very impetuous and sad, so don't be too persistent in everything, especially the emotional men and women. The more serious you are, the more hurt you are. Let nature take its course and go with it! The present era is not the previous era, and it is normal to have relationships with men and women! If my favorite woman has sex with someone else, it means she doesn't love me! I will give up,,,, if I have sex before I know her, if she loves me, she will tolerate her past and I will accept it! In fact, there is nothing to think about. If she doesn't know that you like her, it's your secret love! If she knows, it's that she thinks you are similar to others. If you two have just made it clear, then be glad of yourself! You dodged a man who would harm you for life! Happiness may be to let you know how to let go, love her and set her free! By your side, you will encounter various problems with the daily necessities, vinegar and tea in your life in the future, and you may erase your initial love for her. You are very bitter! Take time to dilute yourself, but you will know better and cherish another person who loves you!

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