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How high can Secco rx401 sit at the bottom-(how high can Secco rx1s sit)

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On April 26th, Seclon Motorcycle announced that the travel version of Seclon RX401 was listed with a guide price of 28,999 yuan. The pricing of Kelon RX401 Ultimate Edition and Zhizun Edition has been reduced.

Seclon RX401 Travel Edition

Provide 5 body color schemes.

Seclon RX401 series is positioned as adverb motorcycle. The version of Kelon RX401 series is on sale. The newly listed travel version is equipped with lightweight aluminum alloy rims and three aluminum alloy storage boxes as standard. There are 5 body colors to choose from, among which Tibetan Blue and Snow White are new colors.

Dual-channel ABS, adjustable windshield and LED light source are standard.

In terms of power, Sykelon RX401 Travel Edition is equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with an engine displacement of 401 ml, a maximum power of 33 kW and a maximum torque of 37 Nm. The transmission system matches the international 6-speed gearbox with a maximum speed of 139 km/h. In addition, Sekelon RX401 Travel Edition has a minimum ground clearance of 190 mm, a sitting height of 815 mm and a fuel tank volume of 20.5 liters.

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