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Seclon rt3 HD picture (Seclon rt3c picture)

In China, scooter is no longer a simple means of transportation. With the improvement of its performance and function, more and more fans regard it as the first choice for recreational vehicles. The emergence of Seclon RT3 will change the current situation that the R&D and production capacity of large scooters in China can't keep up with the market demand, and fans have too little choice. Since the establishment of the RT3 R&D department in May 2016, after nearly two years of cooperation between Chinese and foreign teams, this scooter, which embodies the latest technology of Seclon and has advantages in appearance, configuration, workmanship and performance, will finally officially meet with you. A few days ago, the exhibition car of Sekelon RT3 production version arrived in Beijing, and we also brought you a fresh unpacking report.

The black and white brothers of Seclon RT3 who arrived in Beijing this time finally showed their true colors. Let's take a look at what RT3 has become today.

RT3 can bring full pride to drivers in design and configuration. All-LED headlights with sharp and cool shapes, all-LED shaped taillights echoing the headlights, folding large rearview mirrors with automobile design concepts, exquisite workmanship and smooth lines from details to the whole all have strong "eye-catching".

In terms of power, RT3 is equipped with imported 250mL water-cooled four-valve engine and Delphi EFI system, with the maximum power of 17.5kW and the maximum torque of 22.5N?m, and its power performance is among the best in the same displacement model, without losing 300mL.

The headlight design based on bionics is like a pair of bright eyes, sharp and stylish, with built-in daytime running lights.

The front windshield adopts the design that the left and right sides are inward and outward, which minimizes the riding wind resistance. Just from the shape of the windshield, it feels that the windshield effect should not be weak, and the rearview mirror can be folded.

The brand of tire is Kenda Tire, with the former 120/70-R15 and the latter 140/60-R14. The front and rear disc brakes are equipped with double piston calipers, and Bosch ABS is standard. The front wheel is a floating disc. The front damping is the front fork of hydraulic sleeve, with a stroke of 100mm, and the hydraulic sleeve has double rear damping, with a stroke of 78mm, and the rear damping can be adjusted in multiple sections.

Intelligent key is also from South Korea from the packaging sticker. It has a built-in sensor chip, which can start the vehicle with one button. From left to right, the above picture shows a fuel tank cover that can be opened with one key, a small storage space with a lock, and a spare cushion to open the drawstring. On the far right is a large storage space with two built-in USB charging interfaces to ensure the power supply during the trip.

The instrument display screen of large LCD panel cooperates with the traditional pointer speedometer to provide comprehensive and intuitive information display.

The driving space of RT3 is very ample, and the wide high and low cushions are moderate in hardness and good in texture, which makes drivers feel like sitting on the sofa. The seating space of the rear passenger is also generous and comfortable, and the handrails on both sides have an excellent grip. The seat cushion can be opened with one button, equipped with a bucket lighting lamp and a hydraulic ejector pin, and a full helmet can be placed in the bucket.

The minimum ground clearance of 150mm ensures a certain passability; With flameout function of temple.

It is reported that Seclon RT3 will launch a test drive at this weekend's Beijing Motorcycle Weekend Carnival, and new cars such as RX3S and RX4 will also provide test drives. RX3S has been sold in small quantities some time ago, and RT3 may take action in the near future. Spring blossoms, driving this excellent pedal and traveling freely, isn't it beautiful! We will do the evaluation of this vehicle in the next issue, so please continue to pay attention to Motorcycle magazine. If there is anything else you want to know about this vehicle, please feel free to ask questions in the message area below.


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