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Top ten pictures of American full-size sport utility vehicles (American full-size sport utility vehicle sales ranking)

Hello, everyone! I'm Mogo

There are several interesting models in the new car announcement just released yesterday.

Today, we will take a look with you at the attractive part of the latest models in March.

Domestic redwood

Haval new H5

Two years ago, a big SUV was popular.

The most typical ones are Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Saboban, and the advanced one is Lincoln Navigator.

These big guys have a separate category in the American market-full-size off-road vehicles.

The most typical application environment should be around the president of the United States. The huge dark car body is full of agents wearing black sunglasses and black suits.

But these behemoths all have a pickup brother.

For example, Toyota Road for Sequoia, Sorod for Chevrolet Saboban. Lincoln, who no longer has a pickup truck, is actually on the same platform as Ford's F150, and Ford also has a corresponding model-Expedition.

Now, Harvard has also launched a similar product.

While boarding the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Harvard officials also announced the naming of this car and some official maps for the first time.

The new car was named Haval H5 instead of adopting a novel name.

In size, it is really a monster.

The length of the car reached 5190mm and the wheelbase reached 3140 mm.

The wheelbase is already larger than that of the navigator, and the length is slightly smaller.

Naming may confuse some netizens. Why is this big guy much bigger than H6 called H5?

This should be a tribute to the old H5. H5 in those days was an upgraded product of Haval CUV, which was the favorite of various contractors.

It is not difficult to see from the name that the positioning of this car is not an SUV with a larger size and a comfortable and luxurious orientation.

It is an SUV that is biased towards tool attributes. Like those overseas full-size SUVs, it also comes from a pickup platform with girders.

So its price should not be very expensive, it is said to be within 200 thousand.

Of course, the interior does not require too much configuration, nor does it require too high a sense of atmosphere.

According to the spy photos of the interior at present, it is exactly the same as the King Kong cannon. However, just like Ford Expedition has a luxury version of Lincoln Navigator, it may add a lot of luxury configurations on this basis in the future and build a luxury version under the tank brand.

Jingangpao interior

In terms of power, this car is equipped with 2.0T gasoline or 2.0T diesel engine.

The gasoline engine has 197 horsepower and 224 horsepower, while the diesel engine has 167 horsepower. Want the 3.0T V6 of Tank 500? Let's see if the Great Wall has a luxury version of the idea.

ET5 hunting car

This may be a big surprise that Weilai brings to niche car enthusiasts. We wrote an article before, and mentioned that there is only one Roewe Ei5 left in our own brand station wagon. This time, finally, some manufacturers are willing to launch new station wagon products. According to the grapevine, this new car of Weilai will be named ET5 Hunting Car.

What is a hunting car? Hunting car is actually a small branch of station wagon.

Station wagons are generally based on four-door cars.

Expanding the space above the trunk, the luggage space is large and the driving texture of the car is retained, so it has been very popular in Europe. The lines of station wagons are also very beautiful, so a unique station wagon culture has been formed, which has many fans in China.

The basis of hunting car is generally a sports car.

Traditional hunting cars are generally built on the basis of sports cars, and even have to be two GT. The shape is more beautiful and elegant than the station wagon. Tracing back to the source, it is a derivative of the hunting culture of European aristocrats. The sports car is a niche toy, and the hunting car has become a niche among the niche.

However, the definition of hunting car was greatly expanded by car companies.

Mercedes-Benz has expanded the foundation of hunting car from two-door sports car to four-door coupe through the hunting version of CLS and CLA. So nowadays, most of the models called hunting cars are mostly four-door, such as Porsche's Panamera hunting car.

In the products of new forces, the boundary between cars and coupes has long been blurred, so it is not deviant to call the travel version of ET5 a hunting car. The previous Krypton 001 was also similar to the shape of a hunting car, but it was not pure enough:

According to the fundamentalism of station wagon/hunting car, these cars must have a normal basic model.

Unfortunately, the side of the car is not fully shown in the announcement. There were only a few vague spy photos and thick camouflage before. However, the works of SugarDesign, a well-known automobile PS god in Weibo, are very close to the real car.

It can be seen that the overall shape of the first half of ET5 hunting car has not changed much. The slip angle of the back half is not small, which is between the hatchback and the station wagon. The shape of this big hatchback is more like Porsche's Panamera Turismo than several Mercedes-Benz hunting cars.

In terms of size,

The ET5 hunting version is 4790/1960/1499mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2888mm, which is no different from the sedan version.

In terms of power, it is still the same dual-motor four-wheel drive system as the sedan version, with a comprehensive power of 490 HP. It is still a rechargeable battery, which can be equipped with 75kWh and 100kWh battery packs.

In terms of space,

The shape of the hunting car will solve a very big shortcoming of ET5 at present: the head space in the back row.

This may also be a big incentive for Weilai to build ET5 hunting edition.

Obviously, the interior of this car won't change much. Weilai's grasp of the overall atmosphere of the interior is also trustworthy.

Having more beautiful body lines can also greatly improve the space. If the price of ET5 hunting edition is not significantly higher than that of sedan edition, it is still very attractive.

Nezha GT

This is not the first time that a Nezha sports car has made its debut.

As early as December, this car was exposed in the new car announcement.

At that time, according to the tail tag, it will be named Nezha E with high probability. At that time, Nezha's boss also published some official maps and basic information of this car in Weibo. According to Nezha at that time, this car will be sold in the first half of 2023.

The Nezha sports car that is now on the declaration map again looks more exquisite than it did a few months ago.

According to the tail mark, the official name after listing is likely to become Nezha GT.

Today, when the letter GT is abused by domestic car companies,

Nezha GT is quite in line with the original definition of GT: two doors and four seats, and the rear motor is also a rear drive, which looks like a front sports car.

To be fair, this car has a high degree of overall modeling completion, which is regarded as a high-value file among a number of domestic sports cars. If there is any room for improvement, it may be that some details are still complicated and there is room for simplification.

This year is also the year of recovery of China sports cars, and many brands will launch sports cars powered by new energy.

At the high end, there are BYD U9, which is definitely priced at 7 figures, and Cyberster, a MG MG, which is closer to the people. More and more young people who need individuality can also include China brand sports cars in their wish list.

Among them, the hard-top GT-shaped Nezha GT also has a chance.

Many people may not be optimistic about this car and think it doesn't match the brand value of Nezha. But at least it gives young people a chance to yearn for running. In fact, it is easy to remind people of Geely Beauty Leopard and China Coolpad in the past. Many people don't understand it, but it also makes many young people realize their dream of a sports car.

The brand of Nezha itself is a bit reminiscent of Geely in the past.

I have a little feeling that Geely was rooted in the grassroots and then worked hard. Although the products didn't make people feel amazing before, you can also feel the team's intention to make a car by deeply experiencing their products.

Tucki G6

Tucki's brand-new SUV, which was exposed by many spy photos some time ago, also appeared in the announcement. Judging from the photos, the new car may be named Tucki G6.

Recently, the days in Tucki are not very good, and the sales volume is getting weaker, especially the reputation of the replacement models is not satisfactory. In Wei Xiaoli, I gradually fell behind, and most of the voices on the Internet were not optimistic. The main reason behind this is the product.

It's not that Tucki's products are not good, on the contrary, the quality of Tucki G9 makes people feel particularly amazing.

The improvement of Tucki P7i is also sincere. Tucki is not an enterprising enterprise. It is innovative in many technologies, and it is a leader in autonomous driving.

But Tucki's car just doesn't sell.

Investigate its reason, or several products of Tucki since P7, the product definition is a little partial, and the excellent points are a little niche. For example, the latest Tucki G6 is also a car that has a lot to talk about, but lacks some fire features.

This car is a slip-back SUV, and even has a sporty look. The front face design is more murderous on the basis of the Tucki family design. The side and tail shapes are very round, and there is an electric tail at the rear window. All these make this car out of place in a square new energy daddy car.

So this is a good car? From the product point of view, it is very likely.

The adjustment of Tucki G9 makes people have extra confidence in this brand, and Tucki, one of Wei Xiaoli, also has the strength to build a qualified product.

But from a market perspective?

Be cautious. Just like Tucki's upcoming MPV, there are many unconventional designs.

Write it at the end

What are the characteristics of these eye-catching cars? They are all independent brands.

Once upon a time, China brands could only make those cheap cars, and the market's individual brilliance belonged to foreign brands. But today, it is our own brand that can surprise us.

At the same time, the joint venture brand in the new car announcement has become more and more boring, and the models are also lacking.

We can feel the pressure brought by our own brands, no longer. Toyota, for example, declared a large number of modified hybrid models this month, and they are finally willing to lay out some new 2.0L hybrid systems to those entry-level cars.

Although from the perspective of sales, it is hard to say that the auto market has been turned upside down. But at least, joint venture brands are in a hurry.

It's not earth-shaking, and it's already a storm coming.

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