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Dodge srt Hellcat Logo (Dodge Hellcat Logo)

Of course, you can spend less than $30,000 on the absolute basic challenger and get an interesting retro muscle car with rear wheel drive. Even if the hood is only a V6 with 305 horsepower, you can still think that this is a good choice.

But dodge is certainly more than that. Challenger's nameplate has existed since 1970, but it has been retired for a period of time and resumed its development in the late 2000s, because Detroit's three major automakers competed with a new generation of cars, including Ford Mustang and Chevrolet camaro. An earlier era.

Dodge has no less than nine challengers' level and performance packages, among which the red-eye wide body of SRT Hellcat, which costs $92,245, is the top cat-red eyes. In 2020, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat wore a red-eyed wide body with a "Sinamont Stick" paint job.

This car is aggressive in style without hesitation, and may be more aggressive than the currently updated muscle and pony car. The starting price is $58,995 before many options are available.

So why is it a "wide body"? Well, the overall width of this Challenger has been increased by 3.5 inches, while the wider fender can accommodate 20-inch by 11-inch tires, and Pirelli P-Zero tires are used.

The 20-inch wheels are made of "Carbon Black" aluminum.

Braking force is provided by Brembo brake.

Challenger SRT hellcat red eye widebody looks eye-catching and does a great job.

Directly aroused the challenger's legacy for 50 years now. "SRT" stands for "street and racing technology", that is, the performance department of the brand.

A pair of roaring hood shovels almost made me ignore the black racing belt.

The challenger's journey is daunting. It announces itself.

High-intensity headlights are very effective in late-night driving, but the appearance is not complicated.

The initial aerodynamic elements initially worried me that getting in and out of the driveway would be tricky, but usually there was enough clearance.

Backward, the challenger has a spoiler. To be honest, this is a gentle destroyer.

Like the front end, it may have been like this as early as the 1970s.

The SRT badge is also displayed here.

The taillight has nothing to do with the headlight, but it is consistent with the challenger's atmosphere: it does not try to be as seamless and integrated as the contemporary two doors.

If you watch carefully, you will see that the symbol of Hellcat turns into red eyes.

The luggage is spacious: just over 16 cubic feet.

Shopping could have accommodated more groceries.

Now is the critical moment! Let's open the hood and take a closer look at the monster engine.

The 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 has a power of 797 HP and a torque of 707 lb-ft.

This is an engineering sculpture. The name Hemi comes from the hemispherical combustion chamber.

Check out a large number of air inlets!

How about that heavy green supercharger belt?

Through the eight-speed "TorqueFlight" automatic transmission, amazing power is transmitted.

The fuel tank cap brought the price of gasoline back to the retrospective period. But these days, you will pay the price for the challenger's 13 mpg/21 highway/15 mixed fuel economy.

Let's sneak in and see what looks like a boring all-black interior at first.

Not only that. And it will cost you thousands of dollars. We have carbon fiber and suede, an 18-speaker advanced Harman-Kardon sound system with a subwoofer in the trunk, and Laguna leather packaging with SRT logo on the seat.

There is even enough legroom in the back. But the real story is the seat itself. They are so comfortable. As soft as a sofa. At the front, they are also heated and cooled.

The multi-function steering wheel has also won some SRT brands.

If you want to flick the gear, you can use the paddle switch in manual mode.

The 8.4-inch infotainment touch screen is equipped with Dodge's underestimated Uconnect system, and we found that the system is excellent on the whole.

GPS navigation is very effective, Bluetooth pairing is very convenient, and the device has USB connection.

However, the really interesting thing is hidden in the SRT panel, which shows all the performance advantages of Challenger, from the thread lock used for cooking tire pre-drag race to the start control function, so that you will not rotate the dashboard when trying to drive at a speed of 0-60 mph.

So what's the verdict?

The 2020 Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye Widebody is a V8 big coupe that I may choose for low-key cruising, because of its pleasant exhaust sound and super comfortable seats.

It's a contradiction, don't you think? However, if you think about it again, that's what Americans think of performance machines: reclining shape, couch comfort, powerful horsepower, a set of rear wheels that don't want to stay on the sidewalk, and advanced technology to control everything.

The list price of turning Hellcat into SRT Redeye Widebody Hellcat has increased by $17,600, and it has brought everything from the engine cooler to the special speedometer, which has been running at 220 mph. The car is aimed at specialized horsepower enthusiasts, who may move in a straight line from time to time, but they may also want to turn.

In this respect, this challenger is … very good and challenging. In "Track" mode, you must start control, or you will lose back-end control immediately. Just like Corvette ZR1 with 755 horsepower, you instinctively hit back at your ambition, and eventually weakened a lot of horsepower. It doesn't matter, because you can tumble from the tachometer and listen to the supercharger spool again and again, which will bring a lot of fun. The sweet symphony of the large Hemi is still very special in the automobile industry.

I've driven the muscular Mustang and Camaro, which are natural competitors of Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye Widebody, and like other Dodge, I found that Challenger is a very self-centered animal. This is the most annoying thing in the group, but it has done a good job on the premise of keeping its technology without destroying it.

In other words, it will not harm life in the 21st century. In addition, turn these compromises into innovative solutions: anger can be controlled most of the time.

That's very unique and an obvious selling point. Therefore, if you are looking for an evolutionary dinosaur market, the Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye Widebody may be your beast.

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