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Which models of new energy vehicles with Shanghai license (which models of new energy vehicles with Shanghai license)

The "most lively" 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show in history is coming to an end. In this auto show, there are a wide variety of new energy vehicles, some of which are very expensive. Let's take a look at these new energy vehicles that are "affordable" but "affordable".

The first paragraph: Rolls-Royce sharping

At this auto show, Rolls-Royce's first mass-produced pure electric vehicle "sharping" made its debut in China. The new car was positioned as a two-door four-seat coupe. Although CLTC has a cruising range of only 585 kilometers, its starting price is as high as 5.75 million yuan, making it the most expensive new energy vehicle on sale at present.

Paragraph 2: Looking up at U8

On the opening day of the auto show, BYD's high-end off-road vehicle looked forward to the official sale of U8, with a pre-sale price of 1.098 million yuan. The new car is positioned as a large-scale extended-range SUV, and its power is driven by four motors independently. The combined maximum output power of the motors is as high as 1,197 HP, and the peak torque is 1,280 Nm. It only takes 3.6s to accelerate for 100 kilometers, and the CLTC pure electric cruising range is 180 kilometers.

Section 3: Looking up at U9

In addition to looking up to U8, looking up to the brand also brings looking up to U9 pure electric supercar. Although the car has not been officially launched, it is certain that its price will reach one million, and it is expected to be officially listed this year. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with easy square platform technology and Yunqi body control system, which can realize in-situ bounce and three-wheeled driving, and the acceleration time of 000 kilometers enters the 2-second club.

These are the three most expensive new energy vehicles at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. Can you afford them?

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