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What is the price of Benagli 150 (what is the price of Benagli 150)

At the beginning of March, everything is renewed, and it is the cycling season of the year. At present, the relevant models of Benagli, which has the most complete car series in China, have updated the price of the fourth edition of the country again, but there is a discount in the last month. If you are interested, you can go to the store of Jurum Doctor in Qiangdong for details.

Benelli 752S

Standard edition 47800 yuan

High version 53800 yuan

Benelli Huanglong BN600 ABS Edition

47,600 yuan

Benelli Huanglong BJ600GS-A (cruise version)

59,800 yuan

Benelli Lanbaolong 302 second ABS model

29,800 yuan

Benelli 502C

Standard edition: 39,800 yuan

High version: 44,800 yuan (KYB damping Brannbo disc brake)

Benelli Leonchino cubs 500

38,800 yuan

Benelli cub 500 Leon Sinoe Trail ABS

43,800 yuan

Benelli jinpeng TRK502

37,800 yuan

Benelli TRK502X (spoke wheel vacuum tire ABS)

42,800 yuan

Benelli Xiao Huanglong 250 comes standard with anti-lock braking device.

18,800 yuan, 19,200 yuan (color matching of green and yellow)

Benelli jinpeng TRK251

19,800 yuan

Benelli lion cub Leonino 250 comes standard with anti-lock braking device.

19,900 yuan

Benelli Imperial Empire 400

23,800 yuan

Benelli little Tyrannosaurus TNT125 mini

10,800 yuan, 11,200 yuan (bright green color matching)

Benelli Hongbaolong TNT150 CBS Edition

10800 yuan

Benelli Little Xunlong CBS Short Tail Edition in 1950s.

11980 yuan

In addition, the sports car model 302R, the sports curved beam RFS150i and the pedal silver blade 250ABS have not appeared in the sale catalogue at present.

That's all. Here are the brand-new models. What are you interested in? What are the slots? Leave a comment ~

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