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Maibakh car price and picture GLS480 (Maibakh car price and picture gls480 interior picture)

Hello, everyone, the old driver of the car inspector is meeting you again! I'm Pudding, a used car inspector, and I have no other obvious advantages except good detection skills and good looks. Welcome to watch this interesting story about used car inspection. Today, we will bring you a super luxury large SUV-Mercedes-Benz Maibakh GLS.

I believe the words Mercedes-Benz Maibakh are familiar to everyone, right? Mercedes-Benz is already a luxury brand, and it is also the number one luxury brand in the first line, and Maibakh is a high-end sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. Then add it up and say that Maibakh is a super luxury brand, right? However, in the past, there were only S-class cars in Maibakh. When did Mercedes-Benz GLS, a large sport utility vehicle, also have Maibakh?

In fact, this car was just listed two years ago. At that time, it was called a fire. The lowest GLS480 was priced at more than 1.8 million, and the price of the GLS600 was more than 3 million, and the price of the car was more than 1 million. The landing price directly came to more than 4 million, which was more expensive than Bentley! However, after two years of market precipitation, the price of GLS480 is no longer increased, and there is even a small discount. GLS600 only needs to increase the price by 300,000 to 400,000. Wait, why did I just say that? 300,000 to 400,000 new cars are already the ceilings of ordinary people.

But for today's big brother, hundreds of thousands are just sprinkling water. Then why did he buy a used car this time? Because Mercedes-Benz Maibakh S480 needs to wait for several months to pick up the new car, the boss doesn't want to wait for the bus, and feels trouble, so he plans to buy a quasi-new car in good condition. Then when he was watching the live broadcast of a short video Taiping, he happened to find a car dealer selling the 2021 GLS480, so he chatted with the other party, and the chat was not bad. The seller said that the car condition was absolutely new, and the mileage was small, which was no different from the new car.

The seller's location is not far from the customer's big brother, so he is ready to go and have a look. But he doesn't know much about cars, and the price is not cheap. He still has to buy a car of nearly 2 million yuan, so he entrusted me to help him check. The most important thing is that I am a stranger in the past, and I have an industry expert with me. He feels at ease. Let's take a look at today's protagonist.

Model year: 2021 Mercedes-Benz Maibakh GLS 480 4MATIC

Date of manufacture: November 2020

Time of licensing: June 2021

Apparent mileage: 03,000 kilometers

Number of transfers: 0

Guide price of new car: 1.833 million.

Seller's quotation: 1.78 million

This car is a one-handed one, and it has only driven 3 thousand kilometers, which is quite new. This kind of car does not need to consider the state of the car itself, and basically only needs to pay attention to whether there are accident blisters.

However, just in case, let's start with the exterior paint and test it around the whole car. We found that sure enough, the whole car is the original paint.

Moreover, there is no abnormality in the production date of the car glass of the whole car, which is before the car leaves the factory, and the suspicion of a major accident in the car can be basically ruled out. Let's take a look at the situation inside the cabin.

This Mercedes-Benz Maibakh GLS480 is equipped with a 3.0T engine, with a maximum horsepower of 367 and a maximum torque of 500N·m, matched with a 9AT gearbox, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 6.6 seconds. This power is still very good, and it can be compared with many small steel guns. But I still think it's better to put the V12 into Maibakh GLS!

In the engine room, the fixing screw of the engine cover was checked, and there was no trace of disassembly and screwing.

The front water tank frames on both sides are fixed without any traces of disassembly and twisting, and there is no abnormality.

Moreover, the headlights on both sides have no traces of disassembly and twisting, and the production dates of the headlights are all before leaving the factory, and there is no abnormality, which can further prove that there is no major accident in the vehicle.

Next, the engine heart is tested, and it can be seen that there are no traces of oil leakage, disassembly and repair in all parts. This car has only been driven for 3 thousand kilometers, and I don't know if it has been guaranteed for the first time. However, the car has been licensed for more than a year, and it should be the first insurance. After all, the maintenance of more than 2 million luxury cars should still be in place.

When you open the engine oil filler, you can see that the oil-water state is normal. Because it is a quasi-new car, and the price of the car is too high, it is not easy to disassemble other people's things to detect the oil-water situation, so you can only have a general look. Let's take a look at the interior.

As a high-end top brand owned by Mercedes-Benz, it is needless to say that the interior materials of this GLS in Maibakh are absolutely top-grade materials, and the interior is originally the specialty of Mercedes-Benz, and it smells extremely luxurious when you sit in.

And at present, there is almost no wear and tear in the interior, and there is no trace of wear and wrinkle in the seat. The car is really well protected, just a film apart from the new car.

Then check that there are no traces of disassembly, twisting, rust, etc. on the steering seat frame, the car fuse box, the cigarette lighter and the instrument panel frame, so that the suspicion of soaking water in the interior can be ruled out.

Mercedes-Benz generally reads the electronic ignition lock very accurately, so after reading the data of the engine gearbox, it can be seen that it is consistent with the mileage of 0.3 million kilometers in the watch display, and the interior situation can basically rule out the suspicion of meter adjustment. Moreover, I could have spent more than 2 million yuan to buy a Mercedes-Benz, and there would be no shortage of cars at home. Even there are several garages, so I naturally drive less.

Then read the data of OBD driving computer, and find that there is no abnormality in the body system, no fault, and the functions of various electrical appliances in the car are normal. Let's take a look at the chassis.

After lifting the vehicle, I looked at the engine gearbox for the first time. After inspection, I found that there were no traces of disassembly and twisting at the junction of the generator and transformer, and there was no oil leakage.

Then there are the suspension parts of the chassis. It can be seen that there are no traces of disassembly and twisting, and there is no replacement damage, which is in line with this mileage.

Finally, check the lower parts of the front and rear longitudinal beams from the chassis, and it can be seen that there are no signs of deformation and repair, which can completely rule out the existence of major collision or serious bottoming accidents. After two hours of inspection, even if the car is finished, the whole car is in a quasi-new state, and the car condition is new and good.

Then I told the customer's eldest brother what I had detected, and he was quite satisfied with the condition of the car. However, eldest brother said that he had been looking for this car for some time. There were not many used cars of the same model, and the new car had to wait. The result turned out to be the car found through live webcast, which was a bit magical. Finally, the customer's eldest brother directly picked up the car in full on the same day, and I have to say that it is good to have money!

Afterwards, I checked the online quotation of the same Mercedes-Benz Maibakh S480, and we can see that it is basically around 1.8 million yuan, of course, the actual transaction price will definitely be less. Today, the asking price of this car is 1.78 million, which is not expensive. The key is that the mileage is small and the car is in good condition. Do you think this car is worth buying at this price?

Well, today's test case is here to share with you, thank you for reading!

Like a friend, please give me a compliment. I don't read much books on pudding, but I have a lot of car repairs. It's not easy to write articles. Besides, if you have any questions about used cars, you can ask me. I will try my best to help you answer them. See you next time.

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