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Formula for calculating cruising range (formula for calculating cruising range of electric vehicles)

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As a means of transportation, the endurance is undoubtedly the most concerned by car owners, especially the "electric-assisted" vehicles. Because it is not convenient to refuel, no matter how far the vehicle can run, whether it is a two-wheeled, three-wheeled or four-wheeled electric vehicle, everyone attaches great importance to it. Therefore, in the current electric vehicle industry, the endurance is better than one, from 200 miles, 300 miles and 400 miles.

But does the endurance promoted by the merchants have real reliability? Recently, a netizen asked me that I took a fancy to an electric car equipped with 72V38AH. The business advertised that the battery life was 400 Li, that is, 200 kilometers. Would you like to ask me if this battery life is reliable? The expert will use a battery life calculation formula today to see the answer. I hope that after you master the formula, you can buy a car as a reference and don't be cheated by the virtual standard battery life.

What are the four factors that affect battery life?

There are many factors that affect how far an electric car can run, including uncountable wind resistance, load, riding mode, etc. These are all based on the riding situation and cannot be accurately calculated, but in addition to these uncountable factors, there are four elements that can be used to calculate the cruising range, including:

1, battery voltage, the current lead-acid batteries are all 12V. The higher the voltage, the more battery packs, the higher the cruising range. At present, the common ones are 48V, 60V and 72V.

2. Battery capacity refers to the amount of electricity that a battery can store. Undoubtedly, it is also the parameter that most affects the cruising range. The common capacities are 12AH, 20AH, 32AH, 38AH and 45AH.

3. Speed: If the speed is faster within the time that the battery can support running, then the electric vehicle can run further. The speed of common new national standard vehicles is less than 25km/h, that of electric mopeds is less than 50 km/h, and that of electric motorcycles is 50 ~ 70 km/h..

4. The motor power mainly determines the power of an electric vehicle. However, the higher the power, the higher the power consumption and the less the battery life. The common motor powers are 400W, 800W, 1000W and 1500W.

Can the electric car 72V38AH really run 400 miles? How much battery life, a formula can calculate the answer.

With the above knowledge, if you want to know whether the 72V38AH electric car can run 400 miles, you only need to use a formula to calculate the answer.

Calculation formula of electric vehicle cruising range: battery voltage × battery capacity × speed ÷ motor power = kilometers.

According to netizens, the battery of this car is 38AH, the battery voltage is 72V, the speed is 60km/h, and the motor power is 1000 W. Then, the cruising range data can be obtained through the formula: 72× 38× 60 ÷ 1000 = 164 km, which is 328 Li.

Therefore, according to the data, the theoretical cruising range of the car is 328 miles, and the 400 miles advertised by the merchants may be false. Of course, some merchants will say that my car is equipped with an energy recovery system and energy-saving technology to reduce wind resistance and roll resistance. In this regard, the small experts believe that some big brands do have these technologies and can actually increase the cruising range.

However, if the vehicle you choose is not a first-tier brand with advanced technology, experts are not convinced that the actual endurance will be greater than the theoretical endurance calculated by the above formula. Therefore, when choosing a vehicle, if you pay great attention to endurance, you should give priority to the configuration of "voltage, capacity, speed and power" that affects endurance. For some technological configurations, don't expect too much, especially for small-brand electric vehicles.

Then, you can also calculate how much your electric car can run. Welcome to leave a message about your electric car's battery life and let's communicate together.

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