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After sagitar refitted the electric seat, the skeleton rusted and the paint fell off (sagitar replaced the electric seat)

According to the report of Sina Automobile Wuxi Station, on August 17th, 11 riders from Wuxi New Sagitar Rights Protection Group went to Wuxi Dongfang Rongchang 4S Store for inspection, and the results were as follows:

First, no car can be spared from the paint explosion of the weld, including all the welds hanging behind.

2. Four blades cracked and two blades deformed.

Description: The crack and rust of the anti-rust paint on the weld is not caused by poor surface treatment or poor welding. It is the deformation and distortion of the metal that causes the surface paint layer to explode, and then it rusts when it meets moisture.

The result surprised us and surprised the 4S shop. There are 12 models, 13 models and 14 models of these 11 cars, and the latest one is only three or four months old. 11 cars, lifted one by one, cleaned with a wet cloth and hung everywhere. When checking, the master shook his head while checking. It seems that the result surprised him.

During the inspection, the ESP and tire pressure lights of two cars kept on. The suspect is caused by the rear suspension problem. Check these two rear suspensions and find that the blades are cracked. Later, the 4S master directly used the computer to forcibly eliminate the code so that he could drive.

After the inspection, the owner left for 10 minutes, and then he received a phone call from the technical manager who was away on a business trip for 4S, asking about the inspection. He said that he was also surprised by the inspection results reflected to him in the store; He said that he would definitely report it to the manufacturer truthfully.

In view of the fact that the suspension of this board is a "non-mainstream" design contrary to PQ35 platform, and there are serious design hidden dangers, the owners of various rights groups have expressed that they require FAW-Volkswagen to replace it with an independent suspension to completely eliminate the safety hidden dangers. Tinkering, the so-called recall, which is half-dead like DSG, resolutely disagrees.

Up to now, the reporter has been informed that it is conservatively estimated that there are more than 110 QQ groups for car owners' rights protection involving sagitar non-independent suspension in China, and the number of rights defenders has exceeded 9,000, and this number is still expanding. Among them, there are five rights groups with close to or more than 1,000 people nationwide, and the total number has exceeded 5,000.

According to the statistics of the reporter, from August 4th to August 18th, among 459 complaints about automobile quality, Sagitar's complaints reached 260, accounting for 57%, nearly half.

It can be said that it is not a day or two since car owners reported the suspension fracture after sagitar. Volkswagen not only failed to give a positive solution, but also issued a "God" statement saying that it was only a case. Such a tough and arrogant attitude also made car owners very angry. Judging from the sales volume, Volkswagen does have reasons to be arrogant. In the first half of the year, the terminal sales of domestic models of FAW-Volkswagen reached 849,925, up 18.7% year-on-year. From March to June, FAW-Volkswagen won the domestic monthly sales champion for four consecutive months.

Earlier, Zhang Zhiyong, a senior analyst in the automotive industry, told reporters that Volkswagen had admitted that its products had problems, so it should list a number of cars with this problem, and it should not just be "extremely rare".

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