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Do Haojue users save fuel (do Haojue users consume fuel)?

Some people are motivated to choose a motorcycle with a displacement of less than 250 ml, such an ordinary scooter. It is good that you can exert its torque and power with the displacement of our general friends, and the key is the suitable road conditions.

At present, the engine technology of Guosi EFI vehicle is upgraded to match the higher emission standards, and at the same time, it is also to be able to complete fuel injection and output power together with the EFI system, so that both emissions and power can be taken into account.

So far, the fuel-efficient access vehicles, such as Yamaha Feizhi Tianjian Feizhi 150 series, we will find that such vehicles are lighter in weight, the appearance structure is thinner, and the tires are narrower, just to reduce the friction of grip and have good fuel-saving performance.

In other words, fuel consumption has a great relationship with the weight of the car.

At the same time, Honda's new mighty curved beam motorcycles with 150ml, 125ml or even 10ml in Sundiro also have the characteristics of light body and thin appearance, which saves fuel.

Of course, models like Haojue and Wuyang Honda at the same level pay attention to driving pleasure and experience. At this moment, power and fuel consumption are directly proportional.

At present, there is little difference between engine technology and EFI system matching technology of domestic cars, joint venture cars and main engine manufacturers. Displacement and fuel consumption are relatively speaking, and the same displacement model is light in weight, which objectively leads to lower fuel consumption.

Of course, subjectively, your driving skills are directly related to your usual cycling habits and the road conditions you are driving. That is to say, a car owner does not talk about these conditions. On the one hand, it is unreasonable and unreliable to say that the fuel consumption of this car is 100 kilometers.

If we usually ride a bicycle for many kilometers, or if we are engaged in the profession of delivering takeout and quick delivery, and care about fuel consumption, then it is most cost-effective to choose a low-profile model with the same brand, the same displacement and the same model.

Let me make an account with you. For example, the displacement of Haojue Xinyuexing is the same as that of Haojue usr, but the engine technology level is different. The difference between the two cars is 3,000 yuan. According to the 3 yuan calculation of saving 0.5 liters of oil per 100 kilometers, I have to ride 100,000 kilometers to save this 3,000 yuan. How many people have such a kilometer?

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