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Haojue tr300 price (Haojue tr300 price)

If you like Haojue motorcycles, just look at these three models. They have a good reputation and popularity, which meets the needs of access leisure.

I am a knight to share. Haojue is a controversial motorcycle brand. Although it has been the top-selling motorcycle in China for 20 years, there are still voices of questioning and voicing.

However, this is not important. For those who really need to choose a car, it is more reliable for us to look at the target model objectively and rationally. Therefore, if you also like Haojue's motorcycles, then these three models are worth considering, because their popularity and reputation are good, which can fully meet the current market demand for access and leisure.

The first AFR125 is priced at 10380-10680 yuan.

The word-of-mouth index of this car on a platform is 9.9 points. AFR125, as a vehicle positioned by its access attributes, has fully played its practical side and demonstrated its advantages in quality, which makes competing models very afraid of the existence of this vehicle.

At present, there are 23 versions sold by AFR125, but it will also build an anti-lock braking device version. If this version is put on the market, the impact on friendly models will be obvious. After all, it will fill the shortcomings in the configuration level and make it more competitive.

Because in the popular 125 scooter of the head brand, no vehicle has been equipped with ABS, and neither UY125 nor Split Line 125 has this operation. Combined with the good performance of AFR125 in quality and performance, it will be easy to make this car create more glory.

The second Haojue UHR150 is priced at 17680-18880 yuan.

The word-of-mouth index of this car is 9.8 points, ranking second in the scooter sector in popularity. It is a veritable model with high popularity and high reputation.

Although the appearance and style of this car are not too colorful, and the 23 models launched are a bit perfunctory, in the current market environment of domestic 150 scooters, UHR150 can achieve such results.

The reason is that UHR150 still adheres to Haojue's strict quality control, making it more reliable than a number of friendly models in terms of workmanship and materials. As for its performance and configuration, it is not very brilliant in the same displacement model, and even the two-valve engine and imperfect configuration combination are still a little behind.

But after a week around, you will find that the 150 scooters with high value, high cost performance or high performance will be almost meaningless in the balance of the whole vehicle, and there is no way to reach a higher height. They can only highlight the advantages of a certain point, which is why UHR150 can still be sought after by users under the premise of imperfection.

The third Haojue TR300 is priced at 26680-27980 yuan.

This car has a word-of-mouth index of 9.8 points, and its popularity index ranks second among cruise models. There are 22 versions of TR300 currently sold, and there will be two versions, namely, the city version and the travel version. But this year, there is a high probability that a new model will be launched.

In fact, the TR300 is not absolutely perfect in terms of its own performance, especially its appearance setting, which can easily become a green leaf in front of high-value models, but objectively speaking, the face value of this car belongs to the eye-catching type, unlike some models, which are novel at first sight, but will gradually produce boredom.

The highlights of this car are excellent quality control, kind materials and good riding quality. The main reason is that its positioning is very clear, and it does not make the cruise car too sporty, but only makes it entertaining with the thinking of the road car.

For example, it will pay more attention to comfort, and it also has a 16L fuel tank, which is the most basic standard for cruise vehicles. At the same time, it also set a high ground clearance of 180mm, so that it can not only cruise on the road, but also occasionally run away, take a walk on unpaved roads and experience the beautiful scenery outside the road. This is not achieved by many models in the same class.

The above is a brief sharing of three models worthy of attention on the premise of liking Haojue motorcycle. The advantage of choosing these three models is that the quality will be guaranteed, and they can also be suitable for daily commuting and occasional small trips around, and this multi-purpose attribute will become more prominent with the increase of displacement. So you can refer to the choice.

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