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How about the fuel consumption of Secco RX150 (Secco rx1s150 fuel consumption)

Born in the 1990s, I have experienced too much in my life for nearly 30 years. There is sorrow and joy; There are natural disasters and man-made disasters; Some have made history, and some have kept it from being written ... Because of my young age, my understanding of life was not as profound as it is now. After experiencing the horror of "COVID-19", Xiao Bian wants to leave more infinite memories in his limited life. I think the only one who can create these for me is Mo Lv.

Recently, I happened to be discussing motorcycle travel with my friends, and the key to motorcycle travel is the car in my opinion. As the saying goes: if a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first. A car that can bring you pleasure in driving can leave the most beautiful memories for your trip. But the dazzling array of station wagons in the market, which is worth owning and which is worth studying, I think this is also a problem that puzzles friends who want to buy a car. If you just want to buy a car, or if you want to upgrade to a station wagon, but also economical and practical, an entry-level station wagon that Xiaobian is playing recently may be one of your options. It is-Seclon RX1S.

As a brand that has opened up the domestic multi-functional station wagon market, Sekelon has been concentrating on developing station wagon models since 2013. From 150 ml RX1 to 250 ml RX3 to 450 ml RX4, and 380 ml RX3S, which pay attention to road comfort, Seclon "RX Series" can be said to be the most extensive multi-functional vehicle series in its own brand at present. The "Little Brother" RX1S in this series has gradually become the choice for many people to enter the station wagon.

RX1S is an upgraded version of RX1 as its name implies. Like the previous generation, RX1S also has a variety of configuration versions, namely: standard version, travel version, exclusive version and luxury version. The first two versions are 150 ml versions and the last two versions are 200 ml versions. The main difference is that the engine is different, and the main difference in configuration is the front shock absorption.

RX1S 200cc is equipped with a PY200 water-cooled engine jointly developed by secco in piaggio, with a maximum horsepower of 16.3ps and a top speed of about 110km/h. The characteristics of this engine are economy, durability and good power. Compared with other 150cc-190cc engines, PY200 adopts spiral port, which makes its oil-gas mixing more complete and its low-speed torque can have greater output. The addition of lightweight miniskirt piston can also effectively reduce power loss and improve running smoothness. There is also the design of eccentric crankshaft, which can improve combustion efficiency and reduce power loss.

In addition, it is different from other "lazy" practices that the frame remains unchanged when a street car with small displacement evolves into a station wagon. RX1S is an independent platform, so the frame it uses is not a traditional straddle frame, but a cradle frame specially designed for it. With the high stability of the frame, the RX1S must have a good travel performance.

Because I can't travel outside, it's difficult for Xiaobian to test the overall performance of RX1S, but that doesn't mean I can't test its other performance. No, RX1S was taken to the off-road venue by Xiaobian. Do not make any targeted modifications at all, and leave the factory directly. That's called a thrill! Although the displacement is not large, the light throttle response and straightforward power output allow the rear wheels trapped in the mud to get enough power, so that the car can easily get out of trouble.

The ground clearance of 185mm makes RX1S have excellent passability when dealing with unpaved road conditions, but this does not make it like a professional drag car, so it improves the seat height. After all, it is an entry-level orientation, and the RX1S's seat height of only 780mm is also very friendly in its class. In order not to affect the problem of leg space compression caused by "high off the ground and low seat height", RX1S moves the pedal forward, and the whole riding triangle is close to the sitting posture of "CG model", with excellent comfort. However, it loses some of its maneuverability and human-computer interaction. Let's just say that because the pedal moves forward, when you need to ride standing, your legs will be blocked by the fuel tank and you can't stand up completely. It also affects the grip of the legs on the car body when standing, which directly castrates its non-paving coping ability.

Note that what I am talking about here is only "castration", not "deprivation". In fact, RX1S also has its advantages in non-paved environment. The first is that the vehicle is light. Even the three boxes only have a curb weight of 173kg, and with the setting of low sitting height, drivers can easily keep their balance and pass under complex road conditions. The height of the seat and the weight of the car are the big factors that many people are afraid to touch multi-functional models. Even if it is as light as an off-road vehicle, it will crash under high and low roads because the seat cushion is too high and the feet can't land.

No one likes to crash, but the pleasure of conquering unpaved is so fascinating. What should we do? RX1S is a good solution in my opinion. The 100-inch CG sitting posture is relatively in line with most people's sitting posture. Compared with the relatively professional standing posture riding, it is something that everyone can do without learning to sit firmly on the cushion and rely on his legs to control the balance to cross the complex road. Because this riding method can give people the most confidence and is also the simplest. Coupled with the original configuration of all-terrain tires, it is basically enough to cope with 80% of the use environment. Without anti-lock braking device, these configurations seem to be out of date, but they also gain better non-paving ability. After all, the anti-lock braking device configured at this level will not add the closing function at all, which will drag down the ability to cope with complex road conditions.

Moreover, because the car body is light, the size of the whole car becomes small and exquisite. The wheelbase of 1370 mm enables the flexibility of RX1S to run through paved roads and unpaved roads. Coupled with the strong low-twist performance, it is also a matter of confidence to stage a dynamic tire when cornering. Because of the small displacement and light body, you can have the highest degree of control over the car, and the car will give you the maximum fault-tolerant space. Even if you have no off-road experience, you can use it to complete the basic introduction well.

Finally, Xiaobian will briefly talk about the fuel consumption of the car. Although I didn't measure it accurately, when I went out with full oil and came back in the cross-country field for a long time, the oil consumption was not obvious. According to its 14L fuel tank, there is no pressure at all for 300 kilometers.

Generally speaking, Xekron RX1S is very friendly to beginners in terms of playability, control and price. At present, the 200 ml version is priced at 14280-15580 yuan, which is already very cost-effective. But for young friends who just want to join the "motorcycle army", they may still feel a little pressure. Therefore, Xiaobian will also recommend a 150 ml version to young friends, and the price is 12,580-13,580 yuan. Because there is no big difference in the use experience between the two, and the reduced cost of two or three thousand yuan can also be used to buy a set of equipment and protective gear for yourself, it is recommended.

For market segmentation, Seclon is at the front end of domestic motorcycle enterprises. It not only provides users with more detailed choices, but also brings more clear portraits of users, which is why Seclon can accurately launch models that meet the market demand. What kind of car will Seclon bring us next? Let's wait and see.

That's the cloud chat car in this issue. See you next time ...

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