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Haojue 250 pedal latest model (Haojue 250 pedal latest model)

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is over, so let's review the popular models listed in May.

Seclon RE250 18880 yuan

Obviously, the emergence of RE250 will directly compete with Chunfeng 250CLX. In terms of power, RE250 is equipped with the same single-cylinder water-cooled engine of Apulia GPR 250R.

However, the vibration suppression has been significantly improved, with the maximum power of 20.5Kw and the maximum torque of 22N.m, which is the same as that of 250CLX.

Externally, it continues the family-style design concept of RE3, and the British retro style is still popular in China. In other aspects,

Lightweight treatment has been made in many parts such as pedals, upper and lower connecting plates, hollow wheels, stainless steel exhaust, etc. The kerb quality of 155 kg is also consistent with that of competitors.

The 15L large fuel tank brings better endurance performance, and the low seat height of 775 mm is also more friendly to novices.

Sekelon RT2 20800 yuan

Since the appearance of the Expo last year, RT2 has been receiving high attention. It also uses a 250 ml water-cooled four-valve engine developed by Zongshen and Dalin of South Korea, but it has been re-tuned, with more emphasis on the power output in the acceleration stage.
In addition to the different output characteristics, RT2 has made a more compact body design for urban sports scenes.

Its wheelbase is only 1400 mm, which is very rare in the 250-level pedal.
In terms of configuration, the manually adjustable windshield, the toilet that can put down the full helmet, the keyless start+mechanical key dual mode, the brand-new LCD instrument, the dual universal serial bus interface and other configurations are all put on this car, and at the same time, the front and rear driving recorders, Friedrich Hirth trunk, rear seat back and other options can also provide more choices for riders.

Jincheng 2022 tiramisu 21800 yuan

Among many domestic scooters, Jincheng Tiramisu is an alternative type.

It has 16-inch front and rear wheels that are closer to the gears. This design is common in large pedals in Europe, which also means that it has better passability and high-speed stability than the pedals at the same level.

The 2022 version of Tiramisu launched this time,

The biggest change is in the instrument, rear shock absorption and wheel hub. In some invisible places, the electronic control unit is re-adjusted and the atmospheric pressure sensor is optimized to make it more suitable for the long-distance motorcycle travel in high altitude areas.

Gaojin Flame 500 Zhixiang Edition 34,800 yuan

Gao Jin has always paid special attention to the feedback from riders. Last year, the integrated seat cushion was replaced by a more combative split seat.

However, the height of the seat has also increased from 780 mm to 800 mm, so don't worry! The manufacturer still keeps the original 780mm low-seat version, so that novice and female users can control it.

The second upgrade details,

The user interface that was too complicated before has been redesigned to be more concise and recognizable. At the same time, it is equipped with a 5-inch full-color TFT LCD instrument to support the functions of mobile phone interconnection. For the long-distance appeal of riders, it is the first time that tire pressure detection has been added to the high-tech car series.

In terms of power,

The maximum power is 37kw, and the maximum torque is 46 nm, which is slightly inferior to the new Ke 525 engine. However, there is no obvious difference in the actual driving sense between the two cars, and the shift feeling of the Flame 500 will be more silky.

The quality control details and engine performance of the two cars have been verified by the market. Choosing them mainly depends on the preferences of appearance, and there is no need to entangle too much. Both cars belong to the domestic strength models with closed eyes.

Haojue Suzuki motorcycles 2022 DL250 27680 Yuan /GSX250 26580 Yuan

Both cars need not be introduced too much. As evergreen trees of domestic 250-class models, DL250 and GSX250 have been in the forefront of the sales of leisure travel and imitation race all the year round because of their brand influence and stable and reliable quality control. Their quantity and second-hand preservation rate are also unmatched by many domestic and joint venture models. The price of DL250 and GSX250 of this 2022 model remains unchanged, and the exterior decals have been upgraded, but there are no other configurations.

Norma 2022 Scorpio 500 25999 yuan

The old riders believe that they are no strangers to this car when they see the photos. Its appearance adopts the streetcar style of Morrie, including the ADV 500 model of Norma that was unveiled before, but the ownership of the two cars has been owned by Norma.

The price of this sports streetcar named Scorpio 500 is only 25,999 yuan, and it is equipped with Ke 500 engine provided by Longxin. Norma is also equipped with a closeable ABS and TCS traction control system, which is not two of the current 500-level competing models, which is of course one of its biggest selling points.

However, considering the brand awareness level, Norma's competitiveness is slightly thin, and manufacturers such as Wuji and Excelle have replaced their products with Ke525 engines with stronger power, so the market prospect of Scorpio 500 is not optimistic. The urgent task for manufacturers is to improve the quality control of the production of the previous products and the reputation of users in the later period.

Benagli 2022 TRK502 35800 yuan.

Admit it or not,

TRK502 is one of the best-selling rally models in Italy and China in recent years. The 2022 TRK502 has been newly upgraded in appearance color matching and decals, and the wheel hub color is also available in gold version. On this basis, the OBD system, tire pressure detection, dual USB interfaces and handlebar heating functions have been added.

And the steel pipe rear fork spit by riders was upgraded to the all-aluminum rear rocker arm, and the weight was successfully reduced by 3.6Kg.

The price remains unchanged, and the upgraded TRK502(X) series is still very competitive among the 500-class rally models. Of course, buyers will continue to buy and sprayers will continue to spray.

Defender TR300T

Tairong claims to be equipped with the nexus water-cooled high-power engine with Italian technology, using Bosch EFI, with a maximum power of 19.5Kw and a maximum torque of 24.5N.m.
The configuration can be described as all-encompassing. The original factory has its own front and rear travel recorder, tire pressure monitoring, handle heating, keyless start, double-sided storage box design, rearview mirror integrated turn signal, double air cylinders for rear shock absorption, double floating disks and opposite four-piston calipers, so it is difficult to find an opponent at the same level.

Externally, Defender TR300T has a front face shape quite similar to that of Ducati, and with the overall sporty and bright color scheme, it should be liked by many young consumers.

Lifan KPRO series

Since its launch in 2012, the sales and reputation of Lifan's small-displacement KP series models have steadily increased. Recently, Lifan also launched KPRO high-performance platoon series, including American cruise K19 PRO, entry street car KPS, entry rally KPT and Café Racer KPM.

The detailed evaluation is as follows: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/NVRzcaXl3zTSGFrdf0uXYA

It is not difficult to see from the models listed in May that the continuous epidemic has a great impact on the whole motorcycle manufacturing industry. The factory mostly optimizes and upgrades the original models and then puts them into the market. Seeing that the golden period of motorcycle sales is over half in a year, it is expected that the car factory will bring us surprises in the next few months!

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