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When did Lincoln's new car come on the market (when did Lincoln get a new car)

At this year's Shanghai Auto Show, Lincoln's mid-term redesigned adventurer officially appeared and started pre-sale, with a total of five models, with a pre-sale price of 24.58-34.58 million yuan. The new car has been upgraded in appearance and interior to a certain extent, which further enhances its product strength. Recently, we got the news that the new adventurer will be officially listed on May 18th.

The front face of the new adventurer uses the latest modeling design, and the penetrating LED daytime running lights connect the headlight groups on both sides, and a larger front grille is used, and the interior is dot-matrix design. The front enclosure is sharper, with air ducts on both sides, and the overall shape is younger.

The side of the car body continues the design of the current model, and the large-size wheels and suspended roof still highlight the luxury of adventurers. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4612*1887*1630mm, and the wheelbase is 2711mm. Through taillights are used at the rear of the car, and the front taillights are designed to have a signal effect.

In the interior part, the new car has adopted a brand-new design, and the penetrating large screen that continues from Lincoln Z is extremely eye-catching, with a size of 27 inches. Through-type air conditioning air outlet, large area wood grain and other special texture covering the front area of the armrest box, button shifting, double steering wheel and other elements are matched, which has obviously improved the sense of luxury and technology compared with the old models.

In terms of power, adventurers are equipped with a 2.0T engine as standard, with a maximum power of 190kW and a maximum torque of 395nm, matching the 8-speed automatic manual transmission. And there are two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options.

Editor's summary: Adventurer is the first domestic model of Lincoln brand, and it is also the sales responsibility of Lincoln brand. The mid-term redesigned model has further improved the configuration and design of the old model with outstanding product strength. I believe that the new model will further improve the sales of Lincoln brand after it is listed.

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