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Haojue users and afr are better (Haojue users and afr are better)

What kind of scooter is better for a 20-kilometer round trip?

I am a knight to share. According to the description, this cyclist wants to choose a scooter for daily riding instead of walking.

In fact, as long as the commuting distance does not exceed 20 kilometers, choosing a motorcycle is the most reliable, and its practicality will be brought to the extreme in this state.

Therefore, the commuter distance of 20 kilometers can be competent for the current scooter, even some entry-level small pedals of five or six thousand can meet the current riding needs.

However, because of the different vehicle positioning, the riding effect can still be obviously different under the same road conditions. At this time, what vehicle type to choose mainly depends on our individual specific budget and detailed requirements.

Without these preconditions, the discussion of vehicle types under the current topic is undoubtedly an armchair strategist and will not have much practical significance, so we still hope to treat the target vehicle types subjectively and objectively.

However, since the subject has asked questions, we can also briefly look at the current situation of scooters on the market, which will still be helpful for the later model selection.

First of all, scooters on the market at present can be divided into imported and domestic products, and domestic products can be divided into independent brands and joint venture brands. At the same time, there will be OEM products such as Honda's domestic version NSS350 and LEAD125.

Secondly, scooter can be divided into three categories: small pedal, medium pedal and big sheep. From the engine form, there will be differences between small displacement, large displacement, single cylinder and double cylinder.

Furthermore, from the perspective of its own positioning and style, there will be regular, sports, retro, cross-border, cruise and other subdivisions. This makes there will be many scooters on the market at present, and there should be no fewer than 200 or 300 models in terms of quantity alone. This is not an exaggeration, because some single brands will have 20 or 30 models, so if there are no specific requirements and budgets, there will be no clear choice direction.

However, in view of the fact that the topic is mainly short-distance commuting, we should consider some practical conventional models as much as possible when choosing, such as 125 small pedals of about 10,000 yuan, which is a good choice. After all, many small partners on the market are using this type of vehicles to travel.

Among them, Jinan Suzuki U series, Wuyang Honda NX, NCR125, Sundiro Honda EX, NS125D, Yamaha 125 series, Haojue AFR, USR, UCR125, etc. can all be considered.

The advantage of choosing this type of car is that the budget does not need to be too high, and there will be relatively good riding performance, and the performance and stability will be relatively reliable, so they are also called access pedals by riders.

However, if the budget can be further increased, Haojue UHR150, Guangyang RKS150, Sanyang New Cruise 150, Honda LEAD125, PX160, Yamaha NMAX155, etc. are also mid-to-high-end models worthy of consideration, because they will be more comfortable in daily travel, especially PX160 and NMAX155.

In a word, most scooters are capable of commuting 20 kilometers back and forth, but the model that tends to locate the passage is more worthy of consideration, and which car to choose depends mainly on the final budget and personal requirements.

What is mentioned or not mentioned in the article, and the characteristic models are all worth choosing, so it is still necessary to enrich the personalized standards, and then choose the most satisfactory ones among many models, otherwise it will be impossible to narrow the scope of choice, and it will only make you more and more entangled.

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