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[Pacific Auto Network New Car Channel] FAW-Volkswagen's new Bora has launched a total of Changxing Edition, Zhixing Edition, Zhixing Professional Edition and Zunxing Edition, with a pre-sale price of 113,900-142,900. As a mid-term redesigned model, the exterior and interior of the new Bora have changed, but the interior space and power have not changed. The new car will be officially launched at the end of June.

FAW-Volkswagen New Bora car make and modelPresale price1.2T Manual Smooth Version Eleven point three nine1.2T automatic free-running version Twelve point four nine1.2T automatic wisdom version Thirteen point two nine1.2T Automatic Zhixing Professional Edition Thirteen point six nine1.4T automatic line-respecting version Fourteen point two nine

Book a car before listing and enjoy it.


The first owner enjoys free original engine oil for 5 years and 5 times.


The first owner enjoys the lifetime warranty of the whole vehicle or core components.


The first car owner will buy a new FAW-Volkswagen brand car within 3 years, and can enjoy a 95% discount on the repurchase.


0 interest rate, 0 down payment, low monthly support for various financial products and 4,000 yuan replacement subsidy.


Order a brand-new Bora to enjoy the "full inflation gift", and the inflation gold 1000 yuan will reach 2,500 yuan.


Old customers of FAW-Volkswagen brand can get 20,000 bonus points or a replacement subsidy of up to 7,000 yuan if they buy or exchange for "value-added old friend gift".

The appearance of the new Bora retains the overall shape of the old model, and many details have been changed. The shapes of headlights, middle nets and front and rear bumpers have changed obviously.

The overall layout of the new Bora interior has basically not changed, and the design of the center console slightly tilting to the driver's side has been retained. The biggest highlight of the new car interior is the cancellation of the old embedded central control screen and its replacement with a huge suspended central control screen, which is full of science and technology.

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From traditional joint-venture brands to independent brands in China, in today's compact family car market of 100,000 yuan, consumers have many choices. Under the fierce market competition, the products of each company are actually not bad. You don't need to distinguish the absolute quality of a car to make a choice, but you can choose a car that suits you.

Some brands pursue luxury configuration, others pursue sports individuality, while the Volkswagen brand is still the "car" itself full of virtue and flavor in the minds of China people. What's more, the configuration that FAW-Volkswagen can give is not bad, such as electric sunroof, induction wiper, automatic headlight and LCD instrument. This Volkswagen Bora is the car in the same class, no matter what you pursue, you can't go wrong with it.

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