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Volvo s90 b5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition (Volvo s90b5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition landed price)

Speaking of Volvo, many people's influence on it is the positioning of luxury brands, but it is a relatively low-key type in appearance. Volvo S90 2022 was launched in June 2021. At present, in July of 2022, Volvo S90 2023 was launched. There are three new 2023 models on sale, namely 2023 B5 Zhiyi Deluxe Edition, 2023 B5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition and 2023 B5 Zia Deluxe Edition. The guide price ranges from 406,900 to 505,900. In this issue, we will show you the intermediate model and the 2023 B5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition with a price of 450,900.

I believe that many people choose Volvo because of the high safety of this brand. In this issue, we will interpret all aspects of Volvo S90 2023 B5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition from various angles to see what is moving about this car except safety. With a sufficient budget, is this car worth starting with?

The color matching of the 2023 B5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition is relatively low-key and calm, with three colors: agate black, cowboy blue and butterfly shell gray. The author thinks that the color matching of denim blue is the most elegant and touches me more. The front face looks like a family-style design, simple and elegant, with strong recognition. LED headlights and LED daytime running lights are used. Looking at the front of the car, the overall posture is relatively low, and the movement is still strong.

The body size is 5090x1879x1444mm, and the wheelbase is 3061 mm. The body length of 5090 mm makes this car slender when viewed from the side, and the roof lines are smoother and smoother. The color of the exterior rearview mirror is the same as that of the car body. In addition to the common functions of electric adjustment, heating, electric folding, memory, reversing and folding when locking the car, the exterior rearview mirror also has the function of automatic anti-glare. The whole car comes standard with a multi-layer sound insulation glass, which creates a quiet driving environment inside the car, and the rear row is made of dark privacy glass. The front and rear wheels below are 255/40 R19, and the 19-inch luxury aluminum alloy wheels look more fashionable.

The design of the rear part is relatively simple, and C-shaped taillights are adopted. The lines are generally extended horizontally, and the layering at the tail is still relatively clear, and the materials used in the texture look thicker. It is equipped with an inductive tailgate, which can be opened by induction when holding things with both hands, and closed by one-button electric when closing. Looking at the tail, it is also a relatively high-end atmosphere. The bottom suspension uses front and rear independent suspension, the front is double wishbone independent suspension and the rear is multi-link independent suspension. The overall stability of the car body is relatively good.

The interior of the 2023 B5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition is designed in Nordic style. The center console is covered with a large area of leather, which is quite good in texture and feel. In addition, it is equipped with wooden decorative boards and crystal electronic gears, and the overall grade has been improved. Equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 9-inch central control screen, the sense of technology is also in place. The inner rearview mirror, like the outer rearview mirror, also has anti-glare function. The whole vehicle is equipped with four-zone automatic air conditioning, and there is independent air conditioning in the back row. In addition, the performance of this car in environmental protection is also excellent. The negative ion generator can effectively purify the air inside the car and create a green and environmentally friendly space.

In terms of space, as a 4-door 5-seat sedan, it is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized car. The author is 170cm tall and weighs 55kg. After entering the main driving position in the car and adjusting the seat to the normal driving position, there are about two punches left in the rear space, and the seat is well wrapped and supported. The driver and passenger are all 14-way electric seats, which can be adjusted to their most comfortable angles. They also use advanced leather seats, and the radian of the seats is ergonomically designed. Keep the front seat motionless, and then sit in the back row. For the author's body shape, he can even tilt his legs in the back row, and the performance of leg space is excellent. The space of the luggage compartment is relatively regular and spacious, so large-sized suitcases can be easily put down when traveling, and it is no problem for daily use.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L48V light-mixed engine, with the maximum power of 184kW and the maximum torque of 350 N m.. It is an 8-speed automatic manual, and the 48V light mixing system is equipped, which saves the comprehensive fuel consumption. The comprehensive fuel consumption of this car is only 6.75L per 100 kilometers, and the official acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 7.2s The power is relatively strong, and the power output at start and follow-up is relatively stable and has strong maneuverability. It is still a good performance in the same class.

Finally, as a "smart" luxury version, this car must have more intelligent equipment and intelligent assistance. In terms of all aspects of configuration, those with strong overall comprehensive strength also have relatively good advantages in the competitive market at the same level. However, the price of 450,900 yuan is also a relatively large number. If you want to start this car, you may wish to go to the 4S shop to experience it first. Do you have any different opinions about this car? Welcome to exchange comments.

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