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Which model is Toyota lc100 (what kind of car is Toyota lc100)

The exterior design is absolutely classic, and the military green cruiser can best reflect the style of Toyota's hard-core off-road vehicle. The simple design shows the style of off-road vehicle. The bull's head mark in the middle is the finishing touch. The square headlight design is simple and simple. The halogen lamp is safe and reliable. At that time, the car and the headlight cleaning configuration were very high. This is a domestic joint venture FAW Toyota Land Cruiser 4500 automatic transmission model. The inline 6-cylinder engine was also a famous engine that was all the rage at that time. This engine can be called a generation classic.

Let's directly open the engine compartment to see the essence of this car. After 12 years of baptism, the engine is still very dry, unlike the German car with a history of 100 years. The engine has good performance, and the sound is pure when it is ignited. It runs quietly, smoothly, calmly and without any signs of oil leakage. Good thing.

Healthy exhaust does not burn engine oil, and German cars are prone to burning engine oil. This is a normal style for a 15-year-old Japanese car, and water comes out.

However, the exhaust volume of this displacement engine is too large. It will scare people in winter, and some people who have never seen it think that the car is broken. hahaha

At that time, the license plate that was transferred in my hometown 15 years ago was gone. It's a pity that the all-digital license plate number is domineering. The key is that this car is the original car owner's first-hand car! It's quite rare because it's a car in 2005, it's been 14 years, and it's going to be a second trial in 2019 this year! Haha, it took 150 thousand to get it. This was a million luxury cars in 2005! Ha ha! It's still worth so much money. It's just a preservation ...

Looking down from the upstairs, the size is very large and magnificent. It is described that it took two parking spaces to get out of the way, and the staff of the vehicle management office told me to stop like this. It is not like I stopped by myself. My parking is the kind of behave, hahaha.

The gas field is quite powerful and domineering. It deserves to be a full-size luxury off-road vehicle.

Take a closer look at the abnormal dryness of the engine.

Late at night, one just transferred to me.

One more picture of the front face

Sexy ass, big ass and heaven and earth gate

Side domineering

Details show that the headlight was replaced with a small label on it, and the water tank was replaced with a normal service life, which was not caused by an accident.

No-fault code for indicating kilometers

There is no problem when the auxiliary fuel tank is full and runs for 200 kilometers. The original factory of the car is equipped with a double fuel tank with a winch and a four-wheel drive low-speed and high-speed central differential lock.

The original winch is intact. Hard-core off-road vehicles come standard with sharp weapons.

The big refrigerator is full.

have all kinds of tools

Tailgate screws are original and original.

The skylight is intact, sealed and watertight.

Automatic gear 4AT has few gears, but low failure, good maintenance, reliable and durable. Toyota is a conservative and regards product quality as its life.

Central differential lock of original multi-disk drive and air conditioning control system

The switch button of the auxiliary fuel tank is excellent and does not fade, and it is still as good as new after 15 years.

This car has just been used for a period of time, and then I will share with you the specific situation of this car to see if such an old desert prince is worth it. Is this price emotional support or is it true that the quality of things is reliable and reliable, which has affected the market value of the used car? Look at the use cost of the car and what maintenance costs will happen? We will wait and see.

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