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How much is a Haojue 250 motorcycle (how much is a Haojue 250 motorcycle)

Just talked about QJ motor

Sai 250 double rocker version

This is another 250-cylinder version, which is also a very "fan" operation. Let's see where the "fan" is.

Let's talk about the price first.

25999 yuan


Compared with QJ motor's own products, the single-cylinder version of Race 250 is 6,000 yuan high and the race 350 is 3,000 yuan low, which seems reasonable, but the same engine of its own brand Tornado 252R in Benagli costs only 25,800 yuan, and the face value of the little hurricane after the makeover is not bad.

Compared with competing products, Qianjiang's old rival Chunfeng 250SR is cheaper, but the gap is still obvious, with double cylinders and loud voices.

However, the guide price of the 250-class sports car Evergreen Haojue Suzuki motorcycles GSX250R is 26,680 yuan, and it will drop by thousands every holiday season. No matter how mediocre it is, it is still a hurdle that cannot be bypassed by the 250-class sports car. GSX250R has not yet reached the point of war.

At this price, there is also a new niche Excelle 321RR, which has a stronger power at the same price. Like GSX250R, it is a two-cylinder version, and the advantages of the 250-cylinder version are left.

But ah, pay attention, but

The official QJ motor has not been officially released and listed, and this mystery operation is not the first time, and it has been unable to vomit.

The price of 25,999 yuan is only released by dealers, and many areas have already delivered cars to the store or even delivered them, which is totally beyond our understanding and normal product listing path.

This side also shows that the price of 25,999 yuan is basically not running, but according to the strength of the above competing products, QJ motor can really consider the official price again.

Another mystery is that

Product line confusion

Originally, Race 250 and Race 350 respectively covered the required user groups, but now this two-cylinder version of Race 250 is directly derived from the race 350 with a reduced cylinder and the same engine as Tornado 252R. The whole appearance is actually Race 350, and there is no change at all.

In fact, this car appeared in the catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last September. At that time, I didn't know how the QJ motor would name this car. Now the name of the "Sai 250 Double Cylinder Edition" is somewhat strange. The appearance is not Sai 250, but the displacement is 250.

Together with the 250-cylinder version and yesterday's 250-double-rocker version, at present, including QJ motor and Benagli, there are as many as five sports cars in the 250-350 class. Spring Breeze launched a 250SR, and Qianjiang took out five countermeasures, which is worthy of being a "car-sea tactic". There is always one for you?

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