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In the past ten years, the industrial level of China has soared, and outstanding leading enterprises have emerged in various fields. They have worked hard all night to build products with advanced technology, first-class appearance and excellent technology, and compete with the top giants in the world. Among them, Haojue is one of the outstanding enterprises in the motorcycle field in China.

USR125, as the flagship pedal built by Haojue at present, has gained good attention once it appeared. Recently, we tested it in detail. From the aspects of appearance, power consumption, handling performance and configuration details, the performance of $125 is quite excellent, and it has the strength to confront the joint venture models at the same level.

Through the test, we have a deeper understanding of Haojue, and the performance of USR125 may change our previous views on domestic pedals.

First, the style is sharp, breaking everyone's impression of Haojue's scooter in the past.

In the past, Haojue pedal gave me the feeling that it was very lively, mostly belonging to the type of living at home. Now USR125 gives me a strong sense of science fiction, with different styles and a school of its own.

USR125, with its original appearance, is unique and has a sense of science fiction like a chariot in the future. Without the mellow Japanese style that everyone used to be familiar with, you can find the corresponding elements in it, no matter what science fiction, sports or sharpness you want.

The front face adopts the symmetrical design technique loved by Chinese people, with black "Y" ornaments as the dividing line, and silver ornaments at the top. The two side panels are shaped like sharp blades and full of movement.

The boomerang LED turn signal is a big plus for the front face, which makes the front face miscellaneous but not chaotic, quiet as a virgin and moving as a rabbit.

The side cover of the car body adopts the design technique of "waist line" which is common in cars, so as to create a fierce atmosphere of sports pedals, especially when viewed from the rear 45 degrees, the sports car is full of flavor.

The whole tail light group is illuminated by LED, and the turn signal, tail light and brake light are arranged in an "A" shape, which is cool and eye-catching, and the warning effect is ideal.

Although Haojue has always been a story in the industry in terms of workmanship, it is still necessary to mention it here. The exterior paint of USR125 is better than that of equally matched and even better than some models. Its exterior parts are different from the common two-layer painting. The exterior parts are painted with a three-layer matte process, and the surface is also covered with an automotive-grade matte varnish protection layer, which is very good in texture, more scratch-resistant and less prone to paint peeling.

If the appearance of DR160 breaks everyone's impression of Haojue's previous straddle riding, then USR 125 is the "DR160" in Haojue's pedal, and its appearance breaks everyone's impression of Haojue's previous pedal.

Second, the power is strong, and the comprehensive strength is comparable to that of the joint venture car at the same level.

Although the engine platforms of most domestic 125-class scooters have various names, they can all be traced back to 3-4 models, most of which were imported from China in the 1990s, accounting for a large proportion.

In recent years, many new engines with more advanced structure and finer manufacturing technology have emerged. Compared with the older generation models, they have the advantages of omni-directional rolling, low vibration, low fuel consumption, low noise and high power. Coupled with the popularity of EFI system after the fourth national congress, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is really possible, and the overall technology of scooter has risen to a higher level.

In terms of 125 displacement, many brand-new engine platforms have emerged in recent years. According to the advanced technology, Yamaha's nuclear technology, Suzuki's U-ECHO core power and Haojue's ESS should be the first echelon technologies.

The ESS engine carried by USR125 is a new generation power platform built by Haojue in recent years. It integrates more than ten advanced technologies, such as intelligent EFI, needle cylinder liner, lightweight high-speed moving parts and high-position air intake, and has the characteristics of fuel saving, sensitivity and tranquility. The actual displacement is 124cc, the maximum power is 6.6kW/7500rpm, and the maximum torque is 10N.m/5000rpm.

Last year, we specially conducted a comparative test between VH125 and Qiaoge I. In the test of the four core indicators of power, fuel consumption, vibration and noise, the performance of the two cars can be said to be equally divided. The above is a comparative test video.

Our measured fuel consumption of USR125 is even more touching, reaching an unexpected 2 liters per 100 kilometers.

It is specially noted that the mileage from the initial fuel alarm to the complete fuel cut-off and flameout is 75 kilometers.

In fact, most people who play cars don't care much about fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of scooters is often mentioned because its fuel tank is generally small, which leads to short cruising range and frequent refueling, which is prone to endurance anxiety. USR125 is larger than the fuel tank of 6.6L of most similar models, and with the fuel consumption of 2L per 100 kilometers, it is no problem to predict that the battery life will exceed 300 kilometers, and the battery life will exceed that of most scooters of the same or higher level.

Perhaps in the impression of most people, saving fuel means that the power will be weak. If you want to run fast, the fuel consumption is not cute. But this is no longer the carburetor era that relies on manual adjustment and mechanical control of the oil-gas mixture ratio. The new intelligent FI EFI system carried by ESS can dynamically sense information such as ambient temperature, intake pressure, engine speed, etc. through a built-in controller, five actuators, six sensors and eleven boss magneto. The air-fuel ratio and ignition timing are accurately controlled by the driving computer, thus obtaining excellent combustion efficiency.

We measured the acceleration above USR125 through professional speed measuring instruments. The acceleration time of 0-40km/h is 3.2s, and the speed increase is directly proportional to the acceleration time, and there is almost no delay. In the speed range of 40-70km/h, the power output is still positive, the throttle response is rapid, and the speed and acceleration time are still in direct proportion. After 80km/h, the power output began to weaken, and the final tail speed fell to about 95 km/h.

USR125 used some magic power, which almost completely eliminated the common problem of starting jitter of scooters. The starting acceleration power output is linear and dense, and the throttle response is positive, and the body jitter is minimal when idling. And with the increase of rotating speed, the vibration did not increase obviously, and the vibration was controlled quite well.

At idle speed, the engine and exhaust sound of USR125 is extremely low, so it can hardly be felt when wearing a helmet. With the increase of speed, the exhaust sound of the engine is still not loud, thick and not loose, which sounds very comfortable, and there is no sense of powerlessness when a small-displacement car turns high.

Haojue has carefully studied this ESS engine for many years, which makes us see the leap of domestic technology. With the excellent foundation of ESS, Haojue can give birth to many changes, and later there will definitely be models with larger displacement and better appearance configuration to meet the needs of various types of users with car-sea tactics. This is the strength of the domestic sales king.

However, adding CBS will inevitably lose some fun. However, most of the uses of small pedals are still daily commuting. After the occasional passion, it is still necessary to return to nine to five, and safety is always the first.

Fourth, the details are attentive and the degree of humanization is very high.

Through long-term use, I found many interesting details of USR125:

1, mobile phone storage box

There is a USB charging interface in the front storage box, and the mobile phone storage box is intimately added, which makes the mobile phone charging safer during riding. The design of the closed storage box also greatly improves the safety and waterproof of the object.

2. Parking device that can be operated by one hand

The parking device that comes with the factory is very practical. When parking, the rear wheel is locked, and the car will not slip when parking on steep slopes, which is safer.

The operation is very simple, just hold the brake lever, press the limit button, and then release the lever. When releasing, just pull the brake lever back with a little force, and then release the lever, which can be done with one hand.

3, a key to control the whole car lock

The electric door lock integrates the functions of magnetic code lock, ignition switch lock, front fork lock, seat cushion lock and trunk lock, and controls the whole car lock with one key, which is more convenient for daily use.

4. Kick-out pedal

Aluminum alloy rear foot pedal is pop-up, which can be popped up by pressing or kicking, and it is very convenient for daily use.

5, oil tank cover rope.

The oil tank cover prevents the rope from falling, so it is convenient and worry-free.

6. Front double fender

The front wheel is equipped with a movable fender with a fixed frame, which effectively protects the electrical components in the front of the car from being attacked by muddy water and avoids short-circuit corrosion.

7. Rear double fender

The design of the double-layer fender of the rear wheel shows that it is not easy to dirty the car when riding in wet and rainy days, and there is no mud splashing on the back. For the design of the front and rear double fenders of USR, we have compared a number of joint venture vehicles, most of which are not available.

8, electric foot double start

Although the foot start is unnecessary in most cases, there will be cases where the battery may lose power due to long-term non-riding or low temperature. At this time, the foot start will come in handy and the chain will not fall off at a critical moment.

9. Double drainage holes

On the basis of the long drain hole, a large-diameter exhaust nozzle is added at the bottom of the pedal, which can prevent the accumulation of muddy water and effectively alleviate the corrosion of the engine frame.

10. The frame number is adjacent to the nameplate.

The frame number is adjacent to the nameplate on the left and right, so it is more convenient to get on the plate or examine the car later.

11. Silent side bracket and labor-saving main bracket

There is a cushion rubber block on the frame, so that when the temple is put away, it will not bump against the frame and there will be no loud noise. The main support is light and labor-saving by using the lever principle.

12. High air inlet

Needless to say, the advantages of high air intake can provide cleaner air for the engine, reduce maintenance times, effectively avoid abnormal engine wear and save car cost.

13, flat fork shaft buffer glue

There are specially designed rubber buffers at both ends of the flat fork shaft, which can reduce the abnormal sound caused by hard connection.

14, high brightness headlights

The night effect of the original headlights is not bad, which is good enough to meet the daily use needs, and there is basically no need to upgrade in the later period.

Based on the big data advantage that Haojue has won the domestic sales champion for many years, Haojue has found out the consumption habits of Chinese people, and obviously understands the hearts of Chinese people better than joint venture brands. Therefore, in terms of detailed workmanship, Haojue's products always win the hearts of the people. In this respect, Haojue impressed me with many meticulous designs on USR125.

Fifth, the configuration is luxurious, not relying on price to win.

Regardless of motorcycle or automobile industry, there are two main weapons for domestic brands to surpass foreign brands: high configuration and price.

In terms of configuration, USR125 perfectly shows this feature. The application of multiple LED lights, all-liquid crystal instruments, aluminum alloy folding pedals, USB charging interface and matte paint for the whole car makes USR125 more luxurious than the same class. This kind of feeling often needs to be obtained by stepping on a large pedal above 20,000 yuan.

There are many LED lights in the whole car, which have both visual and warning effects.

Negative display large-area LCD instrument, which displays common information of vehicle condition such as fuel quantity, speed value and mileage.

However, in terms of pricing, USR125 has got rid of the habitual routine that domestic cars rely on price to win. The price of about 10,000 yuan is the same as that of the joint venture car of the same level. It is the highest-priced product of Haojue's 125 displacement at present, which also determines the flagship position of USR125.

In terms of modeling, configuration and workmanship, Haojue hopes to build a benchmark model with its best strength and improve consumers' expectations of domestic brands. In fact, USR125 is also fully worthy of such expectations: it is the best 125 scooter of Haojue at present, and it may also be one of the most eye-catching models of its class in China at present.

Haojue hopes to see USR125 play a pulling role in its entire scooter series and even Haojue brand, and at the same time let consumers see the other side of Haojue.

VI. General comments

According to the comprehensive test, Haojue USR125 is fully capable of confronting the current domestic joint venture vehicles of the same level. If you are unwilling to be mediocre, pursue individuality, and want a unique, powerful and scientific sports pedal for daily commuting, then USR125 is worth starting.

Shortcomings and suggestions:

1. The original tire has average wet grip.

2. The external temperature display of the instrument is not as practical as time.

3. USB is located in the closed storage box, which is inconvenient when mobile navigation is used and needs to be charged.

4. It is suggested to increase the flameout function of the temple and CBS.

The last few points are a summary of USR125:

1. This is the flagship pedal carefully built by Haojue, which has a sense of luxury and sports beyond the same level.

2. Exquisite workmanship, considerate details and good riding comfort.

3, sharp appearance, excellent power performance, excellent walking system, is a good choice for urban transportation.

4. The comprehensive strength has surpassed most joint venture pedals of the same level.

Configuration parameter table:

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