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Publicity is attitude.

Jiang Ge. Beijing

Beijing is the political and economic center of China. With its long history and profound cultural heritage, it has bred a fashionable motorcycle circle culture, which is full of diversity, tolerance and freedom. The red wall and blue tiles have been deposited for a hundred years, and the streamline shuttles to outline modern art. With the help of color, learn how to live in harmony with the city, the most wonderful invention of modern society, and think about the meaning of self-existence

As the industry's first urban concept product, Jiang Ge. Beijing city tribute edition

"Chasing the future"

For the idea, it is integrated into the characteristics of the modern capital, rooted in the mix and match of French designers' contrast art, and vividly listens to the small beauty in the streets and lanes.

Color matching is inspired by sunrise skyline, which continues visual memory. The vibrant three-color decal of Beijing solar energy echoes the charm of orange, snow white and lemon yellow, which adds fashion vitality.

The blackened back backrest, retro wheel hub, round rearview mirror and painted decorative strip show industrial coolness. The exclusive nameplate of one car and one number is a limited number of distinguished surprises, and it also continues to lead the new mode of private users.

Intelligent sports water-cooled engine

New pattern high-grasping magic tire

Light emitting diode lighting system for whole vehicle

Anti-lock braking device anti-lock braking system

Jiang Ge. Beijing city tribute edition


It will be officially released at 10:00 on July 1st.

Top 100 users enjoy exclusive privileges before booking a car.

Give it to Jiang Ge. Beijing 1:10 exquisite car model with the same model

Jiang Ge. Beijing City Tribute Edition is limited to 267 sets, all of which are underwritten by Beijing Qili Sunshine Trading Co., Ltd.. Complement each other with the luxurious classic car body in the last century: a flying flag represents the courage to accept the true background of the world and keep the vitality surging. At the same time, the flag is also the motto of Beijing Qili-Strive to see the flag and be profitable, and 10ANS is the best symbol of the vigorous development of the cooperation between Peugeot Motorcycle and Beijing Qili in the 10th anniversary.

All kinds of fun, direct to people's hearts. Free and uninhibited color matching-is the impact of old and new inspiration, but also to find a positive attitude.

Under the influence of Beijing school motorcycle culture atmosphere, a new concept has been created: paying tribute to a city: half of it is retro time feelings; The other half is a fashion expression of dream pursuit. It is the unique charm and charm of the imperial capital, constantly feeling the changing color dialogue, and falling in love with a city life because of witnessing a car.

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(Beijing only)

Peugeot motor Beijing flagship shop

The bottom business of Building 1, jiugong town Old Palace Beili, Daxing District

Tel: 18310888971

Peugeot Motor Beijing Airport Ergao Branch

The bottom business of Beijing Light Industry Commercial Building in Chaoyang District

Tel: 18518221081

Peugeot motor Beijing Tongzhou branch

No.15 Xinhua Street, Tongzhou District

Tel: 010-58460932

Peugeot motor Beijing Fengtai branch

Yuanbofu South Gate, No.1 Courtyard, Wanxing Road, Fengtai District

Tel: 010-62222269

Peugeot motor Beijing huangcun branch

63 Longhe Road, Huangcun Town, Daxing District

Tel: 010-69220810

Peugeot motor Beijing Changping branch

Changping District sha he Baishalu Fulei Technology

Tel: 13051069198

Peugeot motor Beijing Haidian branch

No.8, North Bank of Qingyuan, Baosheng Lifang, Heiquan Road, Lincuiqiao, Haidian District

Tel: 010-60567567

Peugeot motor Beijing Shijingshan branch

No.85-1 Yangzhuang Street, Shijingshan District

Tel: 13021963292

Peugeot motor Beijing Fangshan branch

50 meters north of Beiguan Bus Station in Liangxiang, Fangshan District

Tel: 13901319026

Peugeot motor Beijing Xicheng branch

3-8 Nanwei Road, Tianqiao, Xicheng District

Tel: 15330061112

Peugeot motor Beijing Chaoyang branch

50 meters east of the north gate of No.4 Courtyard, Sanjianfang Nanli, Chaoyang District

Tel: 13910731878

Peugeot motor Beijing Mentougou branch

Deshang, Building 3, Yard 45, Binhe Road, Mentougou District

Tel: 13241537798

Peugeot motor Beijing tianbei rd branch

TMC Locomotive Culture and Creative Park at the intersection of Shuipo South Street Lane 1 and Tianbei Road, Shunyi District

Tel: 13488785801

Peugeot motor Beijing Shunyi Renhe branch

West exit/entrance of Zhuangtou Village, Renhe District, Shunyi District

Tel: 15810094381

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