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Benagli 502c Tire Modification (Benagli 502x Tire Modification)

Hello, everyone, I am A Whale, an enthusiastic citizen. Today, I bring you a cruising Prince motorcycle-Benagli 502C. This article will re-appreciate this motorcycle with a charming waistline from the first perspective. If you agree with A Whale's point of view after reading it, you can praise it and support it.

At a glance, it is eternity.

At a certain moment in life, it is always so casual. A back and a smell will make people remember forever.

If I have to choose from all the models in Benagli, what I will never forget is not the sound of tornado 252R or the aura of Imperial 400, but 502 degrees Celsius in Benagli, which is known as the "little devil".

Listing is the peak.

When 502C was not listed, Mr. Li Shufu had a test drive in the factory early, which was enough to show the greatest affirmation to it. In appearance design, it is similar to Ducati Ducati Monster. However, the huge price is high, although many people like it, but only a few people can really get it, and the emergence of 502c will satisfy many people's dreams. From 19 years to now, the market has given the best answer, whether it is the rate of preservation or word of mouth.

Fly in the ointment & the finishing touch

If I have to find a shortcoming in my heart, it is the rear wheel of 502C, and the tire of 160 is not enough to show its potential in my opinion. But if you love motorcycles, you will know that the fun of motorcycles is far more than having the present, but working together for the future. From the listing to the present, there are countless accessories about Benagli 502C on the market: retro knights are keen to transform headlights, and night knights are surrounded by 502C to become urban Batman; A whale thinks that if a modification suggestion is made, it must be to upgrade the rear wheel of 160 to the tire of 180. Believe me, Yan value will go up to a higher level.

One more thing-love your love.

Finally, what A Whale wants to say is that if you want to buy your first motorcycle, you must see the real one. Just like some people like the unrestrained in Europe and America, some people like the implicit in Asia, and there are many people on the Internet. Only reality can give you the answer.

I am a whale. If you like my article, thank you for your attention. I will continue to create high-quality motorcycle articles for you.

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