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All models and prices of Haojue motorcycles (all models and prices of Haojue motorcycles are 250)

Haojue provides various models according to the needs of different users, and the prices are also different, so today we will introduce them in turn according to the displacement.

The price range of 100cc is 6980-8280 yuan. Three models are recommended, namely VF100N, UCR100, U100, and the three cars are new. The powertrains are all ESS, featuring reliable quality, stable performance, maximum probability of 5.4KW and maximum torque of 7.7 Nm. The appearance of VF100N is simple, UCR100 is fashionable and U100 is refreshing.

There are a lot of 125ml models, and Haojue 125 scooter can be divided into three categories: original version, upgraded version and enhanced version. Among them, the price of the new enhanced USR125 and AFR125 ranges from around 8,000 to early 10,000. The biggest difference between the two is mainly the appearance and structural design. The $125 vehicle will be more compact, the AFR125 wheelbase will be slightly longer, and the AFR125 configuration will be more abundant. They are all equipped with 125 ml ESS.

Haojue 125 straddle is divided into two categories: self-developed version and inherited version. The self-developed version is a model independently developed according to Haojue's design concept, and the inherited version is brought from Haojue Suzuki motorcycles. For example, DK125 and GN125 are typical examples, both of which are worth considering. In addition, Haojue 125-8 series is also a good choice. It is not only low-key, but also very practical. At present, the price is basically around 6000.

The 150ml models are UHR150, DF150, DR150, DK150, DKS150, NK150S, GZ150, etc. Take UHR150 as an example. This car is the most reliable model with the most balanced performance among the 150 scooters made in China within 20,000 years. The car purchase budget is about 18,000 yuan. If you like scooters, this car can be the target model.

The price range of 300 ml is 26,680-27,980 yuan, and the recommended model is TR300, which is the most successful model of Haojue in this range at present. Its characteristics are: moderate value, kind materials and meticulous workmanship. It is a recreational vehicle for many married riders. If it is not ugly, 300 Turkish lira is the ideal car.

The above are the motorcycles worthy of consideration and selection among different displacement models of Haojue. Of course, there are some good models to choose from, but the best way to buy a car is to go to a physical store to see the real car.

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