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Price and picture of Sai 600 motorcycle (price and picture of Sai 600 motorcycle)

At this year's Mobo Fair, QJMOTOR officially released the Race 600. Sai 600, as its name implies, must have something to do with sports. Regardless of whether it is really a racing model or not, it's just a match based on the appearance of this racing-like sports model and the domestic four-cylinder taken from Huanglong 600. Hey, it's amazing! Isn't this the domestic four-cylinder sports car that has been shouting for Qianjiang to come out on the Internet for several years? Sai 600 also occupies the first place in China in this category. With these brands, it is impossible to keep a low profile, so it is not surprising that it has attracted widespread attention as soon as it is listed.

In terms of appearance, the most unique thing about this car is that it adopts a short tail design, and the tail is not particularly upturned, which makes the whole car look a little less fighting like a racing car. It is guessed that it is designed in consideration of the seat height and the comfort of the back seat. At the same time, the license plate frame is also designed on the rear fender, which also makes the design of the tail more streetcar-oriented.

In terms of power, there are not many secrets about this engine. Smooth power output and very pleasant sound are the biggest characteristics of this engine. Four-cylinder water-cooled 16-valve engine with displacement of 600mL, compression ratio of 11.5: 1, maximum power of 60kW and maximum torque of 55N·m, and equipped with sliding clutch.

As a sports car, Sai 600 can be said to be quite luxurious in configuration, with a complete set of KYB damping, adjustable front inverted damping and adjustable rear single-tube damping preload. The braking system adopts a full set of Brembo brand, the first two opposite four-piston calipers are equipped with Brembo direct-push pump, with Sunstar 320mm semi-floating disc, and the rear brake opposite double-piston calipers are equipped with 260mm brake disc. This braking configuration is close to the specifications of the public upgrade imitation race. The tires are Maxxis SUPERMAX sports tires, with front wheel specifications of 120/70 ZR17 and rear wheel specifications of 180/55 ZR17. Although the one-way electronic express train was originally added, the current car model is not equipped for supply reasons, but the configuration of the 600 is still very cost-effective.

The sitting posture of the whole car is not so combative, which is mainly due to the fact that the rear design helps to reduce the seat height. The seat height of 800mm is not high for a sports car, and the handlebar height is higher than that of a racing car. The whole sitting posture can still be seen that this car takes into account the needs of daily use. The USB interface including 5-inch TFT full-color LCD instrument is also designed for daily use. Although the weight of the car has been reduced, the curb weight of this car has reached 215kg, but the relatively large steering angle of the Sai 600 and reasonable weight distribution will make you feel that this car is much easier than the previous generation Huanglong 600.

QJMOTOR Race 600 is the four-cylinder car that is the closest to the "imitation race" car in the domestic car at present, which fills the product gap of the domestic car. The price of 50,999 yuan can buy these configurations, and the price/performance ratio is naturally meaningless. We have also tested the car Sai 600 in urban and track usage scenarios. For more information, please pay attention to the subsequent car reviews.

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