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The price of Volvo s90 is new (the price of Volvo s90 is new off-road vehicle)

On July 25th, Volvo's new S90 was officially launched. Three new models were launched, and the cash Zhiyi Sports Edition was cancelled. The price range was 406,900 yuan-505,900 yuan, which was consistent with the cash. The biggest change is the upgrade of interior comfort, adding mute technology carpet and rear windshield privacy glass.

Volvo's new S90 interior layout is extended with cash design, decorated with Napa seats and log plaques, and equipped with Baohua Weijian audio. The new car has built-in Android car system with Google Lianfa. The system is equipped with rich application ecology such as Huawei application market, and the intelligent driving system is more convenient. The whole system comes standard with adaptive centering cruise below 130 km/h, with the third-generation urban intelligent security system and 360-degree hypersensitive sensor, and the safety technology is further improved.

Volvo's new S90 is still equipped with a 2.0T engine and 8AT automatic gearbox, and the chassis is equipped with Full-ScaleDeflection variable damping shock absorption technology, which is matched with 4C adaptive chassis and air suspension to enhance the sense of control. Power and fuel economy are not lost to competing products at the same level.

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