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Tesla 2020 Quotation (Tesla 2020 Quotation and Pictures)

Tesla y model. People's visual data map

After two sharp price cuts, Tesla started the continuous price increase mode.

On February 17th, Tesla China official website showed that the domestic Tesla Y-type long-life version and high-performance version both increased their prices by 2000 yuan. After the price adjustment, the Y-type long-life version rose to 311,900 yuan, and the expected delivery date took 2-5 weeks; The Y-type high-performance version has risen to 361,900 yuan, and the expected delivery date will take 1-4 weeks.

This is the second price increase of Tesla in the China market after entering 2023. Just a week ago, on February 10th, Tesla China official website showed that the price of the Y-type rear-drive version increased by 2,000 yuan to 261,900 yuan. The estimated delivery time is 2-5 weeks.

Y-type price increases frequently in Chinese and American markets.

Just after the price cut, the price rose again. At the same time, compared with the price cut of tens of thousands of yuan, the increase of 2,000 yuan is somewhat insignificant. In the eyes of many people in the industry, Tesla's move is somewhat "not playing cards according to common sense".

On January 6th, this year, the price of domestic Tesla models was greatly reduced, with the starting price of model 3 being 229,900 yuan, and the starting price of model Y being 259,900 yuan, which was the lowest price in history, ranging from 6% to 13.5%.

Among them, the model 3 rear-wheel drive version decreased from 265,900 yuan to 229,900 yuan, a decrease of 36,000 yuan; The high-performance version of model 3 decreased from 349,900 yuan to 329,900 yuan, with a decrease of 20,000 yuan. The Y-type rear-wheel drive version decreased from 288,900 yuan to 259,900 yuan, with a decrease of 29,000 yuan. The Y-shaped long-life version decreased from 357,900 yuan to 309,900 yuan, a decrease of 48,000 yuan; Y-type high-performance version decreased from 397,900 yuan to 359,900 yuan, a decrease of 38,000 yuan.

It is worth noting that the two price increases cover the Y-type long-life version, the high-performance version and the Y-type rear-drive version respectively, which means that Tesla has raised the price of all versions of the Y-type by 2000 yuan. Both price increases do not involve model 3 models.

The same thing happened in the North American market. On February 12th, Tesla official website showed that the price of the Y-type high-performance version was raised by $500 to $58,490 again, and the price of the long-life version remained unchanged. At the beginning of this month, Tesla has raised the Y-type long-life version in the US market by $1,500 to $54,990, and the high-performance version by $1,000 to $57,990.

Foreign media said that the model 3 was changed soon.

In this regard, some analysts believe that the Y-type price increase is to stimulate the overall purchase and delivery, and some insiders believe that the Y-type price increase may enhance the attractiveness of Model 3, thereby promoting its sales. Because Y-type and Model 3 use different production lines, insufficient demand of Model 3 will cause waste of production capacity.

In terms of sales volume, Tesla Model Y, which has been listed for two years, has already overshadowed Model 3. In 2022, Tesla Giga Shanghai delivered 710,000 vehicles, of which Model Y delivered more than 450,000 vehicles. As early as January 7, 2020, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, once said, "The demand for Tesla Model Y may exceed the sum of all other Tesla models."

According to Bloomberg News, Tesla Giga Shanghai will stop the production of model 3 from February 19th to the end of February, so as to transform the vehicle production line to produce the modified model. People familiar with the matter said that the transformation of the factory production line will be carried out in stages in more than two months. The first stage of the transformation began on February 19th, and some workers were not allowed to enter the production line for the sake of confidentiality. In addition, the production of Y-type has not been affected yet.

Since the delivery began in 2017, the cash model 3 has been sold in the market for six years, and it has never been changed during this period. This change is particularly critical to the product strength and attractiveness of the model 3.

According to the data of the Federation, Tesla China delivered 66,000 new cars in January, up 10.3% year-on-year and 18.4% quarter-on-quarter.

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