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Quotation of 10 used cars of Beetle (how much is a second-hand Beetle car)

Hello! Hello everyone, the old driver of the car inspector met with you again. I'm onion, the used car inspector. Because my name is very similar to onion, they often call me onion by mistake. Over time, onion came here. I used to be an auto mechanic, and after heavy training and examination, I became a professional used car inspector. It is my value to try my best to protect everyone's car purchase risk.

What I brought to you this time is the testing and sharing of a mini-car. Because the list was reserved in advance, I originally wanted to test it in the morning, but because of the slow speed, it was robbed by others, so the morning time was booked, which made it impossible to read it in the afternoon. I got in touch with the customer as soon as I received the testing commission.

From the fans' mouth, I know that the car belongs to the merchant. Because I often buy and sell cars in this store, I still trust their car condition. When it comes to asking us for help in testing, I am worried that the merchant has missed something. After all, their car collection usually only depends on whether there are accidents, fires, blisters, engine gearbox and kilometers, so I want to make sure again and see if there are any problems with this car except accidents, fires and blisters.

As soon as we met, the car dealer pointed to me with his hand, indicating that the car to be tested was there, and then went into the house to have tea and chat with fans, but it was nothing. Since there is no one around, it's my turn to play with onions! Not much to say, let's take a look at the basic situation of this car first.

Vehicle model year: MINI 2012 1.6T COOPERS;;

Date of manufacture: September 2012;

Apparent mileage: 66,000 kilometers;

New car guide price: 385,000;

Seller's offer: 123,000;

It's still the same. Before looking at the car, take an average value on the roof for reference, which is convenient for us to judge the overall paint value of the whole car. Because the probability of painting the roof is relatively small, it does not rule out the possibility of painting. If there is paint, it can only be judged comprehensively.

The following is the inspection of the appearance cover. As can be seen from the photos, the front bumper has traces of painting and disassembly, and there are also some small scratches. However, as the front end of the vehicle's vulnerable parts, it is acceptable to have some small scratches or paint, as long as it is not caused by collision. Of course, this still depends on personal acceptance.

After a lap of appearance, only the cover and the right rear fender were repaired with sheet metal putty. Repairing the engine cover with putty means that there is a high probability of collision in front, or there happens to be a falling object. The specific situation will be known by looking at the engine room. However, there is one thing to say. There is really nothing to say about the appearance of a car of this age. Only two surfaces are painted for sheet metal. I have to say that the original owner's technology is really amazing. If it were me, I don't know how much paint I have to make up for the appearance of the car.

Let's talk about this 1.6T L4 turbocharged engine when we open the cover. It is very promising and was jointly developed by BMW and Peugeot Citroen of France. 184 horsepower can be used to speed up the start or accelerate overtaking. The official acceleration of 0-100 is 7.1s, and the city transportation is still enough. As a sub-brand control of BMW, it is natural to say nothing.

There are obvious signs of disassembly of the water tank frame, the anti-collision beam, and the right front headlight has been disassembled and replaced, indicating that the right front part of this car has collided. However, there are no signs of disassembly of the water tank and condenser, indicating that the collision should not be very severe, otherwise this set will not run away.

As can be seen from the photos, there is nothing wrong with the water tank frame and the left and right longitudinal beams of the car, and there is no trace of disassembly of the screws of the collision beam, and there is no trace of deformation and cutting of the left and right fender frames to repair them with sheet metal putty. Therefore, it can be judged that the previous collision did not hurt the structural members. After all, if there is deformation and cutting putty repair, the traces will be obvious, and the original factory should be smooth. If there are repair traces, you can see at a glance that there are irregularities or irregular welding points. Of course, there are some good cars or American-made cars, and those solder joints look like potholes, which makes people feel uncomfortable and always feels like there is something wrong. This needs to be judged comprehensively.

The valve chamber and intake pipe of the engine have traces of disassembly, but the timing chain cover and exhaust pipe have no traces of disassembly. It may have been cleaned by carbon deposition before. After all, the car has a long life, although the mileage is not large, some places should be cleaned.

After looking at the engine room, we then looked at the oil and water situation of the car. From the photos, we can see that there is nothing wrong with antifreeze and brake oil. There is nothing wrong with the battery, but the battery is a little low. In this case, it only takes more than ten minutes to charge the car. The normal life of a battery is generally about three years, and a good word of maintenance can still reach four or five years.

When you open the interior of the car door, there is only one word to describe it at a glance-round, and it is very cute and looks full of personality. This cute design with a small and exquisite appearance also captured the hearts of many female car owners at once.

There is nothing unusual about the steering wheel, seats and pedals. Even if the car with better interior maintenance has run for tens of thousands of kilometers, there is nothing unusual. The screws of the seat frame, steering gear column and instrument console frame are free of disassembly marks, rust and sediment, and the threshold harness is free of water stains and sediment, so the suspicion of blisters can be ruled out. If there are blisters, no matter how clean they are, they will leave clues, such as there will be more or less sediment in the harness, and there will be traces of disassembly.

The left and right seat belts are also the original date, and the screws have no traces of disassembly, which can rule out the suspicion of disassembly and replacement caused by accidents. There are no signs of disassembly and dirt on the ceiling and ceiling handle.

The trunk floor and back panel are also clean, without traces of deformation welding and putty repair, and the suspicion of accidents and blisters can also be ruled out.

Just when I thought there was nothing wrong with this car, the problem came. When I read the OBD kilometers on the computer, I found that it was actually more than 110,000 kilometers. This is a watch adjustment, but it doesn't look like a car with more than 110,000 kilometers according to the wear degree of its interior, but it can't be faked after reading it, which shows how well the previous owner maintained it.

Then there was the chassis inspection, and I took a general look at the car on the way up, but I didn't find any bottoming phenomenon. It is an important step to buy a used car and look at the chassis. You must look at it when conditions permit, because looking at the chassis can avoid many risks and avoid your own losses. Many problematic places are often under the chassis. You never know what is going on below if you don't get on the lift. Don't believe what others say, no matter how good the car is, you must believe what you see.

All four wheels are rubbed, four tires have been replaced, and the four damping and brake cylinders have no traces of disassembly, indicating that the damping and brake cylinders have not been overhauled.

There is no trace of disassembly or leakage of the screws at the joint between the engine and gearbox. There are no signs of disassembly and leakage in the oil pan of the engine and gearbox, but the engine foot has been disassembled and replaced. If there is leakage at the joint, it is also a common phenomenon. Generally, the leakage is caused by the aging of the crankshaft rear oil seal due to a long time or kilometers.

There are no traces of disassembly and replacement of the front and rear sub-frames, the screws are still new, and there are no traces of deformation, cutting and replacement of the front and rear lower longitudinal beams, which can rule out the suspicion of accidents caused by the bottom support.

Seeing this, today's more than two-hour inspection ended. I also rushed in to inform the customer that there was a meter adjustment. As a result, the merchant was even more surprised than the customer. He also said that when they took back the car, they checked the maintenance record and showed that everything was normal. How could it be possible to adjust the meter? So I explained to him that the maintenance record only ended in 17 years, at that time, it was only over 30 thousand kilometers, and it was not maintained in 4S shop later. This can not be used to judge whether the mileage is accurate.

However, the customer was still very calm after hearing this situation. He didn't say much, only asked that there was nothing wrong with the car except the meter adjustment. I told him that there was nothing wrong with it except the meter adjustment. Accidents, fires and blisters could be ruled out, and there were no traces of maintenance and leakage in the engine gearbox. So he said, I see, you can go, and I don't ask much. I just packed my things and rushed to the next car-watching place.

I don't know whether the customers bought it or not. After all, they are old acquaintances, and I believe they can definitely talk about this problem. When I got home at night, I picked up my mobile phone and checked the second-hand market of this car. On the whole, the seller is quite sincere. No wonder the big brother fans are willing to cooperate with them many times.

Finally, I also got a word in, thinking of models that can capture many female car owners. Besides foreign models such as MINI, smart and Beetle, isn't there a good Euler cat in China? No matter in appearance or interior, we can see that we are trying our best to please female users, and even there is not much difference in price, and electric vehicles have no trouble with fuel costs. In that case, why not choose Euler's good cat?

Ok, that's all for today's test sharing. I'm onion, a second-hand car inspector. We are testing second-hand cars, and some wearing parts are inevitable in daily use. We can't treat them like a new car, but pay more attention to the condition of the car itself and the cost performance of the car. If you have friends who like me, please praise me and pay attention to it. See you next time.

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