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Car purchase consultation (car purchase consultation)

Source: People's Network

In recent years, new energy vehicles have been more and more welcomed by consumers because of their advantages of low carbon and environmental protection, strong dynamic performance, priority in licensing, low use cost and unlimited number of trips. However, in the process of consumption and use, the public has also encountered many obstacles.

On the platform of "people's complaints", problems such as "more cars and fewer piles" in public charging piles, long waiting time, and prevarication and obstruction of residential property when installing personal charging piles were spit out. In addition, complaints about new energy vehicle purchase contracts, vehicle quality and false propaganda have also increased rapidly. Public opinion on rights protection focuses on: imperfect after-sales service; The manufacturer's false standard cruising range, "power lock" disputes, false promotion of intelligent functions, and the brand of power battery do not match the promotion; Problems such as sudden flameout, brake steering failure, battery module damage, etc.; Manufacturers and 4S stores publish false information to induce consumers to sign unfair format clauses and evade responsibilities.

Let's act together to safeguard our own consumption rights and build a harmonious consumption environment.

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