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Secco rx1s (how much fuel is consumed by Secco rx1s)

Sekelon has always been an advocate and leader of recreational vehicles in China. From the original RX3 to the current 2021 RX1S, its product line densely covers the displacement range of 150 ml to 500 ml, which almost meets the diversified use needs of people at different levels from entry-level users to enthusiasts.

Six major upgrades

As the third iteration of RX1 series, the 2021 RX1S has been humanized upgraded in six major areas, and it is expected to meet the driving needs of different groups of people through continuous enrichment of configuration and sexual improvement, and at the same time, it has further improved the riding pleasure of RX1S.

First, the brand-new RX1S is equipped with a new generation of PY200S water-cooled power system, which

The engine continuously optimizes the integral cylinder head.

While improving the rigidity, its running noise is further reduced. At the same time, the newly designed lightweight short skirt piston also greatly improves the working efficiency of the engine platform, which provides strong technical support for improving the overall performance of RX1S.

Secondly, on the basis of the previous generation products, RX1S has upgraded the braking system again, and

A dual-channel anti-lock braking system is standard.

It provides more excellent driving safety performance for vehicles, and also gives the whole vehicle more comprehensive road adaptability.

Thirdly, as an upgraded product, RX1S optimizes the painting process again.

Adopt advanced automobile painting and baking technology.

The weather resistance is improved by 100%, and the strong acid and strong light resistance is extended to 2000~3000 hours.

Fourth, in order to fully consider the use environment of long-distance motorcycles, new cars

Standard oil seal widening chain with durability up to 50,000 kilometers.

, greatly extending the interval of riding adjustment and further enhancing the practicability of the whole vehicle.

In addition, the 2021 RX1S also uses a more accurate oil supply.

Double throttle zipper structure and maintenance-free colloidal battery

, not only can ensure the higher energy density of the whole vehicle, but also provide more powerful low temperature resistance, which brings great convenience to riders' long-distance riding.

These upgrade points will be explained in detail in the following and later our dynamic evaluation.

In fact, the newly upgraded Xekelon RX1S 2021 is a broad-spectrum entry-level leisure travel product aimed at commuting and entertainment. It has a huge user base. After all, its 200-displacement is not only easier for most domestic riders who have been dealing with 150mL models for a long time, but also gives full consideration to the balance between economy and power of the whole vehicle.

Product appearance

The tone of Sykelon RX1S products is very clear. It continues the basic design language of the previous generation RX1 family that emphasizes leisure travel in overall appearance, with sharp lines and distinct layers. No matter the front face shape or side lines, it has a high degree of product recognition. Maybe it is not hard-core, but it can definitely tease the most primitive driving desire in your heart.

The front face of RX1S is designed with an arc backflow hood, which can effectively reduce the interference of airflow to riders. At the same time, because RX1S adopts an advanced automotive robot photocuring spraying process, the quality and surface hardness of the paint film are obviously improved by visual inspection, and the hand feel performance is the same as that of the joint venture model.

RX1S adopts integrated variable-diameter handle tube; And the design of double throttle lines makes the fuel supply more accurate, and the shorter throttle stroke also improves the driving control quality.

The cold backlight digital display instrument can provide more abundant driving information. In addition, the car also provides an advanced OBD3.0 intelligent terminal, which can realize many functions such as anti-theft, positioning and state monitoring. At the same time, the car also provides a USB charging interface, which makes long-distance riding more human and convenient.

Rich configuration

As a family product, RX1S perfectly inherits the unique sports genes of RX cars.

RX1S adopts a lightweight double-cradle frame system with good stiffness characteristics, which not only greatly reduces the safety risk of external impact on the engine, but also further enhances the comfort performance of the car with the multi-link central shock absorber at the rear. Of course, inheritance is not a copy. RX1S fits the dual requirements of movement and comfort in the overall suspension system, and its double-loop front shock absorber introduces the popular inverted structure. The steering rake angle is also adjusted adaptively according to the car body structure. The suspension stroke of 130mm not only makes its walking ability more excellent, but also its good damping performance provides a good performance support for the cornering characteristics of the whole car.

The RX1S is equipped with a 14L double-layer explosion-proof fuel tank, providing it with a cruising range of more than 500 kilometers.

In AK47' s view, the recreational vehicle is more like an SUV in the automobile industry, and its relatively huge body structure and wider use environment put forward more stringent requirements for the braking system. For the RX1S with a wet weight of 150Kg, Seclon comes standard with a front double-piston disc brake and a rear single-piston disc brake supported by a dual-channel ABS system, which not only gives RX1S a more leisurely braking performance, but also reduces the safety risk during extreme driving.

All-terrain vacuum tires are used for the front and rear wheels, with the front wheel size of 100/80/17 and the rear wheel size of 120/80/17.

Thanks to the technical accumulation of Seclon RX cars for many years, the brand-new RX1S is equally brilliant in the humanized detail implantation of products. As a crossover vehicle positioned as a recreational riding product, the RX1S adopts a high-position exhaust system with enhanced wading performance and a large-area engine casing. At the same time, its double front wheel mud retaining not only highly fits the visual characteristics of the whole vehicle, but also makes the RX1S's environmental adaptability rise to a new height.

Vehicle taillights use long-life LED light sources.

Power loading

In the RX family of Seclon, RX1S is not an entry-level recreational vehicle with too much emphasis on hard-core riding control, so it is deliberately equipped with a PY200S series two-valve engine platform which is famous for its comfort. Different from the previous generation products, the new PY200S is implanted with advanced short skirt lightweight piston and cylinder head optimization technology, which not only improves the combustion efficiency, but also reduces the power consumption of the engine.

This model adopts the international six-speed and SOHC valve train, and its actual displacement is 204mL, and the compression ratio is as high as 11:1. With the cooperation of the advanced Delphi closed-loop EFI system, the engine can output the maximum torque of 17N?m at 5,500 rpm and the maximum power of 12kW at 7,500 rpm. Early torque release can obtain good medium and low speed acceleration performance for this RX1S, which is enough to meet the daily urban shuttle and the riding needs of middle and long distance motorcycles.

The precise cooperation between the closed-loop EFI system and the dual throttle line greatly reduces the idle stroke of the throttle and ensures the rider to control the vehicle under subtle conditions.

As a sub-medium-displacement vehicle with a level below 250mL, Seclon RX1S is also a subdivided product of the brand in the leisure travel product sequence. It is rapidly building its own brand advantage by using reasonable performance positioning and constantly improving product details. And with the people-friendly driving control, the shape of the times and cross-level configuration, more users will feel the unique product connotation of Seclon.

Next, AK47 will share with you the dynamic riding performance of Secco RX1S with its own test drive experience, so stay tuned.

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