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Price list and picture video of Peugeot 4008 (price and picture of Peugeot 4008)

In recent years, among the younger series of vehicles, the performance of the French model is still very outstanding, adopting a brand-new design concept and design style, and successively using personalized and sporty design concepts. Recently, the new generation of logo 4008 compact large-size sports utility vehicle has the same level relationship with Honda crv and Toyota Rongfang, but it has a strong advantage in cost performance and overall appearance value. At present, the entry-level slow model has landed at around 190,000, which is basically at the same level as Honda C RV and other models. However, the new generation of models adopt Darth Vader kit and 1.8T turbocharged engine, which has stronger overall power and driving sense and is more in line with young people's car needs and aesthetics.

New generation logo 4008

The latest design concept has been applied to the new generation models, and the overall appearance and face value are outstanding, deeply considering the aesthetic standards of young people, especially the layering and recognition brought by the whole front face. Although the model has not replaced the new generation logo, the current logo style is also very consistent with the overall design.

Logo 4008 has always been aimed at the younger generation of consumers, especially the young people after 00 and 90. The recognition of the appearance of the model is still very high, and the model adopts a two-color body design, and the overall sense of youth and fashion can be in the forefront.

In terms of power performance, the model is mainly a turbocharged engine with large displacement, and it provides a strong sense of driving and driving pleasure in the gearbox as a whole. Among sports utility vehicles, the logo 4008 is still very competitive and advantageous, especially for Japanese-oriented household sports utility vehicles, and the overall competitiveness is more sufficient.

Summary: The comprehensive performance of a new generation of Peugeot 4008 is very outstanding. Facing the competitors of the same level, it shows strong advantages and competitiveness, reaching the state of being the best in the same level of driving. For many competitors, the logo 4008 has its own advantages and highlights.

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