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How much is a Hyundai Langdong used car (how much is a 12-year-old Hyundai Langdong used car)

Hi! Hello everyone! Welcome to read this issue of Xiao Ming's car inspection. I am your dear Xiao Ming classmate. Today, I updated a heavy model, not because of how high-grade this car is, but because of how much dry goods this car can deliver to everyone. I am honored to be invited by a fan to go back to Liuzhou, Guangxi to see a Langdong. Now I will share the general situation of this car with you.

As this trip had been arranged in advance, I found my own car, G10, very smoothly. Show your face to everyone.

I started on the high-speed rail.

I bought myself some snacks at random on the high-speed train. Because of my career, I usually prefer to read some suspense novels. In my daily car inspection, I take this thinking to get to the bottom of every car. Therefore, I will take this book with me everywhere I go. Today is no exception.

Bread and poetry, where is my distance?

After about four hours' journey, I arrived in Liuzhou successfully and smoothly. I took a photo to commemorate my appearance in Liuzhou. I crossed two cities in one day. I don't know if you can see that I am a little tired. It is two o'clock in the afternoon. I feel very sleepy, but fortunately, the customer has successfully made an appointment for the other party to see the car, so I can almost go there after a short rest here. The scenery of Liujiang feels good. I heard that it would be more beautiful at night.

I arrived in Liuzhou successfully, and I was in Liuzhou.

Start today's Xiao Ming's car inspection:

This car is my dish today, black and bright, and its appearance makes me doubt that there should be something wrong with this car.

In second-hand cars, accidents are the field of detection, but when it comes to accidents, even the owner of the car dealership should be polite and shameless. I swim between accidents and blisters every day.

Facing the fan customers who come to consult, Xiao Ming is full of melancholy and sympathy in his eyes, but as long as he picks up the flashlight and treats every car in front of him, he is like a skilled mechanic.

No matter what kind of accident or blister the second-hand car is, I will take it calmly, because I have a working principle, that is, keep a certain distance from the accident car and don't let his breath stick to the face of my customers.

But in front of this used car, my heart began to tremble. Squatting in front of the lang lang, whose roof was cut. My mind is full of tragic scenes of accidents and collisions. Did you turn over the car or get hit by violence? My ears are full of thunder and rain, but behind this gorgeous appearance, it seems to be another world, a creepy world.

"Xiao Ming, how about it? Are you sure? " Without looking back, I knew that the speaker was my client. I waved behind me: Don't worry, I'll take a closer look.

The abnormal sound of the right front door caught my attention. Due to the damage of the stopper, the heavy door panel can no longer be propped up, and he urgently needs a little external support. By measuring the data of the right front sill beam, I found that compared with the left front door and the other three doors, it was obviously lower than the normal value. It is possible that this door frame has been cut and replaced, or even more likely. When I came to the right back door, I took a closer look at the gaps between the rubber strips of the four doors. I pulled open the rubber strips of the right C-pillar, and the light of the flashlight accidentally reached the gap between the top beam and the roof, and I accidentally found that the interior of the roof had been re-glued.

A milky white rubber strip crosses the left C-pillar like a dragon crossing the river. Judging from the current state, it has been confirmed that this car belongs to the rear cutting and splicing. After finding the excuse of solder joints cut on both sides, I went to the trunk and found that the left taillight seat had been repaired with sheet metal.

The right side was re-glued, and the accident on the right side of the rear was serious. The rear fender had been cut and replaced. Through the gap of the spare wheel hub, I could vaguely see the traces of corrosion. My intuition told me that this car had been mercilessly soaked in water all night on a stormy night. Due to the cutting of the right A-pillar, the right C-pillar and the left C-pillar have been cut, and the professional sense of smell made me finally determine that the biggest result of this Lang Lang emerged. This Lang Lang with gorgeous appearance belongs to roof cutting, front and rear splicing and blisters. At this moment, the owner of the car next to him is carefree and confident, sitting next to a stone and lighting a cigarette. From time to time, he looks over with a glance, his hands shaking his trousers.

I remember last night, the customer told me that after looking for it for a long time, I thought this car was lower than the market by 20 thousand, so I was curious to come and have a look. In the process, I also advised the customer that it was not worth the trip. On the contrary, the customer felt that I didn't understand him a little and just came over. In the end, I had no choice but to follow him.

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