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Haojue 250 motorcycle, which one is good and the price is brand new (Haojue motorcycle 250 price picture)

What are the joint venture scooters that can run long distances with full water cooling within 20 thousand?

I am a knight to share. According to the description, this cyclist wants to choose a water-cooled pedal motorcycle of joint venture brand to run long distances, and set the budget within 20 thousand.

There are many models that can meet this demand in the current market, because the stability of joint venture brands will be relatively guaranteed, and the form of water cooling can solve the problem of thermal decline well, so there will be many models that meet the requirements worth sharing.

However, because the subject's budget is set within 20,000, there will be certain restrictions on the displacement of the models, which will basically not exceed 250 ml, and most of them will be 150 water-cooled scooters, so we will briefly select several models with more characteristics to have a look.

The first 21 models of piaggio X7 are currently priced at 19,980 yuan.

This is a European scooter, which was developed by Zongshen and piaggio by optimizing the original version. At present, there is an upgraded version of 2.0, but the price of the new model will exceed the budget of the owner, so we can only watch 21 models.

Piaggio X7 has no bright spot in appearance, and its engine performance is relatively average in front of the new model, because the 250ml single-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine carried by this car has a maximum power of 15.6kW and a maximum torque of 21N·m, while the new model will reach 19.1kW, so its power value is not eye-catching.

However, this is the only joint venture brand 250 cc water-cooled scooter that can be selected within the budget of 20,000 yuan, and in terms of actual dynamic performance, it is still better than 125 and 150. Combined with this car's fairly good cost performance, it can be considered under the current demand.

The second Guangyang RKS150 is currently priced at 18,800 yuan.

This is also a brand-new model, and it currently sells 22 models. This car will have a sense of novelty in appearance and certain advantages in powertrain among Guangyang series models.

Because RKS150 not only retains the practical flat floor design, but also incorporates the popular cross-border ADV elements, which makes it obviously different from the conventional models in perception.

Its 150 cc single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve EFI engine is also the only one in Guangyang 150 scooter at present. The actual displacement of this engine is 149cc, the maximum power is 11.2KW, and the maximum torque is 13.2 N m. The book data is not bad in the same displacement model, and the actual performance is also ideal.

The third Sanyang cruise 150X is currently priced at 18,800 yuan.

This is also an optimized and upgraded model. Its predecessor was Cruise 150. The biggest difference between the two is mainly the change of style and the rich collocation of the new configuration.

Cruise 150X will pay more attention to sports elements, so it incorporates a raised spine design. In terms of power, it still maintains the original standard, and adopts a 150 cc single-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine. The maximum power of this engine is 10.5KW and the maximum torque is 13.5 N m. Although the power value is not absolutely eye-catching, it is ok, and the basic stability is also guaranteed.

In fact, the biggest advantage of this car is mainly in the configuration setting. In addition to the conventional basic collocation, it will also be integrated into the TCS traction control system, which is relatively rare in joint venture models, which makes the cruising 150X a cost-effective embodiment.

In addition to the above three models, Honda's global domestic model LEAD125 can also be included as a reference object under the current demand. This car will be equipped with a 125 cc single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve EFI engine with a maximum power of 8.2KW and a maximum torque of 11.7 N m. While the power value is good, the actual performance will be more balanced. The main shortcomings of this car are that the price is a bit high and the configuration is not very rich, but

In addition, although Haojue UHR150 is not a joint venture brand, it is also worth considering under the demand of long-distance running, because the quality of this car is reliable, and the 150 cc water-cooled EFI engine carried by it will also have ideal performance and good riding experience, so UHR150 is also a good choice under the current demand without brand prejudice. So what other joint venture water-cooled scooters do you recommend in front of the screen?

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