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Cybercar 300 car price (Cybercar 300 car price picture)

Tank 300 has attracted much attention since it went on the market. After all, there are not many independent brands that give consideration to off-road appearance and luxurious interior. Only the ordinary version was reported to need to be purchased at a higher price at the beginning of listing, and the lack of tank production capacity made it difficult to find a car on the market. Faced with such a good opportunity to make money, the tank took the opportunity to launch a Cyberkini with a limited edition of 3,000 units.

The price of the tank 300 Cyber Edition is 308,000, with a limited sale of 3,000 units. The new car is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, with a maximum horsepower of 227 horsepower and a maximum torque of 387 Nm. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission and adopts the off-road version of part-time 4wd or the city version of timely four-wheel drive system. Many people directly bid for Mercedes-Benz G, and its popularity can be seen in the secondary market. Many people who grab the purchase number directly fry the vehicle to 430,000 yuan, and the car price soared by nearly 130,000 yuan.

With the steady increase of the production capacity of the ordinary version of tank 300, and the introduction of more interesting limited editions such as Fenglin Tieqi, the limited number is smaller, which leads to the cold of the Cyberedition. In a second-hand trading platform, we saw that some prices of Cybergini began to decline, even at 35 or 34.5, and the price of speculation dropped by about 80,000 yuan.

In fact, according to the original price of 308,000 yuan, it is still possible to buy a limited edition tank 300, which is worth collecting. The main difference is that Tank 300 Cyber Edition creates the effect of a road SUV through a brand-new body kit, and is also equipped with an engine compartment cover with cooling holes and a brand-new front bumper, and is equipped with Y-shaped light strips on both sides. In addition, a racing tail is added to the roof, and the taillights adopt Y-shaped design elements. Compared with the previously exposed external spare tire, the spare tire is placed in a specially designed square external metal box, which looks more exquisite.

The interior has also been upgraded. The large-size double screen and the piano's black decorative board are in strong contrast with the pure white interior, which highlights the advanced atmosphere in the car. The original large-area black material is replaced by white leather, making the car look quite elegant.

But in fact, the version of Fenglin Tieqi may be more "tasteful" to consumers, and the price is 270,800 yuan, which is more close to the people than the cyber version. Moreover, the modification direction of Fenglin Tieqi is aimed at upgrading the off-road ability, which is more suitable for the positioning of tank 300 in pursuit of "poetry and distance".

The version of Fenglin Iron Rider adopts the scheme of raising the chassis by two inches, with a ground clearance of 238 mm and a approach angle of 34 degrees, with a ground angle of 35 degrees, and the off-road ability has also been improved, which simply saves the time for off-road enthusiasts to modify, and the winch can be used directly.

In fact, Tank 300 launched these "modified" models, more to increase the influence of vehicles and make more money. Car dealers seize the gimmick of limited quantity, sell vehicles at higher prices and make profits from it. It is an opportunity for the first two parties to make money, but it is bad news for consumers who pay. People who like individuality can't buy limited edition models from normal channels. Although the limited edition is good, please treat these price increases calmly, and there may be better choices.

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